Domineering CEO Is My Son

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Chapter 23: Mama Cried (Mama was very aggrieved)

Yue Qin knew that Xia Sheng would be fine by herself. He just brought his son with him since he just worried about her, not that he didn’t want her to leave him.

Yue Qin sent his wife two messages, roughly explaining the situation.

“I’m just bringing him to check on you so he can rest assured,” Yue Qin added in his second message.

Strangely, his wife didn’t respond.

Yue Qin dismissed it at first, as his wife was likely concentrating on her piano and didn’t check her phone.

However, she still didn’t respond by the time they arrived in the neighborhood, which was a bit disconcerting.

She would have breaks in between practice—there was no way she didn’t notice the text by then.

Yue Qin called her wife, but the phone answered with, “The number you tried to dial is out of service.”

His son beside him spoke, almost trembling. “Oh no, something’s gone wrong.”

Yue Qin was also panicked, but he didn’t know their exact address, just that he lived in the rich neighborhood.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I’m searching their address up.”

“I know the address.” President Kang was a bit anxious. “I’ll lead the way.”

Yue Qin carried his son, but immediately got blocked out by the gate guards.

“Sorry, this is a private neighborhood. You can’t enter without a pass.”

President Kang was furious. He would never let himself be blocked like this.

Neighborhoods like these clearly only needed records of their names and citizen ID, but these two people appeared as if they were purposely troubling them.

He was so angry that he was about to swear.

But, he overlooked one thing. He had always been somewhat scared of his hunky father, as he looked like someone straight out of a gang. How could security let someone like him in so easily?

President Kang looked at the posts and then at his own height. He climbed off of his father while his father was busy trying to reason with the guard.

He climbed right under the bar and sped into the neighborhood.

Yue Qin was scared at his son’s impulse. He tried to push through to his son inside, but how could the two guards let someone who looked like a gang member in?

The two were both trying to stop Yue Qin, leaving no one to catch the kid, so they called for more security through their transceivers.

It was President Kang’s most heat-racing moment of all his life. He pushed his stubby legs as fast as he could, afraid of getting caught.

He had been here before, so he roughly knew the direction, but running was quickly exhausting him.

Nothing could happen to the cheap mother. Otherwise, what would happen to the family?

As he rounded the next turn, he was suddenly stopped as he ran into something hard. President Kang was about to surrender and raise his hands in the air when he saw his cheap mother with tears down her cheeks.

Xia Sheng was one who cared greatly about her appearance. But now, her hair was all messed up, and she even had a hole in her clothes along with her teary face.

President Kang felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His entire hand was trembling, anger completely engulfing him. “That trash man, I’m going down with him!”

Xia Sheng froze, quickly wiping off her tears and kneeling down to hug her son. “How come you’re here by yourself? Where’s Papa?”

“Papa is waiting at the gate. The security stopped him. Don’t worry, I will take revenge for you.” President Kang’s hands were still shaking from his anger.

“Revenge?” Xia Sheng was confused, carrying her son and heading outside. “Let’s go find Papa first.”

Immediately as Xia Sheng carried her son, she felt his little hands trying to comb her hair.

She had only realized then that her hair was a mess, using her other hand to straighten it out. She had been so emotional that she forgot to tidy her hair.

“Mama, put me down. I will beat him to pulp.” President Kang continued after he had straightened his cheap mother’s hair.

Xia Sheng’s eyes were still red. She placed her son down, looking at his face. “Who are you trying to fight?”

“That garbage of a man!”

Xia Sheng’s emotions were mixed. “Where’d you learn that from?”

Seeing his cheap mother force a smile to pretend that everything was fine, he felt his heart twist and anger surge again.

He had to do something to dissipate his emotions.

“It’s not your fault.” The little child vented all his emotions with a warm hug.

The child softly embraced her mother, patting her back and speaking quietly. “Don’t worry Mama, I’ll take revenge for you.”

Xia Sheng was forcing herself to cope with all that had happened, but she couldn’t hold her tears back anymore. It was the most depressing day of her life. Her proudest talent had been insulted, heavily trampled on.

Her dreams were shattered and ground into dust.

President Kang continued to pat the cheap mother’s back to comfort her, even arranging her hair again.

Xia Sheng couldn’t hold it back anymore. “Son, does Mama’s piano really sound bad?”

“It’s great. You’re the best.”

“I might become a nameless teacher for the rest of my life, teaching those kids day after day.”

“I thought I had been talented. My childhood wasn’t great, so I could only watch others play in secret, and that’s how I learned then.”

Xia Sheng just went through a great emotional disturbance.

“Don’t worry, you’ll become the greatest pianist.”

Xia Sheng exhaled deeply. “That’ll never happen.”

“It will, it will.” President Kang was worried. “Don’t worry, you’ll become the best pianist in the world. I promise with my life.”

Xia Sheng looked at her son, unable to tell her the cruel truth to him.

Fifteen minutes ago, she was in a room with two of the greatest people in the field, and she broke one of their legs, and another one’s hand.

She could only dream of becoming renowned.

However, now, she looked at her anxious son, suddenly realizing how irresponsible she was.

She shouldn’t spread such negativity to her son. He was so little, unlike adults like her, who could still face situations like these despite shedding a few tears.

Fortunately, she still found time to recover. Xia Sheng took a deep breath, trying to force positivity. “You’re right, this isn’t a challenge at all, and mama will work harder. You can even overcome kindergarten and become the most popular kid there. Mama will learn from you and try her hardest to overcome her hurdles and become the best pianist!”

Xia Sheng thought in her head that she had saved the situation.

Looking at her mother trying her best to cheer up, he thought of the couple’s joyous everyday lives.

Every night, he and the cheap mother would wait for his father’s delicious cuisine. When he overeats, the cheap mother would massage his stomach. Occasionally, they would joke about their excitement of letting him into kindergarten.

Scenes of their past interactions played through his mind like a film. President Kang felt even more irritated, as if something was pressed against his chest and almost suffocated him.

However, he had to pretend that everything was fine. He spoke with his best voice. “Mama is the best.”

“You’re even better. Mama just cried, but you didn’t when you were scared of kindergarten.” Xia Sheng tried to lower the impact of her crying in front of her son.

President Kang looked at her desperate attempt to appear happy and even try to comfort him. His heart felt sour, and he had an even greater urge to fight that trashy man.

Xia Sheng tidied her hair again, taking off her jacket with a hole and tossing it into the trash.

She looked at her favorite coat, a bit uneasy. Why couldn’t she control her temper?

She should’ve tore their coats to tie them up. It was always like this when she became impulsive.

“Don’t tell Papa that Mama cried, okay?”

President Kang nodded.

Xia Sheng was still disheartened. She tried her hardest to push it off into a corner of her mind. As she had just said, there must be a way around this inconvenience.

Furthermore, she was much younger than all of them. Worse comes to worst, she could just become famous after they die.

It was normal for her to have such emotions, as those people only suffered from broken legs, disjoined elbows, and some faces beaten to a pulp.

Whereas Xia Sheng lost the most precious thing to a woman――

Her priceless dream.

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