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Chapter 2: The Frail Mother Needs Protection

It was unrealistic to escape in the night. There were dogs, and it was also Yue Qin, the big idiot’s active hours.

President Kang devised another route to escape back home.

He couldn’t confront the dogs in the neighbourhood, nor that big man.

The next day, he still felt drowsy in the morning from going out with the big man to make money last night.

However, the big man, despite also getting no sleep, was spiritedly brushing his teeth, his footsteps light and brisk.

Once he finished, he spoke to the person in the bathroom. “Wife, I’m going to work.”

“Okay, make sure you come back early.”

He also walked in front of him, brushing his hair and bending down. “Son, papa’s going to work again. Don’t say anything about last night to your mom, okay? When papa comes back in the afternoon, he’ll bring you a toy car.”

President Kang eyed him. Bro, not only is your son stupid, he’s also mute. He wouldn’t be able to say anything even if he wanted to.

“Very well-behaved!” The big man held his son’s hand. “You’re a real man, so this is it: Papa will go to work, and you will take care of mama at home.”

President Kang looked at the petite woman washing her face in the bathroom. She needed protection. She was probably afraid of cockroaches and bugs, and generally extremely timid.

President Kang’s frown suddenly disappeared. Mhm, yes!

He couldn’t deal with homeless dogs or that big man, but he should at least be fine with this feeble young woman.

President Kang squinted into a grin. He had a new plan!

Xia Sheng came out of the washroom. There were two cockroach shells at the door.

She took a few pieces of toilet paper, wrapping the cockroaches before throwing them in the trash.

“Kangkang, we’re going to school.” Xia Sheng walked in front of her son, kneeling down to straighten his clothes.

President Kang was speechless. Where did that timid woman who would turn around and run away upon seeing a single cockroach go?

But he couldn’t do anything, he still had to act dumb and pretend he didn’t know anything.

Xia Sheng didn’t mind. To her, she had always firmly believed that her son could still feel her emotions even if he couldn’t understand her.

Xia Sheng appeared as if her entire body had bathed in soft sunlight. She spoke with commendation. “The teacher complimented Kangkang yesterday, saying that he was improving.”

President Kang had an urge to roll his eyes. They said that your son might be autistic and recommended you for a hospital diagnosis.

However, he didn’t speak like this, instead thinking about the opportunities he had to escape on the way to school.

The first place was the breakfast shop. It would be crowded in a rush hour like this.

The young mother was taking our money. It was the perfect opportunity. President Kang slid his hand out of the mother’s and slowly pushed his way through the crowd.

When he turned around, the young mother was already taking the buns. He immediately ran into an alley sparse with people.

He just needed to hide there until she left. He’d call a taxi after she left, and he would be back in his old life. There would be an entire team helping him get back into his old body so he wouldn’t have to act dumb anymore.

President Kang felt he drained all his strength. There were only a few meters left between him and the road.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man walked into the alley, extending his arms and lifting him up. “Child, don’t run.”

President Kang turned around and saw the middle-aged man’s panicked face, as if he had lost his son.

Wait… Is this person trying to abduct me?

This still happens in the twenty-first century?

President Kang felt something was off. He had been kidnapped when he was a child and fought a way out with his life.

Meanwhile, he saw the young mother again. Xia Sheng had already received her order and just realized her son was gone. However, she didn’t notice what was occurring in the alley.

President Kang couldn’t care less about revealing himself, crying towards the young woman.

Even if the couple he was stuck with were poor and annoying, he might end up getting locked away in a dungeon if this man kidnapped him.

The middle-aged man headed for the other way. President Kang stared at the entrance of the alley, hoping for someone to appear.

No, it would be useless even if that woman came for me.

With her short legs, arms, and flimsy appearance, she would be coming here to die, given that she is fast enough to catch up in the first place. President Kang could only keep babbling for help, trying to get others’ attention.

However, there was nobody in the alley early this morning. Even if someone noticed him, they wouldn’t do anything as he couldn’t speak.

The middle-aged man was enraged, scolding, “Daddy’s busy catching busses to get to work, how are you so disobedient!”

The man slapped his back.

President Kang suddenly remembered that even though the big guy looked intimidating, he was never angry at his son. Even if he was dirt poor, he rejected his customer just because they insulted his son.

President Kang thought he’d rather keep being the autistic son in the little couple’s family than be taken away by this middle-aged man.

The man was about to board the van. Once they get in the van, it would be even harder to escape. President Kang started struggling.

“You stupid little thing!” The middle-aged man slapped him across the face.

From birth, he had never been slapped this hard. He was enraged, wanting to bite this person to death. However, he was unable to move, so only his mind was able to erupt in hatred.

Once he gets back, he’ll beat this man to death!

Immediately after, someone grabbed the back of the middle-aged man’s shirt. Turning around, he was met with a fist to his nose. The man finally let go of the child, who was now freefalling towards the ground.

Another hand grabbed him just in time.

“You dare to kidnap my child?! I think you don’t want to live anymore!” Xia Sheng took back her child, kicking the man as her anger remained.

President Kang was in awe.

Xia Sheng then saw the red palm print across his son’s face. Her expressions darkened. She covered her son’s eyes, violently stomping the man a few more times.

President Kang almost forgot about his twinging pain. Is this really the frail mother that’s even scared of cockroaches?

The young mother came back to her senses. She looked at his son, gently reorganizing his clothes. “It’s okay, don’t worry, Kangkang. Mama is here now, mama has driven all the bad guys away.”

President Kang was numbed and too afraid to move. She… She knocked someone to the ground with a single blow?

He didn’t see that wrong, even… even his best bodyguard probably wouldn’t be able to do that to such a strong middle-aged man.

President Kang looked at Xia Sheng again, but now in fear. His body froze, and he didn’t dare to move.

This is what the big guy thinks is a fragile woman who needs protection from his son?

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Domineering Boss: If she knew I’m not her son…


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