Domineering CEO Is My Son

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Chapter 22: Worried Mother (Single Update)

“Son, where’d you learn that from? What are Mr. Zhang’s strategies?” Yue Qin asked, confused.

For the first time, President Kang felt like the employees he called into his office: the unsettling feeling of not knowing what to say.

Memories of the gossip he had read last night flowed through his head. President Zhang’s public image was stunningly well-knit. He often went shopping with his wife, gave company shares to her, and never responded to all his admirers in the company.

However, behind all this were a few scandals, all with roughly the same development. A person exposed that Zhang Qi sexually harassed her but didn’t have any tangible proof. Not only that, President Zhang showed his own chat history with her. All of his messages were just him picking at her and him stating that he was only helping her due to his wife.

Every time news like this gets exposed, it would bring a new wave of attention to President Zhang’s company. In the average citizen’s eyes, he was the model husband of the country.

Furthermore, the women who posted these were all married and of the gentle and caring type. Evidently, this was President Zhang’s type and the same type that Mrs. Zhang was working towards.

However, what was more interesting was Mrs. Zhang’s attitude. She believed her husband every time. It was understandable at first, but persisting made her appear like a fool.

So, President Kang didn’t have a great impression of this woman, either.

As a firsthand witness, he immediately noticed President Kang’s interest in his cheap mother. With his derogatory and distancing speech and the recounts from the women exposing him in the news…

It was totally all his tricks, and very evil tricks.

He couldn’t be described in any other way. He definitely wouldn’t divorce with his wife, as he still needed to keep his public image.

President Kang thought about it for another moment. The women were completely taken advantage of, and most have given up, as they didn’t have a lot of evidence. Even if they did make it onto the news, it would only give him more public attention.

President Kang always felt he was a trash man, but he was open about it. He never hid the fact that he frequently switched partners, never married, and only sought testosterone.

Every one of his girlfriends were also using the relationship to experience the exciting life of a wealthy entrepreneur. They bonded but also parted in joy.

“What are you thinking about? Your emotions are changing so drastically.”

President Kang came back to his senses and saw the hunky father recording his expressions with his phone again.

President Kang thought whatever was in his head, as he would be back in his own body and everything could be left for the real little Kangkang to face.

Currently, he had to turn and face the hunky father and the gentle mother on the surface, but a violent freak deep down.

President Kang was becoming even more experienced pretending to be a kid. He straightened his face, saying, “I am not a xiao hai zhi* anymore, I have my own privacy too. I can’t tell you everything.”

*Babyish pinyin pronunciation of “a little kid” where President Kang purposely mispronounces the last character with a nasal sound.

The hunky father fussed no more, instead smiling. “Okay, you’re not a little kid anymore, so Papa will respect your privacy.”

The two really stopped questioning him.

President Kang realized that people usually wouldn’t think that a baby had its soul switched just from violent changes in personality, as kids were different every day.

President Kang inevitably thought of something he had tried to ignore as much as he could.

He was Yue Qin’s son, so where was his true son’s consciousness? He had to return back into his own body. He wasn’t planning to build himself up as an entrepreneur, nor live someone else's childhood.

So, didn’t he still have to find the real Kang Yue?

He still had faint memories of him. It was a big company gathering. He was drunk and could only remember a child in his father’s embrace.

He couldn’t remember many specifics anymore, but he felt that he asked them to say something.

Because of this, when the family returned home, President Kang was much quieter.

When President Kang was at the base of the apartment, he heard a babyish voice. “I can talk, I can talk, I can talk!”

He didn’t know whose kid it was, but it seemed like they just learned how to talk by their joyous tone.

President Kang sighed. Maybe that was what being a real child meant: being happy from the littlest of things.

For the next few days, the little couple spent much of their days preparing for the charity performance.

“Mama is going to practice piano.” President Kang put on his backpack, expecting to go out with Xia Sheng, when he was pulled back by two hands behind him.

“Mama is not going to teach other children today. She is going to Ms. Tan’s home to practice piano.”

Mrs. Zhang’s surname was Tan.

President Kang intended to go just because of this. If he was given an option on any other day, he would never move with the cheap mother.

“Mama needs to concentrate when she’s practicing piano. Can you stay home to accompany Papa?” the big guy gently coaxed.

“No.” President Kang enunciated clearly.

