Justice Across The Dimensions

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Chapter 27: A Game of Prestige [22]

Seriously? Patriot Kids is government subsidized? How is this possible? Could it be that the Hope Apex Technology Private Limited (Ltd.), has the government’s backing?

The reporters were thrown into a furore at the unexpected developments.

How can this be?

Qi Wang threw a look at the young male reporter while explaining: “In the world, our country has always been the best in protecting teenagers from harm. For the sake of all children in this country, the government is willing to bear the cost of this technology. Otherwise, do you really think that such highly advanced technology would be easily accessible to ordinary people?”

The male reporter looked as if he wanted to say more, but Qi Wang didn’t give him a chance to continue.

“Time and time again, you keep looking for faults in the program’s system, claiming ‘invasion of privacy’ as a reason to cancel Patriot Kids’ protection system against pedophiles. This gives me a reason to suspect that you are a closeted pedophile yourself. Otherwise, why is it that when everyone else agreed to the protective functions of Patriot Kids, you relentlessly pointed out its little flaws?”

Everyone turned their eyes towards the young male reporter after hearing what Qi Wang said.

That’s right, they were all persuaded and convinced by Qi Wang’s statistical data and earlier demonstrations in protecting the children, but this man seemed to always be at odds with it.

These reporters may have forgotten that they too, used to harbor the same thoughts as this particularly stubborn reporter. However, they were able to see their faults and learned from their prior misconceptions.

Since Qi Wang proved that the benefits of Patriot Kids’ abilities were just as amazing as he had claimed, everyone’s suspicions and doubts were more or less quelled. All except for this man.

Why? Why is his behavior different from the rest?

Having gotten the attention of the whole audience, the young male reporter started to break out in cold sweat; he self-consciously wiped away the sweat gathering on his forehead.

He was unable to continue questioning Qi Wang under the pressurizing gaze of all those around him. He could only dejectedly take a seat, not daring to lift his head and face anyone else.

Qi Wang did not bother wasting excessive energy on some insignificant figure. After saying and explaining all that was needed, he simply turned and left, giving the reporters no chance to interview him further.

These reporters wanted to catch and stall Qi Wang from leaving, but who knew that Qi Wang’s departure would be accompanied by a row of men dressed in black. The men appeared out of nowhere and blocked their route.

The reporters were speechless. [“...”]

When Qi Wang was still the CEO of the Qi Group, he was very friendly and receptive to the public.

How did he become the tyrannical and aloof president of the Hope Apex Technology Ltd.? Moreover, just where did he find these many bodyguards dressed in black? Their imposing manner really doesn’t suit that of a bodyguard.

The members of the Special Security Division, who were acting as Qi Wang’s bodyguards, had nothing to say. [“...”]

Even though they were unsuccessful in interviewing Qi Wang, the data that they got from this press conference were enough to make various groundbreaking news. However, before these reporters could send out the details of the meeting, China Central Television was a step ahead and broadcasted the news regarding the Hope Apex Technology Ltd. and their Patriot Lite series.

They reported that Patriot Kids was a collaboration of efforts between the Hope Apex Technology Ltd. and the Ministry of State Security. The technology used to develop Patriot Kids and Patriot One are alike.

It was also clearly stated, that if calculated, the cost of manufacturing Patriot Kids’ technology is above its market price. But, because of the government’s intent on protecting minors, they contributed a hefty sum, allowing ordinary folks to purchase it.

The national broadcasting channel was meant to represent the government’s attitude towards Patriot Kids. Naturally, the government’s opinion was more reliable, as compared to those iffy online comments.

Since the government has already declared their stand on the benefits of Patriot Kids, then there shouldn’t be a problem. With their backing, what’s there to be afraid of?

A shocking number of Patriot Kids’ sales were amassed in a short span of time. A complete 180-degree turn from the mess that resulted from the dubious comments online.

Despite the fact that Patriot Kids’ function won’t be fully utilised under an adult user, its ability to subdue and stall aggressors under a threatening situation could give anyone some time to escape. This protective system fascinated countless individuals that even childless and single people bought its watches.

In this world, both children and women were considered vulnerable, in need of help, and protection. When faced with a biologically stronger male aggressor, it’s difficult for women to save themselves.

Patriot Kids’s protective system could save them in times of need. It allowed them to escape from the evil clutches of female predators.

Despite what one may expect, once the hidden security system of Patriot Kids was promoted, it became increasingly popular to maidens.

Following the success of Patriot Kids, other companies in the electronic industry became distraught.

It’s fine if Patriot Kids sells well to kids, but why is it also attractive to other groups of people? Their sales can’t even compare to Patriot Lite. Isn’t this forcing their companies to close shops?

