Domineering CEO Is My Son Chapters List

Chapter 1: I Can Still Be Saved

The sky was still dusky. Footsteps sounded from outside, and if one listened carefully, they could also hear a muffled voice of a man——

“You can nap for a bit longer. There’s something I need to deal with at the company.”

The sound of a door opening soon followed. The person’s footsteps came towards the child’s bedroom.

The little boy who had his ear against the door moments ago jumped back onto his little bed. He pulled his quilt over him, closing his eyes.

The door was opened.

The man stepped inside the room. The boy stiffened. As if a giant monster walked in, his breath was suppressed.

The well-built 190cm figure bent down, tucking in his hastily covered quilt.

The man had a habit of saying goodbye to his son everyday.

“Son, dad is going to work. Listen to mama at home, dad will be back very soon.”

The boy was still tense. There was a long pause until the man left the bedroom. At last, he opened his eyes again. The room was gloomy, filled with the twilight atmosphere resembling murky water.

The living room also fell silent. The little boy put on his socks and tiptoed to open his bedroom door.

He snuck across the small living room and into the study. Climbing onto the chair, he turned on the computer on the desk.

Poking the keys one by one with his little fingers, results soon came in through the web browser——

“Fei Yue Corporation’s New and Young President Now in a Coma After Car Accident. Suspected Drink-and-Drive.”

“Fei Yue Corporation Calls for Press Conference, Stating that the Vice President is Temporarily Taking Control of the Conglomerate.”

The little boy was so angry that he wanted to throw the computer onto the ground. Nonsense!


A voice came from outside. The little boy hastily turned off the computer, pretending to dumbly sit on the chair.

The woman didn’t find anyone in the child’s bedroom. She soon proceeded to search the study room.

The child stood still, blankly staring at the table.

The young mother knelt down, looking at her son, stroking his forehead. “Is my baby not feeling well today?”

The young mother had a sweet scent from baking pastries. It was a smell exclusive to a mother.

The boy was expressionless, still as dumb as wood.

The mother still didn’t receive a reply, but some suspicion flashed in her eyes.

The boy was glad that he dodged another bullet. Like yesterday, after breakfast, he’d been taken to an education center by the young mother.

His classroom had a large glass panel that separated it from the parents’ waiting zone outside.

The boy sat stiffly, quietly staring at the toys in front of him. A chubby kid sat beside him, drooling as he chewed on a toy car.

Trying to babysit, the teacher kept on repeating the same sentence in a high-pitched voice. “Baby, what do you think this is?”

With countless identical days ahead, he thought he’d rather have died in the car crash.

The former president of Fei Yue corporation wanted to shut himself off from the outside world. Moments ago, he was celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday with his beauties and brothers, a four-tiered cake in front of him. Then, when he woke up, he found himself on a baby chair. His extravagant cake was replaced with a cake with four candles. His party of people was also replaced by two people singing ‘happy birthday’ to him.

“Little Kangkang, look——”

The teacher walked beside the boy, interrupting his recollection.

President Kang closed his eyes. He would find a way to return back into his body, sooner or later.

Xia Sheng looked at her son through the glass. He was seated in the corner, staring at his toys for over an hour per sitting. He didn’t react at all to the teacher, completely immersed in his own world.

He didn’t talk before, but still interacted with the things and people around him. Now, he wasn’t doing any of that, either.

“He might not just be selectively mute. We think that it might be more likely for him to be autistic. You guys should take him to a professional hospital.”

“I’ll take him there tomorrow with his father.”

Midnight, the little boy opened the living room door and tiptoed out. However, just as he reached the room, he noticed a tall figure, also trying to sneak outside.

The boy was surprised. Why is he going out like this late into the night? What’s going on?

“Just wait a moment, I’m almost there.”

When the boy reached the door, the man was running down the stairs, talking to the person on the other side of his phone.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes, just go and prepare the stuff.”

An incompatible expression appeared on the little boy’s chubby face. Even his baby fat was full of disdain.

His girlfriend even said that she preferred this type of family-caring man.

So this is a family-caring man? Luckily, he fired that guy, otherwise he would be a scourge in the company.

The consciousness in the little boy was in many different boats at the same time, wanting to be with all of them simultaneously.

But all his girlfriends knew each other, they even frequently went out shopping together. It was as transparent as glass between them.

After his moment of disgust, the boy didn’t do anything. This little couple wasn’t relevant to him.

He just wanted to find his second uncle and his butler to take his old life back.

The man ran fast. When the little boy dragged his stubby legs down the stairs, he was long gone.

The neighbourhood at 1 a.m. was only guarded by streetlamps and towering trees. Some barking emerged from afar. The road ahead split into two.

The little boy was President Kang. He was wearing fluffy children’s slippers and George Pig* pajamas. Relying on his memory, he headed down one of the paths.

*Cartoon character from Peppa Pig

Now, he just needed to walk out of the neighbourhood and call for a ride to Jinghua villa. His butler would take care of everything else.

Now that he shrank into the physique of a child, the cars around him looked enormous, like lumbering iron beasts situated on the sides of the neighbourhood’s roads.

President Kang swallowed. Heading forwards, the bushes beside him began waving.

President Kang jumped back, only to see a black cat jump out of the bush.

It was only a cat, he was relieved.

He remembered the path during the daytime. He just needed to cross an intersection to get to the gates of the neighbourhood.

