I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 76: Hand Warming

Lying flat on her bed, Lin Miao stared blankly at the ceiling, and then at a new message from Yu Jingxuan.

She couldn’t resist her curiosity, texting: “Gege, did you see what happened online?”

Upon receiving this message, Yu Jingxuan was quite shocked. He hadn’t expected Lin Miao to surf on the internet and see those comments.

He was worried about Lin Miao reading the negative comments in the threads.

“Don’t take their comments personally.” Yu Jingxuan replied.

Lin Miao: “Oh okay.” Gege is not affected at all.

Leaving her phone aside, she looked at the ceiling again, thinking. Of course, someone as great as Gege wouldn’t have random thoughts just because someone said a few words.

“Then are you going for a jog tomorrow morning?” Lin Miao’s phone rang again.

Yu Jingxuan came to wait for Lin Miao this morning, but she never showed up, so he went back.

Lin Miao rarely skipped her morning exercise routine. He was worried at first, but then found her in the library. She looked fine, so he thought that she simply overslept.

“I can’t.” Lin Miao didn’t explain why. She was too embarrassed to explain these personal matters even to Yu Jingxuan.

Immediately after, she sent another message: “I can go the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Yu Jingxuan responded almost instantaneously: “Shuishui should sleep soon. Don’t stay up so late, it’s bad for your health.”

Reading the last message, Lin Miao’s face flushed hot red. Her mom had also told her to sleep early and exercise mildly. She felt as if he had overheard her mother say this.

Lin Miao did feel a bit weak the past few days, so she quickly fell asleep.

However, she still caught a cold the next day. Her throat felt dry, her nose stuffed, and her head dizzy.

Her parents rushed to the hospital with her.

Lin Miao remembered agreeing to go to the library today with Yu Jingxuan, so while her parents waited in the line, she sent a message.

“Gege, I don’t think I can go to the library today. Study well.”

He quickly responded: “Are you still feeling unwell? I shouldn’t have brought you to the library yesterday then.”

“Nono,“ Lin Miao responded: “It doesn’t have to do with you, I was just not careful.”

“Which hospital are you at? I can come and find you.”

Huh. Lin Miao was surprised at his message. She didn’t deliberately say that she was sick, nor that she was at a hospital. How did he guess?

It was really out of pure luck. Her cancelling at the last minute and saying that she wasn’t careful hinted to him that she was likely sick.

If she was sick, then her mother would definitely take her to a hospital.

“My heart aches when I can’t see you”

Reading that message, Lin Miao also felt her heart ache.

So, she quickly texted the hospital’s address to him.

Looking at her daughter's text, Lin Miao’s mother sighed deeply.

It was better, but these days…

As a person who had been young before, Lin Miao’s mother didn’t want to interfere, or even be against it. To the young rebellious minds, parental control can be the greatest instigator for love.

She decided to wait for Lin Miao to notice that she wasn’t very fond of this romantic relationship.

As a friend or an older brother, Yu Jingxuan was perfect. He was always sincere and took her as one of his family.

However, he wasn’t fit for a husband. One could follow their instincts for love, but marriage had to be carefully planned. Lin Miao was too naive, and Yu Jingxuan was exceptionally talented. This excellence means that he’d attract many in his life.

Their relationship might sustain for one or two years, or maybe even four, but what about times any longer?

She patted Lin Miao’s head. She didn’t want to interfere, but she also couldn’t stand her daughter potentially getting hurt.

When Yu Jingxuan came, Lin Miao was receiving an infusion on her hand.

There was a hall dedicated to patients like her. She wasn’t placed in a care unit.

Turning her head around, she saw Yu Jingxuan walk towards her.

“Gege.” Lin Miao waved at him with her other hand.

She tilted her head up towards him, “The doctor said I was fine.”

Yu Jingxuan had his eyes fixed on her. Though she only had a cold, he still felt reluctant to look elsewhere.

“Auntie Lin.” He greeted Lin Miao’s mother.

“Sorry to inconvenience you to visit her again.” Lin Miao’s mother said smilingly, looking at this young man she had also watched mature. He was truly the most handsome person she had seen in her life. Not only that, he was also polite, carried a noble demeanor, and understood the customs and norms of life. He was perfect for his age, so it was only natural for her daughter to like him.

“It’s fine, not an inconvenience at all.” Yu Jingxuan replied.

Checking her daughter, Lin Miao’s mother then spoke, “Your arrival’s actually quite convenient. She saw a billboard with steamed meat outside of a restaurant on the way here. She said she wanted it, so I was about to return home and cook it up for her.”

Lin Miao barely ate outside food; her mother cooked everything.

Lin Miao’s mother unawarely revealed that Lin Miao was a bit of a glutton. She had behaved like this in front of Yu Jingxuan before, but this time, she felt embarrassed.

When Lin Miao’s mother left, Yu Jingxuan noticed that the hand Lin Miao had the needle embedded in was freezing cold, as the solution was chilled.

Without thinking twice, he carefully clasped his hands around hers, warming it up.

Yu Jingxuan’s hands were like radiators; they were very warm, possibly from him hurrying to the hospital.

Lin Miao couldn’t even look at his eyes. Feeling the warmth conduct from his palm to her hand, she felt warmer.

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