I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 74: The Outside World’s Reaction

As expected, Lin Miao lost again.

She was used to losing. She just felt down because she didn’t last as long as before.

Truly such a familiar feeling of loss.

She quickly continued to study, now more relaxed from the game.

Looking at the paper filled with small grids, the corners of Yu Jingxuan’s mouth curved into a smile. He couldn’t help turning on his phone.

Yu Jingxuan’s and Lin Miao’s internet fans had previously fought with each other during their birthdays, but since his mother was Lin Miao’s fan in badminton, they placed this grudge aside, as long as neither side made an offense to the other.

Despite their disagreements and arguments over their last birthday, the two fanclubs shared similar situations in terms of the scarcity of updates. Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan both would go several months without a post nor media coverage. It had filtered both of their fan bases down to those who had ‘true love’ for their idol.

Now, Yu Jingxuan suddenly broke the silence with a rare Weibo post.

Yuyuyuyuyu: “3562. [Picture]”

It was a picture of a sheet of A4 paper. It was dotted with grids, and each grid was filled with symbols.

It confused many of his fans. What is this? Some secret message?

They all began speculating about the meaning of the paper and the number in the post. Especially the number—it seemed so arbitrary.

Just when his fans were fussing over the post, someone sent a picture to one of his fan-hosted news and update accounts.

So the fan account naturally uploaded the picture to the public.

It shocked all of his fans; they were dumbfounded. His updates were sparse, and most pictures were blurry.

All of his fans knew by heart that although many people confessed to him, he didn’t engage in any romance, which would be considered premature. Not only that, he also kept a lot of distance between other girls; there was little to no intimacy. Yu Jingxuan’s fans learned about this from his university classmates.

His fans were all overjoyed by this update.

They had grown accustomed to seeing blurry photos, but now they had one in high definition: A bright library, a desk in front of ground-up windows, and behind the desk, was a teenager smiling and giving the girl beside him a pampering look.

The girl had her head lowered, seemingly troubled by some problem.

The person who was changing from a teenager into a man had one of his hands on the back of the girl’s chair, giving off a feeling of hugging her in his chest.

The sweet tingles in the picture were indescribable. However, Yu Jingxuan’s fans felt themselves cracking. They mostly split into four groups.

The first lied to themselves that the two were friends, and that there was no chance of their prince engaging in premature romance! Some also chose to believe that it was to gather interest for some new teenage idol show he would be starring in, however unlikely this is.

The second group was a bunch of conspiracists thinking that the malicious girl was trying to leech off of their prince’s name and fame. This was too unlikely to be a coincidence, especially with such a clear shot. Even though the girl’s face was unidentifiable since her head was lowered, there would definitely be some update in a few minutes about who the girl is. There might even be other pictures of her, calling her a campus belle, and she’d be famous just like that. This type of scheme was too common in the entertainment circle.

The third group began picking on the girl. They called her ugly as they thought she was too embarrassed to show her face. Others insulted the cat ear hoodie, labelling it as a disgusting attempt to be cute.

The last group consisted of people crying that they didn’t want premature romance, and that they’ll stop stanning if it happens.

There were many more insults to the girl.

As an online enemy, Lin Miao’s fan club followed these threads in secret, feeling very satisfied from this situation.

Well deserved.

But then, the fan account uploaded another picture. This time, both people’s faces were visible. The girl looked adorable in her gray wool hat with her cat ears on top.

Now, it was Lin Miao’s fans who were shaking: “… This… This girl, doesn’t she look identical to our brother Shui… if her face was a bit chubbier?”

“Shit! It is brother Shui!”

“Photoshop, must be photoshopped!”

But it was soon confirmed that the picture was not tampered with.

Now the conflict was on a whole new level!

“Trying to leech off your ass! Our brother Shui got on the CCTV’s news before, can your person do the same? She also avoids interviews whenever possible, so if anything, you’re the one who's leeching off of us!”

“Brother Shui is too cute, go get constipated and die if you don't agree! You guys all have some disease that makes you hate women, don’t you? You all start throwing insults around before any confirmation, what’s wrong with you?”

Yu Jingxuan’s fans were also shocked by this discovery, but they still went on to argue. If they can’t win the person, they can at least win the argument.

However, it ended before it even formally started.

Because Yu Jingxuan checked his phone after a bit of reading.

Hemade another post: “Shuishui and I have known each other since we were eight. It’s not as complicated as you all may think.”

Now, both sides were shocked once again. Their relationship is almost ten years old…

The post also attracted many passersby, who joined the discussion.

Some said that Yu Jingxuan had been to Lin Miao’s world championships and the Olympics.

Then, a self acclaimed middle school classmate of Yu Jingxuan said that he even skipped class in middle school to watch competitions and recorded videos of them. It was incredible, especially for him to still be able to skip grades and enroll into his university.

Some people were suspicious of that person lying to exaggerate things.

However, the self acclaimed middle school classmate said that they’ll go into their Qzone to find some photographic proof.

The others thought the middle school classmate was joking, but they really came back with some pictures.

Apart from competition pictures, there was also an easter egg: it was a photo of Lin Miao visiting Yu Jingxuan’s school, and Yu Jingxuan carrying her backpack for her.

It was a back portrait, but the netizen assured everyone that it was really them.

In the picture was a little teenage boy with a pink backpack holding hands with a little girl and leading her forwards.

The Internet Sherlocks soon found Yu Jingxuan’s middle school and Lin Miao’s sports school to compare their uniforms to the ones in the picture.

They were nearly identical.

What else can they say? No one told them that these two knew each other for so long!

It was…

Like the two worlds just suddenly collided with each other.

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