Almost all of the other domestic firms in the industry were being driven out by the innovation of the Patriot Lite series. The surviving few barely scraped by.

It won’t be long before they meet their businesses’ end.

Unfortunately for them, Hope Apex Technology Ltd. has the government’s backing. These companies who used to employ online naval forces to spread rumours, cause trouble, and ruin Hope Apex’s reputation received warnings from the higher-ups.

How can they even dare to do anything against Hope Apex? Oppose the government? Are they tired of living?

As they were unable to hold on any longer, the remaining electronic companies thought about giving up and changing careers. In a timely manner, Hope Apex Technology Ltd. took the initiative to contact them.

Qi Wang expressed his willingness to sell the technology of his core microchip at a reasonable price.

It was well known that Huapatria’s electronic technology and resources were imported from M Nation. As Huapatria does not have the resources to construct their own microchip, all they have were imports from other countries. Once M Nation cuts off their microchip contract, Huapatria would be left with nothing but the phone case.

Hope Apex is actually willing to give up their core technology? Buy it. No matter how much is spent, it is a must to buy it.

With access to the technology behind the core microchip, they would never need to worry about getting their technology imported from M Nation again.

The few electronic manufacturing companies all bought Qi Wang’s confidential blueprint. He was willing to give them access to his technology in exchange for a surprisingly low price.

As if they had just won the lottery, these companies used the information and technology they received to go deep into the production processes.

Though the domestic market has been saturated by the Patriot Lite series, they could still tap into the viable international market.

Qi Wang’s technology naturally exceeded the standard of the modern day. It made it easier for these companies to pry into the international market and have a massive technological breakthrough worldwide.

Huapatria’s phone technology has taken the world by storm. Most ordinary people wouldn’t care about the origin of phones and gadgets, as long as it’s good and reasonably priced, all of them would be willing to buy it.

This adversely affected the domestic businesses in other countries. Not only did their technology fall short to Huapatria’s, the price and cost of producing their phones also lagged behind.

The Huapatria companies, who expanded and profited internationally, no longer felt aggrieved towards the success of Hope Apex Technology Ltd..

Domestically, Hope Apex will always be their enemy, but if there are sufficient benefits to be reaped, they are all willing to follow the footsteps of Hope Apex to achieve success. With a strong backing from the government, no one is foolish enough to reject this.


After the press conference ended, the young reporter, who was called Zhang Jueming, was brought to the Ministry of State Security.

Zhang Jueming, despite accepting a bribe from Bai Qiujiang to question Qi Wang’s intentions, was actually a nervous nellie. Not long after arriving, he spilled the beans before they even got a chance to interrogate him.

“I’ve told you everything I know. I’m really not involved in this, I beg you to please let me go.”

Zhang Jueming was bribed by Bai Qiujiang to not only stir up trouble for Qi Wang at the conference, but to also initiate all the circulating rumours regarding the Patriot Lite series online.

Regardless of his shortcomings, he was truly a talented man. Posing as 300 different people at different online forums, he orchestrated the entire scandal and was able to influence the masses’ opinion.

To acquire Bai Qiujiang’s promised compensation, Zhang Jueming made a great effort to start a rumor against Qi Wang in hopes of ruining his reputation. This criminal act of defamation kept him in custody. He would likely serve a prison term of three years.

Qi Wang eventually found out that Zhang Jueming was acting under orders, but he didn’t expect that the mastermind would be Bai Qiujiang. Qi Wang was still slightly shocked as he learned who the man behind the scenes was, but it didn’t take long for him to understand.

Bai Qiujiang appeared to have a good personality, but in reality, he was actually a prideful and conceited man. Even though his talent was only realised with the help of the Original 1, he never recognized it. He always thought that his ability was greater than him, and if he was the one who got together with Qi Qiuyu first, he would be comparable to the Original 1.

In the past 20 years, the Original has always been above Bai Qiujiang. No matter how much Bai Qiujiang tried so hard to attain Qi Qiuyu to the point of conceiving a child with her, he still felt inferior facing the Original.

If Qi Wang were to become incompetent after leaving the Qi group, Bai Qiujiang would have likely given him some assets as an act of charity to showcase his higher standing.

Evidently, he was unable to attain his goal. Qi Wang might have left the Qi Group with nothing, but not long after that, he was able to rise again at an unprecedented rate. He achieved a far greater success in life than before.

Bai Qiujiang still has to look up to him, but this time, he’s no longer able to craft any sneaky schemes against Qi Wang to steal his possessions.

