I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 12: Things Regarding Roasted Corn on the Cob

Lin Miao spent most of her time in the Young Master’s room since she hasn’t gotten in trouble for doing so yet. Plus, she was brought in by the old madam, her grandmother who neither the doctor nor the housekeeper intervened with.

Lin Miao was still taking the job of watching the Young Master’s infusion.

Today, during dusk, Lin Miao noticed that the clouds outside were so red as if they were aflame.

Lin Miao helped the Young Master up. “Look, look!”

And pulled the Young Master out of his room.

There was an elaborate balcony on the second floor.

They soon reached it and tilted their heads up at the fiery clouds.

And couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

The doctor quickly came.

The Young Master peered at the doctor and then pulled Lin Miao inside.

The doctor followed up to them.

The two exchanged looks, and then the Young Master mouthed, ‘The Young Master’s body is not good, don’t let him catch the wind.’

Simultaneously, the doctor reminded them from behind, “The Young Master’s body is not good, don’t let him catch the wind.”

His gestures were identical to the doctor’s! Lin Miao fought to hold her laugh back.

After returning to the bedroom and watching the doctor leave, the two exploded with laughter as they watched the clouds from the windowsill.

Looking at the clouds, Lin Miao unconsciously said, “This scene was quite common back at my place. Usually, I would be picking firewood in the mountains.”

The Young Master was a bit curious, “Picking firewood?”

Lin Miao paused a bit to think. “Picking firewood… It’s basically collecting and bringing home dry branches to burn so that we can cook.”

The image popped up in her head, causing her to let out a sigh. “So unfortunate, you can only go home with me in the New Year, there won’t be any fresh corn left. Right now, we have fresh corn that we can roast on fire heated stones. During New Years, we would only have sweet potatoes left to roast.

The Young Master saw her swallow while speaking. Those roasted corn on the cobs must be really good.

So, during dinner, some roasted corn appeared on the table.

The grandmother was shocked. The housekeeper said the Young Master wanted it.

The dish was still in front of the Young Master, so Lin Miao was too shy to reach for it.

The grandma asked Lin Miao, smiling, “Shuishui, do you want corn?”

Lin Miao really wanted it, but she remembered her mom telling her that it wasn’t polite to eat chicken feet with her bare hands when visiting other people’s houses. Eating corn off the cob was basically the same as eating chicken feet, so Lin Miao shook her head.

The grandma proceeded to ask the Young Master, “Little Yu, do you want to eat corn?”

The Young Master who scored full on dinner etiquette couldn’t quite imagine how it would be like; eating corn with his hands in front of everyone, so he also shook his head.

No one ended up eating the roasted corn, which was perfectly fine.

Returning to the room after dinner, Lin Miao was still a bit unsettled.

Roasted corn, oh roasted corn...

When guests visit Lin Miao’s house, her mother would tell her and her brother to not wolf down the food nor touch the meats and be generous towards them. However, her mother would deliberately save some food for them until the guests leave.

“Shuishui, do you want to eat the roasted corn?” The Young Master asked.

Lin Miao thought of the fragrant corn. She swallowed and nodded.

The Young Master’s eyes filled with light. Leading Lin Miao, he said, “Let’s sneak back downstairs.”

Lin Miao was a bit reluctant, “But if we get caught, wouldn’t I get sent away? My mom said that stealing is a serious morality issue.”

The Young Master flicked her head. “What is going on in your little head. This is our house. How is it stealing when we’re just eating some corn.”

Lin Miao thought for a second. “Oh yeah, then I’m going to let the kitchen aunties know.”

The Young Master stopped the wooden head, “No, we’re getting it ourselves. We can’t let them know or else Grandma will definitely laugh at us.”

“Why?” Lin Miao was confused.

“Are you stupid? During dinner, Grandma asked us one by one if we wanted to eat the corn. She will certainly make fun of us if she knew we went to take them despite shaking our heads during dinner.” The Young Master explained, “After that, she’s going to record us eating corn and even send it to all my parents and relatives, and then my mom will share it online...”

