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Chapter 80: Badminton with Gege

Fortunately, Lin Miao woke up the next day refreshed. She was feeling perfectly fine.

Since she wasn’t sick anymore, Lin Miao wanted to resume her morning routine. She wouldn’t let her relationship get in the way of her training.

Or else she would definitely get scolded.

Lin Miao had witnessed a real-life example firsthand.

The performance of the couple in her team dropped after their relationship formed. The coach investigated, and found out that the two were dating. The boy was rebuked for a really long time, and was even punished.

Lin Miao would never let Yu Jingxuan down.

So she jumped off her bed and prepared to head out.

When she skipped down the stairs, fully geared up, she saw Yu Jingxuan standing in the chilly air of winter morning.

Lin Miao was surprised to see him there. Running towards him, she asked, “Gege, why are you here?”

“To exercise with you.” Yu Jingxuan said.

The air around her didn’t seem to feel cold anymore. Holding Yu Jingxuan’s hand, she headed towards the park. On the way, Lin Miao told him the story of the couple in her team, “Don’t worry, Gege, I’ll work harder so that our relationship can stay.”

Yu Jingxuan patted her head. “Don’t feel pressured. Once you go back to your team, I’ll be like how I was before, I won’t interfere with your training.”

He never wanted to be in her way.

“Don’t feel pressured either, Gege.” Lin Miao said, still holding onto his hand.

They soon arrived at the pavilion in the park.

Lin Miao started off with a jog, then did some more warm-up exercises, and finally some gymnastics and stretches.

The sky was fully lit by the time they finished. The park was full of others exercising in the morning.

The two parted as usual.

However, unlike previous times, Lin Miao stared at Yu Jingxuan as he climbed into his car, then watched his car drive out of her sight. She couldn’t force herself to start heading back immediately.

She felt an inexplicable melancholy.

Her mother came out of the kitchen right as Lin Miao entered the apartment. “You went jogging again? Shouldn’t you keep resting today?”

Lin Miao thought she’d rested enough in the past few days, “Oh, mom, I told sister Jing that I’d be at the sports hall this morning to play badminton with her.”

The two had often played with each other over the break.

It appeared to Lin Miao’s mother that her daughter was fine. Her behavior during dinner yesterday made her somewhat concerned, but she seemed to have recovered after a night's worth of sleep.

Her daughter was slow to things, but that also carried its own benefits.

So she naturally let Lin Miao go.

After breakfast, Lin Miao changed her clothes and headed to the sports arena with her backpack.

Tan Jing hadn’t met Lin Miao in days, hugging her the moment she saw her, “Brother Shui, brother Shui, have you looked online?”

She was so close to the main character of all this gossip, so she naturally would try to ask for a statement.

However, Tan Jing was used to Yu Jingxuan and Lin Miao acting so intimately. The picture was no surprise to her.

“Yeah… I saw… it…” Lin Miao basically knew what she was going to ask next.

She was already searching for someone to share her joy with, and Tan Jing was undoubtedly the best choice.

“I’m together with Gege now.” Lin Miao said.

Tan Jing froze in place: “Huhhuhhuh???”

Lin Miao patted her head, “I’m dating Yu Jingxuan prematurely…” She pronounced the last word very quietly, almost like a whisper.

She recognized the illegitimacy of their relationship.

Tan Jing jumped back, “Brother Shui, are you serious?”

Then she realized that she was overreacting. The two were perfect matches.

Since Lin Miao was too naive, Tan Jing knew basically everything about her from a young age.

Thinking a bit more, Tan Jing was even happier. Lin Miao will never have a sister-in-law, which means that she will be Lin Miao’s best friend.

She wouldn’t have to worry about the other thing, either.

She wouldn’t have to worry about Yu Jingxuan’s girlfriend mistreating Lin Miao when he got one. Yu Jingxuan pampered Lin Miao, which would make his girlfriend jealous. Who would let their loved one prioritize a non-blood-related sister?

But they’re together now. It was great, great news.

Tan Jing was ecstatic. During their game, she would consistently ask Lin Miao to tell how they confirmed their relationship.

Lin Miao couldn’t avoid the question, so she told everything shyly but also sweetly.

Tan Jing felt a bit regretful. She was a pretty teenage girl herself. She should also be spreading PDA, not seeing others spread it.

After hearing the story, she suddenly felt that she might end up single.

It would all be brother Shui and her brother’s fault. She thought. Influencing me from childhood and making me this way.

Suddenly, Lin Miao’s phone rang.

She took her phone and saw a message from Yu Jingxuan.

Lin Miao replied that she was training at the sports arena.

To the side, Tan Jing quietly sent a Weibo.

Yu Jingxuan soon came.

Remembering the discussion about which side their future child will inherit, she asked, “Brother Shui’s brother, do you know how to play badminton?”

Yu Jingxuan remembered Lin Miao’s roommate Tan Jing very clearly, and nodded at her question.

“You can play with brother Shui!” Tan Jing shoved her racket in Yu Jingxuan’s hands and took both his and Lin Miao’s coats.

It was like Tan Jing’s job.

Lin Miao didn’t even know that Yu Jingxuan knew how to play badminton.

She was surprised, but quickly prepared to serve. She was going to make him experience her area of expertise.

After all, he didn’t win all those tic tac toe games for nothing. It also taught her an important lesson, which was that trying your best was the greatest respect to your opponent.

She would beat him until he called her older brother!

Thinking of that moment, Lin Miao felt euphoric, her smile becoming greater.


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