There were a few garbage bins piled up at the crosswalk. A few stray dogs were scavenging the garbage.

These homeless dogs were all native breeds. From a 4-year-old’s perspective, they were all massive hounds.

President Kang wasn’t a 4-year-old kid; he wasn’t scared of dogs, but he also knew now wasn’t the time for brute force. He slowly inched to the edge, trying to walk around the dogs.

Suddenly, one of the dogs raised their head, howling thereafter.

President Kang swore in his mind, turning around to run. However, the dogs were already on his tail.

He wanted to yell out for help, but all he could mouth were faint cries.

Suddenly, his mind was filled with scenes of him being torn apart into pieces by the dogs. Raw terror and his fear for death were suffocating his heart.

But he only heard a bang. He ran into something.

Yue Qin took back his car keys from his friends. On his way back, he felt something small bump against him. They immediately fell back from inertia, and instinctively, he took hold of it.

Yue Qin fixed his sight, it was his son?

He was frightened, quickly picking up his son who had gone astray.

The dogs that were chasing them had stopped.

Yue Qin frowned and bellowed to get them to leave.

President Kang froze. He was in the hunky man’s embrace, his forehead caressed by his rough, big hand——

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t be afraid, papa’s here.”

President Kang’s teeth ached in disgust. However, he wasn’t a real idiot. He had to stay in role, so he played dumb and tried to bear this piece of fatherly love.

“Son, how did you get out here?”

Of course he wouldn’t receive a response, but the man didn’t mind and continued——

“Were you frightened by the bad doggies?”

“Don’t worry, papa’s here, papa will protect baby.”

“See, all the bad doggies are afraid of papa.”

“Papa is going to pick someone up. If baby feels sleepy, you can sleep in the car, okay?”

On his back, President Kang continued to act dumb. He was astonished. This man is cheating with his son!

“It’ll only take you a few minutes, wait for me at the intersection.”

President Kang sat in the child’s seat in the back, coldly observing the whole thing.

He even had the face to continue pretending to be a kind father. “Baby, there will be a sister who you’ve never met before sitting beside you. Don’t be scared, she isn’t a bad guy.”

President Kang didn’t give this person a reply.

Soon, their car stopped at the intersection. A young girl with a suitcase waved at them.

Upon seeing the man on the driver’s seat, she paused, seemingly a bit in fear.

However, the young girl also saw the child sitting in his safety seat. The man turned around, gently patting his head. “Don’t worry, this older sister is just taking a ride with us. We just need to drive her to the airport.”

Only fluffy fatherly love remained in the fearsome-looking man.

Watching from the side, the tense young woman relaxed her composure.

President Kang finally realized that he wasn’t picking up a lover, but rather just doing his job as a driver.

Yue Qin drove the woman to the airport. Turning around, he noticed that his son was still not sleepy. He was originally going to bring him back, but he showed no signs of fatigue. He was worried that he might sneak back outside, so he asked, “Does the baby want to work with papa?”

President Kang: I have the right to decide now?

So, Yue Qin continued taking jobs with his son.

Their next order was a couple who were arguing for something. When they got in the car, it was a bit cramped due to the child’s seat.

“Sorry, my son can’t fall asleep at night, so I brought him with me.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” the woman immediately replied.

Then, she turned to her husband beside her. “Look at him, he’s even brought his son out to work. This is a good dad, unlike you, making me take care of our son even if it’s just something small.”

The man snorted. “Only useless men wouldn’t have someone to take care of their son while they work. If the customer had a bad temper, they wouldn’t even go in the back with someone else’s son in the way.”

While he spoke, the man noticed that the little boy stared intensely at him, not speaking or moving. It was a bit strange. The man commented, “Is your son dumb?”

The woman pulled her husband.

Never in President Kang’s life had someone been so disrespectful in front of him! He even had to sit beside him!

President Kang completely overlooked what the man in the front might do. After all, he had to make money, so there was no way he would stick his head out for him.

“Get off, I’m not taking your request.” The person in the front suppressed his anger.

The man still wanted to say something, but Yue Qin pulled his car over and stepped out of the driver’s seat.

The 190cm figure emotionlessly stood in front of the car door.

The man who still had a few more insults was suddenly too startled to say anything, stepping out of the car, crestfallen.

After they had left, he patted his son’s head. “Don’t listen to their nonsense. You’re not stupid, you’re a genius. You’re the smartest kid papa has ever seen.”

President Kang emotionlessly started into the back of the seat, unresponsive.

He has no self-awareness, you’re here to make money! You’re giving all that up just because they insulted your stupid son? Isn’t this the truth? No wonder you’re poor!

The father and son delivered their last order. Yue Qing totalled up his earnings.

President Kang couldn’t help but peek.

Number of ordered fulfilled today: 15, Estimated Income: 369.86 Yuan

369.86??? President Kang ran some calculations. They only picked up four orders during the evening, meaning that he had 11 orders during the day, and in total, he only earned 300 Yuan.

If he recalled correctly, the nonsensical class he was taking cost 120 Yuan per class. He even had two a day.

“Son, do you want a new car? Papa has money now, how about we get you a new toy car tomorrow!”

President Kang suddenly felt that this person was stupid! Why would he spend his hard-earned yet little sum of money on a toy car instead of saving it?

What a failure!

The author has something to say: President Kang, please savor this moment of having a loving family!


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