I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 82: Going to the Movies

When she returned home, Lin Miao was still very happy, it was written all over her face. After all these years of losing, she finally had her revenge.

Lin Miao’s mood had completely changed from when she left the apartment. Lin Miao’s mother found it odd, “Shuishui, did something happy happen outside today?” Why is she so joyous? She couldn’t help but be reminded of two words: dumb daughter.

Lin Miao raised her head to meet her mom’s gaze, answering sweetly, “I was playing badminton against Gege, I won.”

Lin Miao’s mother: “…” Shuishui would definitely win, but why would she be so happy?

She couldn’t resist asking Lin Miao how many times she won.

“All of them.” Lin Miao replied.

Lin Miao’s mother: “…” Does she really like little Yu? She was doubting her observations. Wouldn’t she consider letting him win a few rounds?

Whatever, as long as she’s happy.

During the night, Lin Miao hid under her quilt and chatted with Yu Jingxuan.

She knew that her parents shouldn’t be able to hear her phone call through the walls, but she still felt guilty.

She was scared.

Hearing Lin Miao’s sheepish voice as a result of her trying to keep the volume low, Yu Jingxuan sighed. What a teenage body he had…

Lin Miao was unaware of what was happening on the other side of the call. She slowly fell asleep talking to Yu Jingxuan, leaving the one unable to sleep on the other side of the call alone.

Little Ling soon returned as well. She had been working a job over the winter holidays, tutoring elementary students and helping out with their homework.

Lin Miao’s mother took her and Lin Miao shopping for clothes in preparation for the New Year’s. Lin Miao’s mother was also very kind to little Ling, who was obedient, smart, and sensible. They had basically become family over the last few years.

Lin Miao had her own money, but her mother still paid for her purchases. To her mother, Lin Miao was still her daughter, yearning for the New Year’s gourmet food and new clothing.

Lin Miao also met some fans during their shopping trip. She was still a bit not used to it, but they did like her, so she gave out signatures and hugged a very enthusiastic fan upon request.

She was still a bit confused why these people would like her despite her not doing anything for them. It gave her an indescribable feeling.

Her mother also bought her a pair of high-heeled boots. It was pretty, but she found it very uncomfortable to walk in.

So it rested in her room unworn. However, she often looked at it, even sending a picture to Yu Jingxuan.

She loved to share slices of her life with him.

On New Year’s eve, Lin Miao’s mother began preparing for the reunion dinner early at noon. Lin Miao and little Ling were also in the kitchen to help out.

Lin Miao would regularly help her mother in the kitchen, but her helping was mainly washing vegetables, carrying dishes, bowls, and chopsticks. It had been many years since she cooked a meal by herself.

Little Ling was slicing and cooking skillfully.

They began preparing at noon because her parents had to depart in the afternoon to arrive in time for the ceremony back in her village.

So, their reunion dinner became reunion lunch. Before heading out, Lin Miao’s parents reminded Lin Sen that he needed to make tang yuan for breakfast tomorrow, and told the three that they’d be back tomorrow at noon.

Little Ling and Lin Miao both didn’t know how to make tang yuan, but Lin Miao’s younger brother did.

After their parents left, the three began watching television. Quickly getting bored of it, they decided to head outside to play.

When Yu Jingxuan called Lin Miao, the three were playing with a claw machine. Lin Miao saw that you only needed two yuan to play and thought that was a great bargain for a doll inside the machine, so she exchanged for the coins and began playing. However, she then realized that it was nearly impossible to pick anything up.

She asked little Ling and her younger brother for help, but they shared the same fate as her.

“Does Gege want to come to play with us?” Lin Miao asked.


Looking at her brother and little Ling still focused on the machine, she thought that she would get away with Yu Jingxuan as long as they kept it low. Even if they were able to tell their relationship, Lin Miao thought that they probably wouldn’t tell her mom.

“Is it Yu Jingxuan?” Her brother asked after she hung up the call.

“You have to call him older brother too, okay?” Lin Miao said.

Lin Sen: “…” He didn’t want to call him that. Lin Miao could call him whatever she wanted, but he was always reminded of how he was sick when he was little. It was only due to his sickness that his older sister became Yu Jingxuan’s little sister, so he naturally didn’t act very enthusiastically in front of him. He wasn’t that type of person to begin with anyway.