Bai Qiujiang might have married Qi Qiuyu, but the company’s shares were still not in his hands, Qi Ze was still the CEO. Even worse was the fact that Qi Ze, who found out the secret of his heritage, decided to cut ties with him. He made an excuse to kick Bai Qiujiang out and prohibited him from gaining any additional benefits from the company.

All the time and effort that he poured into his scheme came to a naught. Yet, Qi Wang was able to rise up from his circumstance and made a breakthrough that shocked the world. In a momentary fit of anger, he found someone to trouble Qi Wang.

Smearing one’s reputation was easy, but clearing it was difficult. If it wasn’t for the government’s backing, would Patriot Kids overcome the nonstop onslaught of negative online comments and continued its booming sales?

The government had exerted a lot of work for Patriot Kids to be massively produced throughout the market. While Qi Wang has tried his best to reduce the cost of production, it was still a fortune to produce a high quality device that could support all its functions.

The reason why Patriots Kids was not promoted via the government at first was because there were too many uncertain variables. If it was strongly promoted by them, the public would not be receptive. In that situation, coupled with the intentional misleading rumours online, the public’s reaction would have been even worse. The promotion would not be smooth sailing, since everyone had conflicting emotions.

Hence, this brand of phones used the name of Hope Apex Technology Ltd. for its sales pitch.

It all went well, until Bai Qiujiang came to ruin it because of his selfishness. No matter his reasons, his actions were unforgivable.

Fortunately, this matter didn’t need Qi Wang to be involved. The Ministry of State Security took the initiative to arrest Bai Qiujiang. In comparison to Zhang Jueming, Bai Qiujiang who was the mastermind was accused of a heavier crime—the crime of harming the safety and security of the country.

Before Bai Qiujiang was sent to prison, Qi Wang went to meet him.

After he was caught, Bai Qiujiang’s spirit looked beaten and tormented. Despite the lack of any physical abuse, he carried a pitiful and sorry look. He was depressed with no more vigor left in him.

When he heard that there was someone who wanted to see him, Bai Qiujiang had the impression that Qi Qiuyu found connections that could save him. Seeing the person who walked in, Bai Qiujiang’s eyes immediately went red.

Qi Wang is targeting him! It’s all Qi Wang’s fault that he’s facing the looming future of imprisonment.

Bai Qiujiang hated him to death, but looking at the respectful attitude that Qi Wang was getting from those around him, he knew that Qi Wang’s position was not low.

At this point, if he continues to make Qi Wang his enemy, isn’t he just quickening his demise?

Bai Qiujiang has always been able to bear his grievances and compromise accordingly, otherwise this arrogant and conceited person wouldn’t have been able to stomach being Qi Wang’s lapdog for so many years.

“Brother Wang, please think of a way to save me. I know you definitely have a plan. On behalf of the friendship that we’ve shared over the years, can you help me? Please?”

Qi Wang saw the pleading look on Bai Qiujiang’s face, looking as if he was begging to his Savior, a posture of complete patheticness.

Qi Wang laughed as he found this sight amusing.

Bai Qiujiang’s words revealed a lot of information. He had originally thought that this man had wrapped Qi Qiuyu around his fingers, listening and obeying his every word. But it seemed like their relationship was nothing.

Bai Qiujiang was probably unaware that he already knew of Qi Ze’s heritage, and the fact that Qi Wang was working under the Ministry of State Security.

This would explain a lot of the weirdness that Qi Wang felt towards the situation. Given Bai Qiujiang’s high IQ, he would not have come after him and his company if he knew that Qi Wang was protected by the Ministry of State Security.

Looking at it all now, Bai Qiujiang is quite pitiful for having the wrong information that led him to his missteps and eventual downfall.

Bai Qiujiang, who saw the smile on Qi Wang’s face, must have guessed something, for his face froze, and his eyes gradually widened.

“Brother Wang, you, you, you…”

Bai Qiujiang didn’t dare to voice his suspicions. Having reached these circumstances, he still dreamed to grasp this last ray of hope for his survival.

Since Bai Qiujiang was rendered speechless, Qi Wang was kind enough to say what Bai Qiujiang did not dare to.

“It was me who ordered your capture. But if you want to blame someone for your circumstance today, you can only blame your lovely wife and son.”

“Didn’t they tell you that I’m now part of the Ministry of State Security? That I already found out who Qi Ze’s biological father really is?”

Qi Wang took a dramatic sigh, speaking with a look of sympathy: “Bai Qiujiang, you really are quite pitiful. If you had known about these earlier, you definitely wouldn’t have made the wrong moves, right? How does it feel to have your loved ones hide things from you?”

Qi Wang knew everything. He did it all on purpose!

