I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 13: Midnight Adventures

Back in her room, Lin Miao struggled to settle her mind.

She was the type of person who couldn’t fall asleep when they have something on their mind.

So, Lin Miao crept downstairs at midnight.

The empty and dark living room...

Lin Miao stepped on the stairs, horror stories flooding her mind. She was now scared to descend. Children-eating versions of those stories all came out and she felt like the entire ground floor was crowded with monsters staring at her.

Suddenly, a pale white hand reached out from behind her.

Terrified, Lin Miao hugged the guardrail beside her and closed her eyes. “Don’t eat me… Don’t eat me… I don’t taste good…”

The Young Master laughed at such a sight. “Shuishui, it’s me. I won’t eat you.”

Lin Miao opened her eyes and saw the Young Master’s beautiful eyes and brows. Letting out a breath, she quietly said, “You scared me to death, why are you not asleep?”

The Young Master whispered back like Lin Miao, “I just woke up. What are you doing?”

“Going to get the book back. My heart won’t settle without getting the book back.” Lin Miao said.

“I’ll go with you.” The Young Master responded.

There were no lights, just the moon, making the quiet villa was a bit spooky.

The two kids walked down the stairs while holding hands, and then went to open the front doors.

Then, they realized that the garden was stunning under the moonlight.

As if they were dyed with a silver shimmer, it was so beautiful that their fear diminished.

Lin Miao didn’t want the Young Master to go outside. “Stay here and wait for me, don’t catch the cold wind. I’ll be back very quickly.”

And then Lin Miao headed out. The Young Master followed, bathing under the moonlight.

Lin Miao didn’t have other ways so she gave her jacket to the Young Master.

And quickly ran to pick up the book.

Their book was under the Young Master’s window so they had to go around the house.

The two excitedly walked under the moonlight.

They heard a rustle on the way so they crouched down and slowly advanced.

The Young Master surprisingly didn’t need Lin Miao’s help and he walked by himself.

They couldn’t quite distinguish the sounds inside the window, but they didn’t care. After all, they were outside to get their book.

They quickly found the book and were about to return.

Lin Miao accidentally scratched the bush with the book. A voice came from inside, “Who’s there?”

Lin Miao exchanged nervous looks with the Young Master, and then, they stood back up and ran!

On the other side, the person who opened the window only saw the shadow of a kid wearing a coat.

The two sprinted all the way back upstairs.

Lin Miao only realized the problem after they were back in the Young Master’s room. “Gege, you ran so fast… just then...”

The Young Master blinked. “Yeah…”

Lin Miao was worried. “Are you okay, are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

The Young Master paused for a minute. “My heart’s beating a bit too fast and my breaths are too short.”

Lin Miao was so nervous that she was about to cry. “It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have gone to take the book, I’ll call the doctor! Gege, please hang on!”

The Young Master stopped her, “Wait, it might just be that I ran too fast. Don’t you feel like your heart’s beating rapidly?”

Lin Miao blinked. “Yeah, a bit.”

“Let me catch my breath. There might not be anything wrong.” The Young Master said.

The two stood, and then sat for a bit. Lin Miao anxiously looked at the Young Master throughout.

“I think I’m fine.” The Young Master said, “You can go back to sleep.”

Lin Miao was still worried. She took off her shoes to sleep beside the Young Master. “I’ll sleep here. If you feel sick, wake me up!”

The Young Master thought she might not be able to rest with this in her mind. “Fine, if something’s wrong, I’ll definitely wake you up.”

The two children, who just experienced a nighttime adventure, quickly fell asleep.

Lin Miao woke up early in the morning. She woke the Young Master up and finally rest assured after seeing that he was alright.

Lin Miao woke the Young Master up every day so no one noticed today’s difference.

The Young Master’s father returned home during breakfast.

Lin Miao was stressed. She recalled that he was never satisfied with her.

Luckily, he didn’t mind her and just asked for the Young Master’s condition, showing relief after confirming that his sickness was stable.

His company was planning to go on market listings so he didn’t have much time to come back.

“It’s effective. Little Yu never fainted again after Shuishui came.” The old madame said.

The father just frowned, showing disapproval, but he didn’t contradict his mom either.

Lin Miao was nervous in her room. She was afraid that the father would come in to talk to her. Luckily, he never went to her before he left.

As always, she chatted with the Young Master. He gossiped with Lin Miao after coming back, “I’ve memorized what everyone will say to me already.”

In Lin Miao’s heart, the Young Master already became a handsome friend straight from a noble prince in a painting.

So, Lin Miao responded, “Adults are all like that. It’s the same for my dad; always the same sentences. I always know what my grandma will say before she even opens her mouth too.”

The Young Master leaned beside Lin Miao and pondered, “Shuishui, do you want to go to school?”

Lin Miao forcefully shook her head. “No! School sucks, every day is horrible.”

The Young Master sighed. “Wouldn’t it be too boring if you just stayed with me at home?”

Lin Miao finished drawing a grid and lifted her head, responding sincerely, “Of course not! Being with Gege is the best!”

The Young Master rubbed her head. “I’m happy as well.”

“Mm, since you’re happy as well, please have mercy and let me win to make me happier.” Lin Miao quickly added.

“So that’s why you waited here for me.” The Young Master flicked his finger at Lin Miao’s forehead.

The two were intrepid. The grid was very big and they played for over twenty minutes.

The doctor came in and they have yet to have a winner.

When they saw the doctor, they tore the piece of paper off and shoved it under the bed, pretending to be merely chatting.

The doctor didn’t see. “Young Master’s complexion is great today.”

The two looked at each other and saw one word in the other’s eyes: yay.

They were getting more tacit at this.


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