I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 81: You Have to Practice More

Tan Jing was resting beside Lin Miao’s coat, watching her and Yu Jingxuan play badminton.

Of course, she knew in her heart that Lin Miao would dominate Yu Jingxuan no matter how good he was. There was no doubt about that.

But… She never thought that Lin Miao would be so cruel.

She played as if she was in a tournament. Tan Jing would normally be very casual when she played with non-professionals, so she thought Lin Miao would do the same… Or at least to not let Yu Jingxuan lose so fast.

Tan Jing felt her jaw drop to the floor.

It was astonishing. Seconds ago, the two were together appearing sugary sweet. Would their relationship really last through this?

She was a bit nervous since all the males she’d ever contacted were her father… her divorced father, and teammates.

Looking at the relentless Lin Miao, Tan Jing noticed that she was smiling. She was really happy, even more than when she played in tournaments. On the other side of the court, Yu Jingxuan was just focused on the game.

When he was receiving Lin Miao’s shots, Tan Jing noticed that he had very long legs and a thin waist. No wonder so many girls like him, it’s a shame that his badminton isn’t that good…

Actually, he would be pretty decent compared to the average person.

Too bad that he was facing the Olympic champion…

This magical moment reminded Tan Jing of the picture Yu Jingxuan had posted on Weibo.

What a couple. Tan Jing watched Yu Jingxuan pick up all the birdies Lin Miao had scored on him…

But what was most terrifying was that he looked attractive even when he was bending down to retrieve the shuttlecocks. She finally understood why all the netizens fanned him for his appearance…

Furthermore, he didn’t seem angry at his losses at all.

Tan Jing suddenly felt that… She and all the other plebeians might not understand the lives of these two geniuses.

Lin Miao seemed to have loosened a bit towards the end, but Yu Jingxuan was still getting crushed.

This was true love, he was still playing with Lin Miao despite all this.

Tan Jing leaned against the wall, still watching the game. She felt like something was missing… Sunflower seeds, yes, she should’ve brought some to snack on.

What a beautiful sight.

At this moment, Lin Miao was smiling so much that her eyes formed into crescents.

Even happier than her first tournament win.

The two finally stopped for some rest. Lin Miao skipped to Yu Jingxuan.

Seeing Lin Miao like this, Yu Jingxuan couldn’t help but smile as well, wiping her sweat off, “You’re this happy?”

“Of course.” Lin Miao said firmly.

Excessive pride flowed off her face.

Tan Jing then looked at Yu Jingxuan. As expected, he wasn’t a single bit unhappy. He was looking at Lin Miao with his soft gaze.

Soft gaze… She always failed to imagine this expression. How do you make your gaze soft?

And now, she understood it.

Evidently, she was too ordinary to understand their love.

If her mom had dared to play against her dad, no, divorced dad, like Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan, they would’ve broken up on the spot.

Tan Jing suddenly felt her teenage heart crack.

Where would she find a boy like Yu Jingxuan?

She felt like she’d never find a person in her life.

Watching the PDA seemed to have dimmed her life and made it gray.

Lin Miao had no idea what Tan Jing was thinking, all she knew was that she came here to train, not just to have fun, so she and Tan Jing quickly organized a game.

Now, Yu Jingxuan stood aside with Lin Miao’s coat, watching her play against Tan Jing.

At the end of the session, Tan Jing stepped onto a bus and saw Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan leave while holding hands.

On the bus, Tan Jing began to browse Weibo, and found a picture on top of her feed.

Someone had secretly taken a picture of Yu Jingxuan holding Lin Miao’s coat while watching them play. Since they’d done it in secret, the angle wasn’t very great.

The comment section was full of hungry netizens screaming about the fluff!

Yu Jingxuan holding Lin Miao’s coat was too cute!

It instantly reminded many people of the scenes in school dramas where the female lead would carry the male lead’s clothes while he played basketball, and hand water to him when the game finished.

Even though the setting was different, it was the same type of sweetness!

You guys are still all so naive. Tan Jing thought.

Meanwhile, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan had already shifted their focus away from badminton. The two simply headed towards Lin Miao’s apartment, holding hands.

After all, it would be incredibly difficult to meet up again after the New Year’s holidays.

So they had to treasure every single second they had with each other.

Yu Jingxuan thought of something. “Are you going back to your home village?” Sometimes Lin Miao would visit her village during the New Year’s.

“I’m not going back this year. My mom is leaving me, my brother and little Ling behind, it will only be her and my dad.” Lin Miao answered, “What about Gege?”

“I’ll come and visit you then.” Yu Jingxuan’s house was usually quite busy during the New Year’s. Many people would come and wish them a happy New Year, but it was quite boring for him.

Most of the visitors his age were children sent to accompany him when he was little.

He knew what the intentions of those families were, so he naturally didn’t like them very much.

Lin Miao paused to think, “Gege, you should stay in your house and accompany auntie Yu and everyone else.”

“It’s okay, I have my own plans.” Yu Jingxuan patted her head, “Shuishui doesn’t need to worry about me.”

The two soon arrived at Lin Miao’s apartment. Instead of heading up the stairs, Lin Miao sat at the entrance of her neighbourhood and watched Yu Jingxuan leave in his car.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother was saving the picture of her son carrying Lin Miao’s coat in his arms when she saw him return.

Thinking about her son’s relationship development, Yu Jingxuan’s mother began commenting expressively, “You should practice badminton so you don’t have to watch them play while holding her clothes and can play with her yourself.” In her heart, Yu Jingxuan’s mother knew that her son was already pretty good compared to the average person. She just couldn’t help herself but tease her calm and precocious son.

“I’m fine where I am right now, and we just need one pro in our family.” Yu Jingxuan responded without much thought.

He thought about how Lin Miao acted during their game today and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She would probably only smile so much in games against me, he thought.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother: “…” She always felt confused at what her high-IQ son was thinking about.


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