Lin Sen obviously didn’t want to tell his older sister all this. Soon, Yu Jingxuan arrived and brought presents for all of them.

Now, there were four people in front of the claw machine.

They’d originally planned to watch a movie, but there was still quite a lot of time before it would start, so they entertained themselves with this machine.

Now that Yu Jingxuan was with them, Lin Miao went and bought another ticket for him.

The four continued to work away on the claw machine. Evidently, none of them were talented at this. After countless attempts, Yu Jingxuan spent a while observing and managed to grab a very ugly green bug.

He naturally passed the plushie to Lin Miao. Lin Miao blushed, afraid that little Ling and his brother might see something.

This was purely out of her guilt. The two had been very close ever since Lin Sen was introduced to Yu Jingxuan. He had already grown accustomed to the two being intimate, so the last thing he would guess was that the two were dating behind the adults’ backs.

Two of the tickets they’d purchased were seats on the sixth row, and the other two were on the seventh.

When they entered the theater, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan took the two seats in the back while Lin Miao’s brother and little Ling sat in the front.

The theater was filled due to the holidays. They were pretty random with their movie selection, too.

However, when they first arrived at the cinema, they saw that the catalog was filled with domestic films.

So they chose a seemingly indie contemporary film for their teenage age group.

So, Lin Miao watched the male and female leads succumb to the schemes of the second female lead, and then the male lead rolled on a bed with the second female lead.

Lin Miao: “…” She was scared of this explicit content. Even though these romantic scenes would occasionally pop up when she watched TV shows at home, Lin Miao would pretend she was on her phone and skip these scenes.

The movie was quite obscure about it, panning scenes of clothing scattered on the floor, and the four criss-crossing feet at the end of the bed…

Lin Miao was dumbfounded. She didn’t know how to react.

Then, she saw her view darken. Yu Jingxuan had covered her eyes, manually censoring the scenes.

She heard him whisper, “Too spicy, I’ll help you skip it.”

Since they were in the movie theater, he kept quiet, but they were also close to each other. Lin Miao’s cheeks flushed red, feeling her heart pump rapidly, and the skin under Yu Jingxuan’s hand burning.

Lin Miao was unable to focus on the movie even after he dropped his hand.

She regretted choosing this movie.

It was so awkward now.

Looking at the girls all adoring the male lead on the screen, Lin Miao turned her head to look at Yu Jingxuan. Gege is so much prettier than that boy, and… Gege is just so so good.

Looking at the cool and edgy male lead, Lin Miao thought that she preferred Yu Jingxuan’s gentle side, heartwarming like the sun.

Looking at the female lead burst into tears, she held onto Yu Jingxuan’s hand with no sympathy. Luckily she liked Yu Jingxuan and not someone like the male lead.

It’s fine, it's fine.

Little Ling was already weeping at the scene.

Lin Miao: “…”

Then, the four spent two hours watching the male lead, female lead, and second female lead struggle with each other. In the end, the male lead went abroad, the female lead went back to her hometown, and the second female lead delivered a child…

Lin Miao was expressionless…

She leaned her head on Yu Jingxuan’s shoulder, wishing for the movie to end as soon as possible.

Luckily, the movie finally ended, but little Ling was still sobbing.

Lin Miao held Yu Jingxuan’s hand, telling him her findings from the movie. She was hugging the ugly plushie he tried so hard to get, asking him quietly, “Gege, do many people like you?”

“Only you.” He responded. In reality, he only focused on Lin Miao, and everyone else was nobody to him.

Lin Miao: “…” How do I continue this conversation?

The main message of the movie was that it was hard for a male to act coldly to a girl who liked him despite him not sharing the feeling.

Even though Lin Miao hadn’t seen anyone, Yu Jingxuan probably had many girls who liked him.

Exiting the theater, the four chatted as they walked.

Lin Miao naturally walked beside Yu Jingxuan.

Since her younger brother and little Ling were present, they could only walk shoulder to shoulder.

Lin Miao sneaked a look at Yu Jingxuan, thinking that it was like when they were little.

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