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Domineering Ceo Is My Son

我有一个霸总朋友, 逆向生长


Xia Sheng and Yue Qin were a couple that would give others faith in love. They both fell in love at first sight in their first year of high school. The two dated in university and got married after their graduation. In the first year of their working lives, Xia Sheng became pregnant and delivered their son.

When their son turned one, he was diagnosed with mutism. Life was tough for the little couple, but it was still sweet.

Yue Qin’s company welcomed its new boss. He was an insensitive fuerdai*. During their company’s annual event, where employees were invited to a meal with their family members, the new boss heartlessly fired Yue Qin just because his son didn’t say any words of blessing. He stated that Yue Qin’s mute son was detrimental to the company’s image.

*Pinyin for the phrase “rich second generation”

When Yue Qin returned home and saw his wife and son, he held back the fact that he had just been fired and immediately scoured for new jobs.

The next day, the new boss drank and drove. He brought himself into a car accident and fell into a coma on site.

When the new boss opened his eyes again, he saw the employee he had fired a day ago. His eyes were filled with benevolence——

“Papa’s good boy, papa’s going to work, don’t forget to take care of mama at home today.”

All he could do was whine in rage.

Little theater:

At the beginning:

See the little couple’s cheesy romance

Domineering Boss: The mentally challenged always appear in pairs


A woman pursues Yue Qin in his company

The domineering boss: Shit! Is this girl trying to piece apart my family?

A story about a dumbly cute and sweet father who grew up in a loving family x a dominant mother healed by the dumbly cute and sweet father, an adorable little son, and their good friend, the domineering boss, forming a magical family of four.


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