Yu Jingxuan had his ideas ever since he was little. In addition to him taking on many unnecessary hardships from the ignorance of his parents when he was little, as well as his kidnapping, Yu Jingxuan’s parents and grandparents let him decide for himself.

Despite having so much independence, Yu Jingxuan still didn’t become crooked. He never hooked up with girls, sped cars, or even had any bad habits. The most outrageous thing he did was to skip class to watch Lin Miao’s tournaments, which wasn’t even that severe.

There was a period of time when Yu Jingxuan’s mother was worried that he, based on his lifestyle, might develop crushes on more wild girls. Compared to those girls packed full of uncertainty, Lin Miao, who they watched grow up and had a gentle character, was way better.

So, during dinner, Yu Jingxuan’s father commented, “Even though you’re too early for marriage, you can still be engaged. It’s nice to confirm things right now.”

Yu Jingxuan: “…Let’s talk about this later, be patient.”

Why does it feel like everyone’s more impatient than me?

Compared to the Yu family, Lin Miao’s mother was much simpler and told stories about love to Lin Miao instead.

Little Ling wasn’t back yet, so Lin Miao’s mother came to sleep with Lin Miao.

It had been a long time since Lin Miao slept with her mother. She held onto her mother’s arm, “Mom, I want to hear about you and dad when you were young.”

She had always been curious, but her mother said she was too little, so she didn’t tell her.

Now that she was also in a relationship, she was especially curious about these things.

“When I was young,” Lin Miao’s mother patted Lin Miao’s head, “Your grandma favored my brothers much more than me. I did pretty well in school back then, but I had to take basically every other day off to take care of my brother, so my teacher refused to teach me anymore.”

The teachers in the village school decided everything, unlike the kinder schools outside the village.

Lin Miao hugged her mother, sympathetic about her mother’s childhood.

Lin Miao’s mother continued. “I had to take care of both of your uncles and feed the pigs. Your grandma had a terrible temper and would hit me spontaneously but be very nice to your two uncles. I was really confused back then, until one day, when I went to my grandma’s house, which would be your great-grandma, I found out that your great-grandma didn’t treat your grandma well either. She was also very patriarchal. At that time, I was really afraid that I’d become like your grandma, marry a man, then be busy from morning to night, only wanting to have a son, hitting my daughter and making her bring up her brother.”

Lin Miao remembered her friends back in the village, and recalling what Little Mei had said back then, she felt even worse.

“Then, I met your father. He was quiet back then, and his life wasn’t great either. He would also get beaten a lot. Your grandpa from his side passed away early, and your grandma liked your father’s older brother more, so your dad also had a rough life.”

“Luckily you guys met each other.” Lin Miao commented quietly.

Lin Miao’s mother patted her head, “Back then, your dad wasn’t like this.”


Lin Miao’s mother looked at her daughter’s naive face, feeling too embarrassed to explain how she’d tricked a naive boy, and… her daughter seemed like the one more likely to be tricked.

While Lin Miao’s mother felt a bit uncomfortable, she also thought that Yu Jingxuan was a pretty good match. He would be better than everyone else if they turned it into a legitimate relationship.

Meanwhile, Lin Miao was still waiting for her mother to continue talking about her relationship. Lin Miao’s mother thought for a moment, “Then we got together like that. Shouldn’t it be Shuishui’s turn now to talk about how you guys got together? Mom is curious too.”

Lin Miao knew that her mother had accepted her relationship with Yu Jingxuan, so she wasn’t afraid to share anymore. She told everything to her mother, about her feeling down, thinking that she was selfish and melodramatic, and calling Yu Jingxuan.

Lin Miao’s mother after listening to Lin Miao’s ramble: “…” As a sharp-minded person, she somehow was able to pick out the key point, which was that Yu Jingxuan also liked Lin Miao, and had liked her for two years.

Even though her daughter was great in her view, she didn’t expect Yu Jingxuan to have started liking her from two years ago.

And not only that, he’d also waited for her to develop her own feelings?

So, the next day, the two people who were both less than a month from eighteen went out on their first officially approved date.

Lin Miao was still a bit embarrassed being led by Yu Jingxuan. She ran into many familiar people in her neighbourhood, her face was red when she greeted them.

Especially when Yu Jingxuan followed her and greeted them as well.

It made Lin Miao feel more embarrassed. Fortunately, the two soon arrived at the library. Of course they decided on the library, as they needed to study as well as to date.

Yu Jingxuan still sat beside her. Initially, Lin Miao couldn’t focus herself, constantly turning to look at him, but maths still had its own charisma. Soon, she was completely immersed in her work.

Looking at her concentrating on her worksheet, he began sketching on a sheet of blank paper.

As Lin Miao finished a set of exercises, he also finished his sketch.

Lin Miao wanted Yu Jingxuan to check it over, and then she saw his sketch. She was stunned. It was a picture of her, and it resembled her so much!

As a person with no artistic cells, Lin Miao revered artistic people, and especially Yu Jingxuan because he was good at everything.

Yu Jingxuan proceeded to check her work, noticing that she only made a mistake on a multiple-choice and an open-response question.

“Shuishui.” Yu Jingxuan took his pencil, scooching beside Lin Miao, and began explaining the two problems.

Lin Miao listened attentively, even taking notes as Yu Jingxuan spoke.

Raising her head after finishing, she realized that she was really close to Yu Jingxuan…

They had been closer together when they went to the ski resort, but her heart still irresistibly accelerated.

Seeing that she had already finished her notes, Yu Jingxuan patted her head, “Let’s look at this question.”

He had been paying some attention when she was doing the exercise. He noticed that she spent a lot of time on this question. Even though her answer was right, the question didn’t involve much arithmetics, so it was obvious that she wasn’t very familiar with the concept.

Yu Jingxuan explained the question again. This time, Lin Miao held onto Yu Jingxuan’s hand, just like the time when she’d visited his classroom. At that time, Yu Jingxuan was sitting beside her. She didn’t understand what the teacher was saying. She’d felt a bit agitated and wanted to hold his hand.

Yu Jingxuan paused, squeezing Lin Miao’s hand and then continued explaining.

This time, Lin Miao remembered everything clearly.

Lin Miao was going to the sports arena in the afternoon. Tan Jing had invited her to practice badminton again.

Yu Jingxuan naturally went there with her.

So, it became Yu Jingxuan holding Lin Miao’s clothes and watching her play.

Tan Jing: “...” I am such a bright and hot light bulb.

So, when Lin Miao returned, she realized that there wasn’t much of a difference between adults knowing that they were dating and them not knowing.

However, she quickly found herself wrong, as Yu Jingxuan’s mother invited her to dinner.


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