I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 93: Who Started It

No one supported premature romance, but the two made it too easy for others to forget their age. One was an incredibly gifted athlete who won her Olympics events, and the other one was a self-made genius teenager who scored first provincially in the college entrance exams. He was already a postgraduate and got into the most difficult research institute nationwide. Who would treat the two as kids? Especially Yu Jingxuan, even his casual photos made people soft in their legs.

The magical thing about the two was that they were childhood sweethearts despite being seemingly irrelevant to each other. The two were both beautiful, and in combination with all the traits above, it created a cp that people devoted their most sincere emotions to.

Many weren’t even dating themselves, but found the two “dating” even more exciting than having a boyfriend themselves.

The photos taken secretly at the ski resort stirred a frenzy in the cp fan circle. Many outside the circle even found them to be good matches.

The netizens were all curious about what their children would be like. They hoped for them to take on Yu Jingxuan's intelligence and Lin Miao’s physical ability. In terms of looks, any of their appearances would suffice for an excellent contribution to the human gene pool.

Of course, there were also solo fans of Lin Miao who naturally thought that she was too young for a relationship. They worried that this internet-famous relationship would hurt her if she didn’t get together with Yu Jingxuan.

There were many examples of this before, where two people dated with a lot of publicity but ended up marrying other people. The two both went on to live happy lives with their own families, but whenever the other person was mentioned, there would be talks about their dates, making it seem like the girl was never able to chase down the boy.

So, a part of Lin Miao’s fans didn’t want them to get together.

Yu Jingxuan also had these, but due to Tan Jing’s fangirling, and Yu Jingxuan being a true caveman who only occasionally posted on Weibo for Lin Miao, Yu Jingxuan had fewer followers than Lin Miao, so less of a voice came from his fans.

The two’s popularity was comparable to stars revealing their relationship. Many exclaimed that they forcibly shipped the cp together from random photos despite never seeing them face to face.

The first reaction of Lin Miao when she saw these was that her mother probably knew of this now.

Her second reaction was about what she would say now that there was only a month left.

When they descended the mountain on the cable car, Lin Miao still held Yu Jingxuan’s hand. She couldn’t get enough of the snow, even when she’s panicking over something, she still tried to get more glances at the snow.

Back at the ski slope, everyone else was snowboarding, but Yu Jingxuan led Lin Miao away immediately.

He naturally accompanied Lin Miao home first. When they reached her apartment, he followed her up the stairs.

Lin Miao turned around, “Gege…”

“It’s okay.” Yu Jingxuan gently said.

When they arrived upstairs and opened the door, they realized that everyone was waiting for Lin Miao to return.

Seeing that she had finally come back, Lin Miao’s mother walked towards them, taking Lin Miao’s backpack from Yu Jingxuan, “Little Yu, why don’t you join us for lunch, I’ll go make something.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Auntie Lin.” Yu Jingxuan responded politely.

Most of the dishes had already been cooked in the kitchen and just needed to be plated. The others already had the raw materials prepared and only needed to be cooked.

Lin Miao stood aside watching her mother cook. Since the vegetables were already chopped and prepared, she didn’t need to wash them or anything. She just helped bring empty dishes to her mother.

Lin Miao was very nervous and worried about the pictures of them hugging and holding hands online, and the rumors… Mom probably saw them, or else she wouldn’t have messaged me that early this morning.

While Lin Miao was suffering from anxiety, her mother turned around and asked for a plate.

Lin Miao hurriedly passed one to her, then saying carefully, “Mom…”

Lin Miao’s mother sighed, “You’re really still a little kid.”

Lin Miao: “…” Why is she saying that?

“I know that you guys are dating.” Lin Miao’s mother continued.

“Then how about you pretend that you don’t know until next month? I’d be eighteen by then, so it wouldn’t be a premature romance.” Lin Miao tried to joke.

Lin Miao’s mother laughed, “When I was your age, I was already engaged with your father.”

“Mom, then do I have to…”

“Of course I’m not saying that you should also be engaged right now. I’m just saying that I’ve been here before, but my situation was different than yours. I had to calculate every step I take, unlike you. You can take any step you want, no one’s forcing you onto a path, or to take a step at all. Mom just wants you to be happy, okay?”

She would allow her daughter to date as long as she knew she wanted the relationship. She wanted her to feel relaxed, happy, and with a teenager’s joy and courage. She didn’t want it to be a burden, or for her to be tricked into it.

Lin Miao could only somewhat understand what she meant.

Seeing Lin Miao act this way, she was reminded of how Lin Miao first looked as if her mind was elsewhere. She had guessed that Lin Miao liked Yu Jingxuan first, but she wanted to make sure, “Who brought up the idea of you guys dating?”

Lin Miao blushed, “I did.” Her heart ached a lot back then, so she called Yu Jingxuan and told him about this.

And then we got together, Gege is really too nice to me.

Lin Miao’s mother: “…” Okay, so I was right.

A part of Lin Miao’s mother’s heart was still occupied by what happened back then. Even though many years had passed, it was still an unhealed wound. She couldn’t think about it too much.

If she was able to, she would never let her daughter date Yu Jingxuan, even alone marry. There were too many factors that affected this decision. However, she didn’t want to intervene, as many things were unavoidable.

Everyone had a rather happy lunch, especially Lin Miao now that she knew her parents wouldn’t say anything about their relationship.

When Yu Jingxuan returned to his home in the afternoon, he saw his mother and grandma sitting in the living room, waiting for him.

“When are you bringing Shuishui here for a meal?” Grandma asked. “She really should be a part of our family. Have you thought about engagement yet? Marriage?”

Yu Jingxuan’s mother thought about how they wanted to adopt Lin Miao back then, unable to resist joking, “It’s so fortunate that Shuishui was adamant about not being adopted, or else someone would be crying right now.”

Yu Jingxuan: “…” Thank you, grandma, for not asking about children.

“Make a child soon.” Yu Jingxuan’s mother said.

“We’re not even adults yet, don’t think that far.” Yu Jingxuan couldn’t resist saying.

Even if his thoughts and appearance both resembled adults more than teenagers.

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