I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 91: Kissy Kissy

Lin Miao only slept for an hour. Waking up, she said drowsily, “Sister Jing, are you awake? We have to go practice.”

“There’s no sister Jing, only Gege.” Yu Jingxuan said, smiling.

Lin Miao was startled awake by the response. Opening her eyes, she saw Yu Jingxuan looking down at her, a wide smile on his face.

“You don’t need to go to practice, either. Our clothes are dry, let’s go to the bonfire party.” Yu Jingxuan said softly as he retrieved Lin Miao’s clothes and put them on her.

Lin Miao climbed out of Yu Jingxuan’s arms, blushing. She obediently extended out her arms, letting him put on the clothes.

In her badminton team, Lin Miao was always the one caring for others. She wasn’t nicknamed Older Brother Shui for nothing. However, in front of Yu Jingxuan, she was forever Shuishui, his Shuishui.

Yu Jingxuan put her hat over her head and looked outside the window, “It’s snowing outside, we can’t stay for long.”

Lin Miao just realized that it was snowing.

Snowflakes were so gentle. Even in heavy snow, they still fell slowly, softly kissing the Earth below.

Lin Miao’s energy recovered thanks to her nap. She led Yu Jingxuan to run down the stairs.

The sky was almost pitch black. Lin Miao had witnessed many nights like this abroad. Instead of the mountains and snow that populated the skyline here, all she saw abroad were rows of skyscrapers and streams of traffic on the streets.

Lin Miao felt a childish excitement. Before the bonfire party had even started, she started rolling snowballs to make snowmen.

Yu Jingxuan was rolling snowballs beside her. They each stacked their smaller snowball on the bigger one, and there came a snowman’s body. Yu Jingxuan then asked for two carrots and four grapes for their snowmen’s noses and eyes.

Yu Jingxuan’s snowman was bigger than Lin Miao’s. The two snowmen were positioned beside each other. Lin Miao began writing on the ground beside it with a stick.

Yu Jingxuan saw her write the word “Shuishui” in front of the smaller snowman, and “Gege” in front of the bigger one.

“We have to go back tomorrow. Let’s leave them here so they can enjoy the view,” Lin Miao said.

Yu Jingxuan pulled her over, kissing her forehead. “Okay.”

Even though it wasn’t his first time, he still felt embarrassed kissing her.

Right after, the bonfire party began. People came calling for them.

They were Yu Jingxuan’s friends.

Lin Miao sat down with everyone else, or rather, beside Yu Jingxuan.

She realized they were sharing a roasted lamb. She and Yu Jingxuan were eating their own meat jerky that her mother made.

They brought a big bag of it up here, as the sports administration didn’t let athletes eat meat from outside, afraid that they’d ingest ractopamine and fail the drug test.

Lin Miao always strictly followed the rules, so when someone asked her to join them, she shook her head despite her mouth watering from the aroma, “No thank you.”

Seeing that Lin Miao was struggling to control herself, Yu Jingxuan whispered to her, “I’ll make it for you when we get back.”

He proceeded to lead Lin Miao on a walk themselves.

The night was very quiet, so even walking in the snow was an experience.

Lin Miao loved to walk like this with Yu Jingxuan; she loved to walk with only him in the snow.

Then… Lin Miao couldn’t resist making a snowball and hurling it at Yu Jingxuan.

He was caught quite off guard. Looking at her joyous demeanor, he bent down to pack some snow and threw a ball back.

The two chased each other around in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other every opportunity they had.

All the singles eating lamb on the other side only looked once before feeling the meat in their mouth become flavorless.

They were all five or six years older than the two, but they were all still single…

The roasted lamb wasn’t so tasty anymore.

Like two little children, after their snowball fight, the two finally returned to their room.

Their first thing was obviously to shower.

“Shuishui, go shower. Don’t catch a cold.” Yu Jingxuan said.

Lin Miao took off her coat and Yu Jingxuan took it from her to dry, ensuring that it would be warm and cozy tomorrow.

He then took off his own coat, reading as he waited for Lin Miao to finish showering.

The bathroom wasn’t far away, the sound from the water splashing very audible.

Yu Jingxuan couldn’t focus on his book anymore.

He rubbed his temples. Was he too young? Probably. Biology says that everyone would be like this during puberty, it only meant that he was normal. He needed to stay calm, calm down.

Lin Miao was fast when it came to washing her hair and body, as she would be in a hurry every night in her sports school, and she soon came out.

“Gege, you should go shower too, don’t catch a cold either.” She said as she came out of the bathroom.

Yu Jingxuan affirmed, his voice a bit hoarse.

He stepped into the shower. The moisture hadn’t dissipated yet. The air smelled nice in a unique way. It felt sticky.

A few minutes ago, Lin Miao was showering here.

His knowledge of this made him feel his mouth and throat dry again.

Lin Miao was looking at the snow while blow-drying her hair outside. It was so pretty! She couldn’t resist taking a picture and sharing it with Tan Jing.

“Sister Jing, the snow here is so beautiful.”

Tan Jing quickly replied. “Brother Shui, I already saw on the web. You were having so much fun with your boyfriend~ Making snowmen and throwing snowballs~”

Lin Miao: “…” Her heart skipped a beat. Did someone take a picture? This is all over, did mom see? What about auntie Yu and the rest of Yu Jingxuan’s family?

Calm, calm down, we should be fine. We went out many times to play before, they might not think that we’re dating. Don’t scare yourself.

It took Yu Jingxuan quite a while to finish showering. Lin Miao immediately told this to him.

Yu Jingxuan hugged her and lifted her off the ground, smiling in a low voice, “It’s fine, don’t be scared, they won’t be against us.”

To be frank, his family watched Lin Miao grow up. His father even thought that having Lin Miao as a part of their family couldn’t be better.

And as for Lin Miao’s mother, Yu Jingxuan had also met her a couple of times. Her mother was very reasonable, so she wouldn’t be against them for the sake of keeping social norms.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, Gege is always here with you.” Yu Jingxuan said as he kissed her forehead, then the wrinkled skin between her eyebrows. Ever since he first kissed her, he became addicted to it. He enjoyed it when their skin met each other.

As expected, Lin Miao’s attention shifted. She raised her head, kissing his forehead back as she blushed. It was much easier now since they were both sitting.

Yu Jingxuan felt as if he was kissed by cotton candy. His heart was sweet, soft and filled with love. He couldn’t help but kiss her cheek.

Lin Miao returned it by kissing his cheek back, but she missed when she rose and kissed back. It was right on the corner of his mouth.

The two froze, then Lin Miao got off with her face red, stuttering, “Um… Uh, I’ll go check if our clothes are dry yet…”

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