So, of course not! He just wanted to eat roasted corn on the cob. He definitely doesn’t want to be laughed at!

Lin Miao didn’t care about being laughed at, but the Young Master’s face was very important so she immediately changed her tone and said, cloak-and-dagger, “I’ll go see if there’s anyone outside.”

She carefully opened the door and peeked left and right with her little head, and then whispered to the Young Master, “There’s no one.”

So the two snuck out silently.

The two could see the excitement in each other’s eyes while walking down the hallway. It was so boring in here, so much so that such a simple thing could make them excited.

The Young Master’s lower body was much more agile.

The Young Master was more experienced than Lin Miao. He pulled her aside to hide in the corner because he heard the doctor’s footsteps in the stairwell.

Listening to the footsteps, the two were extremely nervous.

“If we get caught by him later, just say that we’re strolling in the hallway.” The Young Master mouthed to Lin Miao.

Lin Miao nodded.

And now, grandma’s voice came from downstairs, “Doctor, I have something to talk to you about.”

And then they heard his footsteps fade.

The Young Master let out a breath of relief and said, “Go.”

Like in a spy movie, the two little agents hid intermittently along the way and then anxiously entered the kitchen.

There was no one in there.

The housekeeper seems to be lecturing the others outside.

The two were so incredibly lucky.

Then they began to search for the corn.

But, they couldn't find it even after going through the place.

The two looked at each other. “What if they ate it all?” Lin Miao quietly suggested.

The Young Master nodded, “Possibly.”

But, the aroma of the corn was getting heavier, they seemed to still be in the kitchen.

Suddenly, they heard a “ding” sound.

The two turned their heads and saw seven or eight corn cobs inside the microwave.

The energetic Young Master quickly took a plate and used the tongs beside the oven to take two cobs of corn. Then, he pulled Lin Miao, “Go!”

Lin Miao quickly provided cover for the Young Master and the corn!

Fortunately, the doctor was with grandma, and the other maids and helpers were called outside by the housekeeper.

What a smooth and successful operation.

The two were ecstatic in their room, looking at their fruit of victory.

The corn was scalding. Lin Miao was experienced and brought a pair of chopsticks upstairs.

She snapped the cob into two after wrapping it with a cloth and then thrusted the chopstick into the corn, lifting it.

Lin Miao instructed the Young Master, “Start slowly from the edges.”

The Young Master slowly started to eat the corn, copying Lin Miao.

They were concerned that the doctor was going to nag them again if he entered and saw them. So, they squatted in front of the window, hiding themselves within the curtains.

The housekeeper finished his lecture in the garden. In the distance, all of the houses rested quietly in the night.

Lin Miao and the Young Master looked at each other, eating the corn of victory and laughing uncontrollably.

They wrapped the corn cobs after they finished before throwing them in the trash can.

The housekeeper was a bit unsatisfied. “Madame, wouldn’t it be bad for him to be like this?”

The grandmother cheerfully poked the steaming corn in front of her. “No matter how tender the corn, they won’t be able to chew it once they age. Let them eat it, and by the way, make stir-fried kernels for tomorrow.”

“This is childhood.” The grandmother reminisced, “Look how happy Little Yu is, he’s like a normal kid, what’s wrong with that?”

The grandmother smiled. “Ask them to make corn flour congee tomorrow morning. Whole grains are good for the body.”

Back upstairs, the two children opened the windows and waited for the smell of corn to dissipate.

Lin Miao was also fanning herself with a book.

When suddenly,her hand slipped, throwing the book outside.

Lin Miao was dumbfounded. Looking at her empty hands, she couldn’t believe that she accidentally threw a book outside the window.

The Young Master laughed at her expression. Seeing Lin Miao heading outside, he quickly got up to stop her since it was already pitch black outside. “It’s okay. The lawn’s below it, we’ll pick it up tomorrow morning.”

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