He must go! They needed another capitalist to beat the capitalist!

It was Xia Sheng’s first time seeing his son stick by her so much. She was a bit worried. “He can come if he wants.”

“It’s okay,” Yue Qin said. “The little boy needs to understand that not everything in the world goes the way he wants it to.”

President Kang: “...” Sometimes he felt that the big guy was really his father.

President Kang felt his fake father lift his arm up. “Say bye bye to your mom.”

Xia Sheng found reason in Yue Qin’s explanation. They really did need to make him understand that not everything in this world followed his heart.

The psychologist said that her child was a bit too egotistical.

Xia Sheng patted his son’s head. “Mama will be back in the afternoon. Be good with Papa at home.”

President Kang saw the situation deteriorate. The couple didn’t want him to go at all.

Yue Qin lifted their son and placed it on the child’s chair, speaking, “Good boy, look at this!”

President Kang lifted his head. The hunky father took down an entire beef rack from the top level of the refrigerator.

President Kang became dumbfounded. Great! Absolutely stunning!

Although this couple appeared very poor, they had really good food.

No wonder they were happy everyday. It was probably because of the food.

“Papa will make a western dish today. We’re making steak.”

After Yue Qin showed the beef rack, he tied his apron around his waist and began preparing the meat.

President Kang irresistibly swallowed. It had been so long since he’d had steak.

What result would combining a beef rack with the hunky father’s cooking skills yield?

However, President Kang shook his head, speaking, “Papa, Papa, I want to go find Mama.”

“Mama went to practice piano. She’ll be back in the afternoon. How about you watch Papa make steak?”

“No, I want to see Mama practice piano.”

President Kang repeated that sentence over and over again. He was a kid anyway.

The hunky father wasn’t angry, either. He continued to concentrate on the meat, humming occasionally.

“I have a little friend, he is throwing fits. But I never ask him why――”

President Kang watched as a six-foot-four, almost-85-kilogram hunk hummed with his low voice. Don’t assume that he didn’t know that it was the lullaby “I Have a Little Mule.”

President Kang had realized that he wasn’t his housekeeper nor a caretaker. He wouldn’t listen to him.

President Kang sighed, drooping his head like a defrosted eggplant.

Yue Qin turned around to see his son’s extremely pitiful expression.

The cruel man stopped humming and knelt down, looking at his son. “Why do you want to go with Mama today so much?”

As a debate master, President Kang thought there was merit to this opportunity, so he continued, almost crying. “President Kang is a bad guy.”

He pressed his lips together, opening his watery eyes wide open at his big father. “Mama is going to his house to practice piano. I want to protect Mama.”

The kid pleaded with a worried tone, almost as if he was going to cry.

Hearing this, Yue Qin’s heart almost melted. He understood why his son thought President Zhang was a bad guy as his wife had told him about President Zhang saying that it was bad for him to be so shy.

“Uncle Zhang is not a bad guy.” Yue Qin ruffled his son’s soft hair, comforting him. “He did say something about how you shouldn’t be shy, but he isn’t bad, either.”

In this moment, Yue Qin witnessed his son’s emotions going from a watery baby to an edgy teenager with contempt.

President Kang thought about it. No, no, I can’t go against him. So he used his large eyes to stare at his father again.

“I’m a little kid. My mind is pure. Kids never make the wrong judgment—whoever they say is evil is really evil.” President Kang immediately dealt out an immovable truth.

Yue Qin laughed. “What type of reasoning is that?”

President Kang spoke confidently, his face showing immeasurable pain. “My heart is beating so, so fast. I have such a bad feeling that my heart is going to tear itself apart.”

“I don’t care if Mama is going to work at the art’s center, but I don’t want her to go to that bad guy’s house.”

Yue Qin sighed. He needed to prove that the world didn’t revolve around him.

But the situation was pretty complicated. His son was only four years old, so he couldn’t lie to him.

Yue Qin untied his black apron, lifting his son off the ground. “Fine, since you worry about your mother so much, Papa will bring you to her.”

President Kang immediately looked back at him. “What about the steak?”

“We’ll marinate it first at home. We can still make it when we come back.”

“So you still remember the steak when you’re worrying about your mother so much that your heart hurts?” Yue Qin couldn’t help mock.

President Kang silently rolled his eyes.

Yue Qin was speechless. Where did my poor son go?

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