I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 51: Sticking Gege’s Pictures

Before, Lin Miao thought that her older brother was pretty, soshe looked at him whenever she wanted.

Now, although her older brother was still very pretty, she was too embarrassed to look at him.

Lin Miao continued to walk, her mind struggling to decide whether to look at him or not.

The street was quite empty in the early morning. The Young Master remembered to ask Lin Miao what had happened in her home village.

Lin Miao skipped the backstory of Little Ling and the things about marriage. She just told him that her friend had come to live with her in the city!

Unaware of the complicated backstory, the Young Master felt sad: “...” Of course, friends are more important than him.

Lin Miao was unaware of the Young Master’s teenage heart. She added, “Gege, we’ve already promised to not marry. In the future, I’ll make some more money to buy us a big house and Gege can live with me in the house.”

The Young Master’s heart itched. He slightly lowered his head and looked at Lin Miao, “Okay.”

After the trip back to the village, she could sympathize with her older brother: staying single was great.

Lin Miao didn’t ask her older brother to help take care of Little Ling. She knew her older brother was too busy considering he had denied the girl she met before.

It was now the fourth day of the new lunar year. Even though Lin Miao had a few more days of winter break left, she decided to return early to the sports complex in order to practice badminton when she woke up in the morning.

She announced this to her parents during breakfast. After eating, she headed for the sports complex with a duffle bag on her back.

What Lin Miao had said when she received her phone now turned out to be true. She would still remember her phone even if she were to lose everything else.

She brought her phone along, so she read the Young Master’s messages when she got to the sports complex.

Lin Miao told her older brother that she was practicing there.

She also invited Tan Jing to play badminton with her in advance. Soon enough, Tan Jing also arrived.

Out of the 365 days of the year, the two lived with each other for at least 340 of the days. They would see each other every morning when they open their eyes, and they would go to sleep together at night. It was strange for them to be separated for a couple of days, so they greeted each other with a long hug.

Then, they started to play.

When the Young Master arrived, Lin Miao was an hour into practice. Her head was dotted with sweat droplets. She had taken off her coat, and was wearing only her sports shirt.

Lin Miao had her back facing the Young Master, so she didn’t know her older brother was present.

The Young Master didn’t call out to her, either. He picked up her coat, which had been thrown onto the ground, and held it in his hands.

The Young Master stood aside, watching Lin Miao play.

He had been to most of her tournaments, but had barely seen her practice.

After a while, Tan Jing asked for a break. She had practiced during the holidays, but since her schedule was much more relaxed, she was feeling a bit tired.

Lin Miao turned her head around. She then saw the Young Master look at her smilingly with her coat in his hands.

Tan Jing greeted the Young Master, “Hello, brother Shui’s older brother.”

“Hello,” the Young Master replied politely.

Then, Tan Jing saw him wipe Lin Miao’s sweat. He reminded her, “Don’t rush to drink water right after exercising.”

Tan Jing quietly picked up her coat off the ground and wiped her own sweat.

Calm down, calm down, the world’s a fair place.

It gave brother Shui such great talent and such a great older brother, but…

Tan Jing recalled for a moment. Whatever, the world’s so big, and there are so many people. Making everything fair would be difficult, so I should not complicate things.

But then Tan Jing looked towards Lin Miao again. What to do, what to do, I want brother Shui to wipe my sweat.

Lin Miao used to do that after every one of Tan Jing’s tournaments.

Smile, I must present the greatest smile ever.

“Brother Shui, I’ve gotten enough rest, so let’s keep playing!” Tan Jing said, beaming.

Turning to face Tan Jing, she realized that Tan Jing still had sweat all over her, so Lin Miao took out a clean handkerchief and wiped her sweat away.

Good, the world’s still fair.

“Gege, you should go back soon. We still have many hours of practice left, it’ll be really boring for you.” Lin Miao said.

The Young Master shook his head, “I’ll just watch you play.”

Tan Jing’s mother called her to eat lunch during noon.

The Young Master visited Lin Miao’s apartment for lunch.

When they split up, Tan Jing was walking in the opposite direction of Lin Miao and the Young Master when she saw the two holding hands.

Tan Jing: “...” Wait, something doesn’t seem right.

It wasn’t the first time the Young Master ate at Lin Miao’s apartment. In fact, he was a frequent visitor.

He visited almost every time Lin Miao returned home.

