I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 89: Gege is Going Skiing

Lin Miao was very anxious when she saw Yu Jingxuan. She wanted to show her pretty long hair to him, but she was also worried that he might think she was being smug.

She felt sweet when Yu Jingxuan complimented her. Luckily, their aesthetics were the same.

Holding Lin Miao’s hand, Yu Jingxuan showed her around the school before going home.

Lin Miao dreaded school when she was a kid, but after spending the year with Yu Jingxuan and switching schools in her town, school life became fun.

Her teachers and classmates were very kind to her. She still had academic courses when she enrolled in her sports school, but no one paid much attention as they all had to worry about their competitions. Overall, her time in academic learning had been decreasing.

Now, she still liked school, but none of hers were as big and pretty as Yu Jingxuan’s.

They received strange looks every so often, but Lin Miao was unaware of all of them, focused on the snow. She was thinking about making a snowman, not here, of course. There were so many people, but not a single snowman, so Lin Miao thought that it might be prohibited here.

Suddenly, a few people came up to Yu Jingxuan, “Yu Jingxuan, we finally found you. We agreed on going skiing, but we couldn’t find you.”

Even though Lin Miao didn’t pay much attention, she couldn’t even deny that there were thousands of people who shipped their cp wholeheartedly.

They had good looks and shared the same birthday. There was also a group of people who watched them grow up, so many were almost certain that the two were together.

Especially because there wasn’t any gossip about him being close to another girl, so everyone thought that the two were together.

And because of this, the pictures of Yu Jingxuan with a cute long-haired girl went viral right after it was posted. They were even holding hands.

Tan Jing was fiddling on her phone when she saw the picture. She was concerned that others might attack Lin Miao, which could tear Lin Miao’s relationship with Yu Jingxuan into two pieces.

She quickly sent a group selfie on her Weibo, only writing: “Brother Jing and sister Shui~” [Picture]

In the picture, Tan Jing wasn’t wearing a wig, but Lin Miao was. Lin Miao’s face was already dainty, appearing even more delicate with her airy bangs and Tan Jing beside her.

The comments under the post fell under three categories, one salivating at Lin Miao’s beauty: “My long-haired Shui is so cute! I’m going to cry!”

Another said, “Sister Jing knows the circle, she must’ve seen the posts about Yu Jingxuan having an affair with another girl, trying to clarify the situation.”

The last group was curious, “Which CP is sister Jing supporting? JingShui cp or cavemen cp?”

There were replies to the last group saying, “Can’t you see how much sister Jing is doing for cavemen cp? She’s obviously on the JingShui friendship cp, though I don’t think she cares who brother Shui is with, as long as she remains her best friend.”

The single and uninterested Tan Jing read the replies as she watched Lin Miao’s daily love life.

Only pretty ones could date prematurely. People like her should just follow cps. Scrolling through Weibo, Tan Jing felt her hand shiver. Shit, this boy’s so handsome!

Luckily, she could chase celebrities. Tan Jing happily decided how to live through a life of not dating prematurely and not liking to study.

Meanwhile, Lin Miao was going skiing with Yu Jingxuan. Lin Miao didn’t know how to ski, but she thought it would be unfair for Yu Jingxuan to break his promise of going skiing with his clubmates just to stay with her, so she asked her mother and tagged along.

Lin Miao’s life in her sports school was too monotonous, so much so that she still felt excited despite knowing that she wasn’t allowed to ski and didn’t plan on skiing herself. She felt like even watching others would entertain her.

As an athlete, she needed to take care of her body. Getting injured was huge, and the knee was most prone to accidents in skiing. In badminton, the most strained part of an athlete’s body was also the knee. A handful of older athletes in her team had already been hospitalized for effusion treatment just from strains.

So Lin Miao always remembered what her coach had said. She had to stay away from risky sports, so she could only stand and watch no matter how interested she was.

The group of people was all very curious about Lin Miao on the way to the ski resort. They had never met an Olympic champion in real life, nor a somewhat internet-famous person. They knew that she was Yu Jingxuan’s little girlfriend and she had visited the school twice, however, they had never met her. Now that they were finally lucky enough to meet her this time, they were all naturally very enthusiastic.

Finally, the group of people couldn’t hold back a question, “Is the gold medal really gold?” They didn’t know sports very well, so they couldn’t come up with any deeper questions.

Lin Miao didn’t even begin when Yu Jingxuan answered, “The Olympic gold medal is gold plated.”

Lin Miao didn’t even know this herself. To be frank, she thought that it was pure gold. Good thing I didn’t answer and let Gege say it for me, otherwise it would be so embarrassing.

Soon, they arrived at the ski slope. Now, everyone’s attention was diverted away from her.

Lin Miao let out a breath of relief and looked to the ski resort. It was beautiful, there was even an ice sculpture at the front, and in the back, many people were skiing.

Stepping out with Yu Jingxuan, Lin Miao felt conquered in an instant. Even though she couldn’t ski, she felt like she could watch others ski for two hours without getting bored.

She could feel her adrenaline rise just from watching others, becoming exhilarated. After she retired, the first thing she would learn would be skiing, so that she could experience this flying sensation herself! To Lin Miao, the people seemed to be flying off the slope!

She continued to watch others ski while Yu Jingxuan and the others went to get their snowboards. But when they came out, Lin Miao noticed that Yu Jingxuan had a bag of other things in his hand instead of the skis that everyone else had.

“Then we’ll go skiing first, see you later.” The others said before leaving.


Yu Jingxuan bought her a hat, a scarf, and gloves. He was worried that it might not be comfortable for her to wear a hat on top of her wig, “Let’s wear the hat and take off the wig, okay?”

She would say yes to everything he asked. Lin Miao promptly took her wig off, and remembered the reason she liked it so much. Many strands of her short hair became warped upwards. It must look so ugly. She thought.

Yu Jingxuan gently put the hat on top of Lin Miao’s head, completely unaware of this problem.

Then, he led Lin Miao to the other side.

“Gege, where are we going? Are you not skiing?” Lin Miao asked.

You needed to rent skis to go skiing on the slope, but Yu Jingxuan didn’t have any.

“We’re going to play over there.” There were more activities than just skiing.

Yu Jingxuan led Lin Miao to the cable cars.

They boarded a carriage.

It was Lin Miao’s first time being on a cable car. It slowly ground to a start. They were heading up the mountain, so it was icy and frosted everywhere. Below, she could see small figures of people skiing.

A tsunami of emotions took over her mind. She felt herself shrink smaller, and smaller, until there was only the vast snowy forest and the frosty world around her. Her heartbeat became louder, and she felt as if the frosty world had conquered her.

Lin Miao couldn’t resist clutching onto Yu Jingxuan’s hand, “Gege… It’s so grand! So beautiful! I’m going to work here after I retire! I want to see this everyday!”

Her eyes were fixed on the scenery, and Yu Jingxuan couldn’t take his eyes off her, looking at her with his pampering gaze.

When she said that it was beautiful, he responded with a light “mhm.”

The most beautiful sight he had ever seen was the stars in her eyes.

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