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Chapter 95: What It Means to be Kind to You

The New Year’s was Lin Miao’s longest break. Even though most of it was spent on studying and training, it was also the only time she could be together with Yu Jingxuan.

The two didn’t have great demands for the other. They were happy simply from studying and practicing badminton together.

Tan Jing went to visit her grandma in the next few days, and was therefore unable to train with Lin Miao, so Yu Jingxuan became Lin Miao’s opponent.

Lin Miao even taught him things from time to time, it was very peaceful.

Whether they were in the library or the sports complex, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan’s fans would always take a few pictures in secret, but they wouldn’t go up to their faces and disturb them.

Their relationship could be said to be filled to the brim of positive energy, since they would either be studying or training together. Could they even do something that’s not positive?

It also reassured the netizens who were worried that Lin Miao’s relationship might interfere with her competitions.

Little Ling only came back a few days before the New Year’s, and then Lin Miao noticed that Little Ling was also in a relationship.

However, Lin Miao’s mother was a bit unhappy, as Little Ling’s boyfriend was already twenty-nine. He had already gone through a divorce and had a four-year-old son. The two knew each other from Little Ling working in a childcare center. She took care of his son, and the two became familiar with each other pretty quickly.

When they all ate together, Lin Miao felt the atmosphere on the dining table wasn’t so good, so she ate quietly. Lin Miao’s mother avoided saying anything until Little Ling’s boyfriend left. Then, she talked alone with Little Ling.

Lin Miao looked at her brother, and then went to his room to read. Her mother was using her room.

The two only came out after a long while. Lin Miao’s mother’s face didn’t look good, so Lin Miao poured her some tea.

She then went outside with Little Ling. She didn’t support her relationship either, because it made her feel panicked.

Little Ling was still a child, and she was going to be another kid’s stepmother.

Tears were constantly flowing down Little Ling’s cheeks.

Lin Miao handed her some tissues, “Little Ling.”

Little Ling took the tissues, quietly saying, “Shuishui, do you also think that I shouldn’t be with him?” She had originally expected to be congratulated, since Lin Miao was allowed to date.

Lin Miao thought that she should be euphemistic, so she said, “No, you’re too little.”

“But you’re young as well.” Little Ling said, “Why do you get to date?”

Lin Miao didn’t use the excuse of ‘we’re different,’ but rather went into details, “Your boyfriend wants to marry you, mine needs to wait for many years before he can marry.” At the dining table, the man said that he wanted to marry Little Ling, have her move in and get a marriage certificate when she turned twenty. Steam was coming out of Lin Miao’s mother’s ears, but due to the concern that Little Ling might actually get together with him if she showed any signs of anger, she suppressed herself.

Little Ling remained silent for a while, finally saying, “Shuishui, he’s really nice to me, there isn’t a nicer person in this world.”

Lin Miao froze, lightly asking, “He’s the kindest to you?”

Little Ling nodded.

“Even better than my mother to you?” Lin Miao thought that if the man was even kinder than her mother to Little Ling, then they might have a chance.

Little Ling froze.

Lin Miao never spoke very aggressively, but it still made Little Ling fall silent. The man was kind to her: he messaged her everyday, complimenting her, comforting her…

But… Lin Miao’s mother found her a school, bought her clothes, cooked meals for her, let her live with them, and even prepared red envelopes for her.

Little Ling looked at Lin Miao, lightly asking, “Is your Gege good to you?” Because Yu Jingxuan seemed so accomplished to her, Little Ling used ‘your’ every time she referred to him, instead of just calling him ‘Gege’ like Lin Miao.

Lin Miao nodded, “Gege is really good to me.”

She recalled past memories, “When I first came back to the town, Gege came to see me himself. He even brought me food, helped me carry my backpack, and accompanied me in international tournaments.” Even though he never told her, Lin Miao still knew of this from the netizens online.

Little Ling went quiet for a moment, then said, “He messages me every day…”

“And then?” Lin Miao asked.

Little Ling had nothing to say again. Lin Miao didn’t force her to continue, either. She just quietly sat beside her.

The two finally returned after a long while. The next day, Little Ling made it clear that she was breaking up with him.

Lin Miao felt relieved.

But it also made her notice a problem. She barely gave presents to Yu Jingxuan, or even texted him at all. It wasn’t appropriate this way.

So, on the third day, Lin Miao led Yu Jingxuan, not to the library, or the sports complex, but on a shopping trip.

Yu Jingxuan: “…”

Lin Miao was wise when it came to her money, so her mother let her keep most of her money.

Lin Miao generously bought Yu Jingxuan clothes and shoes, but she wasn’t finished.

Since… When her mother was talking to Little Ling yesterday, the most memorable sentence in the conversation was about how cheap the relationship was. His text messages could be for a free add-on from a fifty-eight dollar takeout delivery meal offer.

Lin Miao felt as if someone shot her in the knee.

Yu Jingxuan had no idea about Lin Miao’s thoughts. Even though he didn’t know why she was buying so much for him, he was still glad that she did.

After the New Year’s, nearly everyone knew of Lin Miao’s relationship.

The New Year’s had passed, they were now eighteen, so Lin Miao wasn’t afraid anymore. It wasn’t a premature relationship.

After Lin Miao returned to her team, the coach naturally went to talk with her.

Lin Miao promised that it wouldn’t interfere with her competition. The coach thought that she was rarely influenced by events in the outside world, and would probably be more distracted if he didn’t let them be together, so he let her continue competing.

Lin Miao could now peacefully prepare for the world championships, contacting Yu Jingxuan just like before.

The cp fans online entered winter again. The cavemen have gone back to their mountains and lost contact with the world again. Everyone was used to it, but still satisfied since their relationship didn’t encounter any problems even after such a long time.

However, when the fans expected to hear about Lin Miao at the next world championships, news broke out only two months later that she couldn’t participate in the upcoming world championships.


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