However, this time, Little Ling was also present.

Little Ling wasn’t timid, but she didn’t dare to look at the Young Master again after her first glance.

Lin Miao didn’t push them to be friends or anything, and just let them act naturally. She had developed an understanding of the Young Master after all their time together.

Her older brother didn’t like playing with others his age. He preferred reading more.

That’s why Lin Miao never tried to pull him and her younger brother closer, either. Even though the Young Master was great friends with Lin Miao, his relationship with her younger brother was just average.

Once the Young Master’s mother heard that Lin Miao had gotten a phone, she tried every way she could and was able to get Lin Miao’s phone number. She then called Lin Miao and invited her to the Yu family.

Lin Miao bought some fruits and headed to the Young Master’s house.

Upon her arrival, the Young Master’s mother saw Lin Miao’s phone and recognized that it was her son’s old phone.

The Young Master’s mother had an ocean full of words regarding the Young Master’s action. How could he give his younger sister his old phone?

When Lin Miao went to play with the dogs, the Young Master’s mother appeared beside the Young Master, commenting, “Little Yu, when you grow up, you’re going to become the legendary type who would give your old phones to your girlfriend.”

The Young Master turned to look at his mother and responded, “Shuishui bought my new phone.”

The Young Master’s mother: “...” That is even scarier.

Since Lin Miao came back very quickly, the Young Master’s mother moved on. “Oh, Shuishui, do you have WeChat and Weibo?”

Lin Miao blinked, “Huh, what’s that?”

The Young Master’s mother explained the two social media apps and then helped Lin Miao install them. She also helped Lin Miao register accounts for both apps.

“Shuishui, what do you want your username to be?”

“Can we just call it Shuishui?”

“The name is already taken.” The Young Master’s mother said.

“Mumushuishuishui.” Lin Miao broke down the characters of her name.

(Note: You might recall that Lin Miao’s Chinese name is 林淼, which consists of two “木”s and three “水”s. “木” and “水” are spelt “mu” and “shui”, which make up Lin Miao’s username.)

“That works.” The Young Master’s mother quickly registered her accounts. “Shuishui, with this, you can show your status online. You can say whatever you want.”

She then saw her son register his accounts.

The Young Master’s mother: “...” Didn’t he say before that this stuff was boring and a waste of time?

Even though the Young Master’s mother thought that in her mind, she followed her son on Weibo.

Of course, she also added him on WeChat

The two cavemen finally came into contact with this type of magical technology.


Lin Miao had nothing to say, so her friends’ circle remained inactive.

The Young Master became bored. He originally signed up just to read Lin Miao’s status updates.

Since Lin Miao wasn’t interested, he wasn’t interested either.

However, there was one benefit! She could share pictures with her older brother!

Multimedia messaging services used to charge half a Yuan per message, and now it was free.

Soon, Lin Miao’s break ended.

Although she still carried her phone around, she kept it off most of the time. The coach told her to remain concentrated and dedicated to practice.

Lin Miao felt the same. If she left her phone on, she would keep worrying about the Young Master’s messages and calls.

However… She also missed her older brother. She couldn’t see him on her wallpaper anymore.

She didn’t have a phone before, so she never had such emotions. Now that she has one though, she grew accustomed to seeing him everyday. It had made her so happy.

She wouldn’t be able to see her older brother if she left her phone turned off.

However, if she turned her phone on, it would distract her and be detrimental to her performance.

After learning of the struggles of the brocon Lin Miao, Tan Jing gave some constructive feedback.

“Brother Shui, you have a picture of your older brother on your phone. If you print it out and stick it to the ceiling, you can see your brother when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Sounds good?”

Lin Miao thought the plan was viable—it was a great solution.

So she printed the image.

There was a photo shop nearby. Since it had colour printing options, she printed out a coloured version.

Lin Miao stuck the photo on the patch of ceiling above her. The picture she chose was beautiful. She had taken it when she was at the mall with the Young Master.

Even though it looked great when she was holding it, when she looked at it on the ceiling while lying in bed, it felt... It felt as if her older brother was laying on her.

Lin Miao jumped up and carefully peeled the picture printed in A3 size down.

She then rolled up the picture that she had taped on the ceiling a moment ago and placed it beside her pillow.

Lying back down, she pulled the quilt over her flaming red face and covered her hot cheeks with the back of her hands.

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