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Chapter 14: The Young Master has Chickenpox

Grandma was frequently away, so the doctor and the housekeeper were the real adults in the house: they were the people who took care of things.

Lin Miao was a bit afraid of them while the Young Master was annoyed by their reminders.

So, the two little agents often did things that they wouldn’t allow behind their backs.

After the doctor left, Lin Miao crouched down beside the bed and retrieved the piece of paper she tossed down the bed.

The two continued to play using their pencils.

Lin Miao lost miserably again.

During the evening, the doctor checked the room, closed the lights, and left after seeing the Young Master quietly sleeping on his bed.

Right when the doctor descended, the door beside the Young Master’s room slid open. A shadowy figure then came out and adeptly snuck into the Young Master’s room.

Lin Miao laid on the bed. “Gege, your quilts and pillows all smell so good! They smell like sunlight.”

“They took it out and put it under the sun. You’ll find your sheets the same when you go back in a bit.” The Young Master patted her head.

Lin Miao rolled on the bed and suddenly realized something, “Huh, I think this is mine. Your quilt should have Japanese honeysuckles on it and mine has this flower on it.”

She only knew the Japanese honeysuckle because she had an enormous honeysuckle vine back at her place.

In reality, they were obscure white flowers that could only be identified through careful observation.

The Young Master didn’t want to exchange quilts anymore, they were the same to him anyway.

The two played for a while and after feeling sleepy, Lin Miao returned to her room to rest.

Lin Miao usually calls her older brother up at 7:30 in the morning to eat breakfast.

However, on the next day, Lin Miao saw his empty bed and found him in the bathroom instead.

She was about to compliment him for waking up early when the bathroom door opened. Without giving her a chance to look, the Young Master skimmed by her and jumped back onto his bed, wrapping himself in his quilt.

Lin Miao was a bit worried, “Gege, what’s wrong?”

“Shuishui, don’t come near me, I look very scary!!!” The Young Master’s horrified voice came from his bed.

Lin Miao was confused but also horrified by his tone. She quickly comforted, “Gege, don’t be afraid. Let me see what’s going on.”

Pictures of monsters flooded her mind.

But she wasn’t afraid. Instead, she slowly approached his bed and spoke softly as if she was babysitting her younger brother, questioning his life after a fight against other girls and boys. “Gege, don’t be scared, let Shuishui see.”

“Don’t come! It’s actually terrifying.” The Young Master’s voice came from under the quilt.

“Let me take a look. I’ll never be afraid regardless of what you look like because I like Gege the most.” Lin Miao responded softly.

Suddenly, she saw red dots on his clear white hand that seemed to have popped up overnight.

Lin Miao was very familiar with this. “Chickenpox! Gege, how did you get chickenpox?”

She had chickenpox in first grade. It was all over her body, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, there were some even in her throat. It was more painful than dying.

“What did you say?” The Young Master said from inside his quilt.

“Don’t worry, Gege. I’ll go call the doctor and say you have chickenpox! I’ve had it before, you’ll be fine soon. Don’t be afraid, Gege!” Lin Miao hurriedly said.

She then rushed to call the doctor.

The doctor, the grandma, and the housekeeper quickly came.

The doctor immediately gave the Young Master a health check. The Young Master tilted his face away from Lin Miao, hiding it from her.

The doctor soon made his diagnosis, “It’s chickenpox.”

The grandma’s expression hardened upon hearing “chickenpox.” For normal children, chickenpox can be easily cured with some medicine. However, Little Yu’s body was frail, if some complications happened...

On the other side, the doctor was getting medicine, frowning. “Weird, chickenpox only spreads from person to person, do any of us have chickenpox?”

The housekeeper turned to Lin Miao upon hearing this, “How did you know it was chickenpox?”

The Young Master coughed on his bed and said impatiently, his voice a bit raspy, “I told her because she thought that I turned into a monster. I read this in a book. Since it’s infectious, Grandma, you guys should go.”

Grandma patted his head. “Grandma isn’t scared of this. Don’t be afraid of this either, Little Yu.”

Upon hearing the doctor say that chickenpox was passed from person to person, Lin Miao’s tears left her eyes as if it were raining. Despite the Young Master trying to hide the fact that she had chickenpox before, she couldn’t stop herself from confessing, “Grandma, I’m sorry, I had chickenpox…”

The Young Master coughed again, “Shuishui, don’t say nonsense.”

The grandma paused and then turned her head to Lin Miao

The doctor also turned his head and looked at Lin Miao, curious yet concerned, “You have it too?”

“I don’t have it now. I had it back in first grade. My deskmate infected me.” Lin Miao said, choking. She felt more sorrowful as she continued; she infected her older brother with chickenpox.

“It’s been years since, don’t cry. You weren’t the one who passed chickenpox to him.” The doctor said, “Those who recovered from chickenpox would have immunity, they wouldn’t get it easily. Don’t worry.”

The grandma smiled. Patting the Young Master’s head, she added, “You two have such a nice bond.”

She naturally realized this after hearing the entire conversation: Lin Miao was definitely the one who noticed it was chickenpox. Little Yu was worried the doctor and her might blame Lin Miao, so he lied and said he was the one who noticed it.

The Young Master awkwardly turned his head and stayed silent.

The grandma led the doctor and Lin Miao out.

The doctor had something to say to the grandma, so they sent Lin Miao back to her own room.

After waiting for them to head downstairs, Lin Miao snuck back into the Young Master’s room, her eyes still red.

The Young Master quietly lied on his bed, Lin Miao condoled with him.

She thought of the time when she had chickenpox, that feeling that her whole body was itchy and stinging.

It was excruciating.

The Young Master wasn’t asleep. With his dry throat, he said, “Don’t randomly dismantle my plots.”

Lin Miao sat wordlessly on the side of his bed, her face red from holding back tears. She took the prescribed medication and applied the cream to the red dots in his short hair.

She had it before, so she knew the irritating spots...


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