Bai Qiujiang’s blood boiled. He bit his lip hard, glaring at Qi Wang with a fierce look that displayed his desire to eat him alive.

“Go in and reflect, I believe that you will turn over a new leaf and become a better person.”

Qi Wang smiled cheerily and left the interrogation room after saying what he wanted.

The moment when Qi Wang turned, Bai Qiujiang let out a roar as he went mad in anger. He pounced wildly at Qi Wang.

His whole life was ruined by Qi Wang. He needs to get his revenge!

But before Bai Qiujiang could make any more movements, the special security force stopped him.

To pull an attack against their national treasure right under their nose, is he joking? If they let him touch even a strand of hair on his body, then It’s better to just pack up and go home.


Qi Qiuyu flew into a state of anxiety when the news of Bai Qiujiang’s arrest reached her. All she could think of was to save him. She even sold all the shares that she had to raise enough funds.

Learning what Qi Qiuyu did, Qi Ze brought Qi Xiaoyu back to the Qi Family’s villa, in an attempt to stop her.

However, Qi Qiuyu has had a one-track mind since getting pregnant, and coupled with her ability to do things as she wished, who could stand in her way? Qi Qiuyu obstinately adhered to her actions. She expressed that she must save Bai Qiujiang, she cannot let her son be without a father.

Saying it like this, Qi Ze and Qi Xiaoyu all the more objected to her idea.

Bai Qiujiang committed a crime, what good could emerge from challenging the government? Qi Qiuyu is simply throwing her money into the water, without a sound to be heard (completely useless). Isn’t Qi Qiuyu’s money their money? How can they let Qi Qiuyu throw their money away in this manner?

In the midst of their dispute, Qi Qiuyu’s stomach was knocked against the tabletop, it was unclear who gave her a shove, as fresh blood immediately gushed out. Qi Ze and Qi Xiaoyu were in a state of utter panic. Together, they sent Qi Qiuyu to the hospital.

Qi Qiuyu’s baby was gone.

Qi Qiuyu, who suffered a miscarriage, completely drowned in madness. Qi Ze was her biological son, so obviously she wouldn’t blame him. Hence, Qi Xiaoyu once again bore the brunt of her hatred.

But this time around, Qi Ze, who was already estranged from his mother, chose to stand on Qi Xiaoyu’s side.

Bai Qiujiang was arrested, the baby was lost, and the son that she raised to adulthood chose to forsake their relationship for a girl. How could Qi Qiuyu bear this? She used her position as the largest shareholder of the company to chase Qi Ze out, taking back control of the company.

Though, it seems that the Qi Group has been ruined by her useless son.

Qi Ze used the company’s name to bring in investments. However, these funds were not accounted as an entry to the company. Moreover, he had pocketed the original sum of money that was set aside for the suppliers and profited selfishly from a few of their shops’ sales.

Qi Ze was indifferent after being sacked from the company by Qi QIuyu. He simply set up a new company elsewhere.

He used the money and connections that he stole to launch a startup. Qi Ze appeared to be provoking the Qi Group to a showdown. Even if Qi Qiuyu could tolerate it, the other shareholders couldn’t.

After discarding their mother-son relationship, Qi Qiuyu ruthlessly dealt with him. Qi Ze’s company was quick to go bankrupt under the pressure of the Qi Group, who was determined to trap him.

But the Qi Group didn’t leave unscathed. Qi Ze’s actions caused the Qi Group to suffer irreversible damages, unable to return to its original glory.

Qi Qiuyu didn’t know how to manage a business, but after Qi Ze’s betrayal, she was unwilling to leave it in someone else's hands. This spelled trouble for the entire company.

Furthermore, the internal strife escalated the issues. When Qi Ze’s company went bankrupt, he begged Qi Qiuyu to allow him to return to the Qi Group, but he was cruelly rejected. Deranged, he sold the company’s trade secrets to their rivals.

The company that took so much time and effort, built brick by brick, collapsed in just a flash.

Qi Wang was intending to release a new Patriot Robots design catered for women, when the news of the Qi Group’s bankruptcy reached him. As he was about to conduct the final tests for this brand of Robots, Zhang Liang excitedly delivered the news.

“Mr. Qi, the Qi Group went bankrupt. I knew they wouldn’t last long. They owe their success to you. Without you, how can they keep up?”

Qi Wang nodded his head, but didn’t ponder about the issue.

Next morning, the Qi Group filed for bankruptcy. Conversely, Qi Wang’s new invention was released into the market.

The women-specific robot was named Protectors. The moment they were released, everyone fiercely fought to get a hold of it.

Those who managed to buy the Protectors first were impressed by its capabilities. They broadcasted it to everyone, and recommended purchasing the design.

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