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Chapter 28: A Game of Prestige [23]

“Hello everyone, my name is Momo. What I’m going to show you all today is the famously superb product from Hope Apex Technology Ltd.. An A.I. specifically designed for women: Protectors.”

It didn’t take long for the broadcast to generate hype; an increasing number of people entered to behold the streamer’s live.

The Protectors was designed as a bracelet for women to wear on their wrists. Similar to Patriot Kids, the Protectors also has the ability to shapeshift. Confronted with danger, it could initiate attacks against the aggressor to keep the wearer safe.

“To demonstrate the functions of the Protectors, I, the streamer, specially found my boyfriend to cooperate in this testing.”

The streamer’s boyfriend imitated the look of a pervert who’s up to no good. Following, the Protectors immediately left her wrist. The wrist watch, which should have been no longer than 10 cm, kept growing. It curled around her boyfriend and effectively tied him up.

Uploader: “!!!”

Viewers: “!!!”

Isn’t this too fierce? Is its response time supposed to be this swift?

Even though her boyfriend was tall and muscular, he was still rendered helpless after being tied. It was unknown what kind of sturdy material Hope Apex used to create the Protectors’ A.I., but it actually made a man of his strength unable to escape. The police’s sirens could be vaguely heard from the opened window as she attempted to free him from the restraints.

Eventually, the streamer found a way around the tight grip of the Protectors and removed it from her boyfriend. Unfortunately for them, the police had arrived at her front door, thus she had no choice but to open it up. Figuring out what had transpired moments before, the police angrily lectured them. The two bowed their heads in shame and received their punishment together.

The webcam captured and broadcasted the incident in real time, allowing all to see. The viewers collectively lost it and laughed heartily.

“HAHAHAHA… This streamer, didn’t you look at the instruction manual before using the Protectors?”

“Is it just me who feels that the streamer’s boyfriend is the victim here? Being trapped and tied. Hahaha... Did you guys see it? Her boyfriend’s face even turned green…”

“How could it not be green? He was originally just playing along with his girlfriend’s demonstration, but in the end, he got himself buried in such a situation. Hahaha…”

“But, did you guys realise? This time, Hope Apex Technology’s Protectors is not as highly advanced as the Patriot Kids? What if the couple was roleplaying and their intentions were misunderstood?”

“We must believe and trust Hope Apex Technology, the Patriot Lite series was perfect and flawless, so how could the Protectors be any less ideal?”

“Of course the technology for Patriot Kids will be difficult to match. Isn’t the technology used for Patriot Kids the same as in Patriot One?”

There were many varying opinions online, but the majority still believed in the Protectors’ abilities. After all, Hope Apex Technology has yet to let them down, and this was probably not an exception either.

Hope Apex Technology soon released an official response, stating that those who purchased the Protectors’ A.I. must first log in to their official website to activate it. Otherwise, the Protectors’ hidden abilities wouldn’t work.

Raising your hands while online could activate the Protectors, therefore, most consumers chose to do so. On the other hand, those with ill-intentions could only use the Protectors once, since it wouldn’t activate again after their malicious deed. The Protectors would automatically lock itself and couldn’t be used again.

It was originally meant to safeguard females, hence its A.I. could only be used by them. However, in reality, many females were also accomplices of male predators.

The activation process set the biggest limitation, as it guaranteed that the Protectors would not fall into the hands of a falsifier. It’s the best tool for protecting females.

Its fully activated state has three modes that the public were privy to. It should’ve been enough to deal with most threats. Yet, there were still numerous hidden abilities, which were later discovered as people used it.

Near the small godforsaken harbor—where hardly any people went—was a scrawny middle aged lady, who was being tied by the Protectors that was five flowers big. The two lassies, who stood by the side, immediately called the police.

“She attempted to use the Protectors to attack us, but we’re not sure if her Protectors made a mistake, and tied her up instead.”

When the cops came, the lassies quickly briefed them about the situation. The police originally thought that this was a mistake on the Protectors’ part and got it checked. However, they realized that this woman was actually a high ranking officer of a human trafficking gang. She had used the Protectors with the intent of kidnapping those young ladies.

After similar cases increased, the Protectors’ secret abilities were made known to the public.

It had a face and fingerprint recognition capabilities. Its core microchip also included all the State Security’s records and data on criminals at large.

Since female predators were more likely to be repeat offenders, the Protectors would identify these groups of people.

Kept in secret, the data of those with a history of domestic violence, theft, and other criminal offenses have been recorded into the Protectors’ core microchip. It was only when these past offenders wished to repeat their mistakes that the Protectors would let out a warning to remind them.

Though this was unable to completely prevent women from suffering harm, the presence of the Protectors allowed the majority of the female population to evade danger.

Moreover, with the Protectors’ stun as a warning, even aggressive people or outlaws would restrain their urge. Then again, the crooks were undeniably concerned since their villainy could no longer be kept secret. They were at risk of being exposed at any time.

Only with appropriate stun and consequences would they finally be fearful and keep their restless hands and legs to themselves.

After this, Hope Apex Technology Ltd. released numerous brands and types of A.I., it got to a point where virtually every household had at least one or two A.I. produced by them. People have grown used to these kinds of advanced A.I. in their lives; a possession intended for their safety.

The national crime rates have largely decreased due to the presence of various news regarding A.I.s and their unbiased attitude against criminal offenders. A stark contrast to people’s boosted happiness.

In the year 2014, seven years after entering this world, Qi Wang’s small-scale anti-drugs A.I., termed Patriot Five, was about to enter the market.

Though it’s only as big as a tenth of a rice grain, it was able to replace an undercover police’s role as it entered the turf of drug dealers. Since the presence of Patriot Five, collecting information expedited by leaps and bounds.

As the police force and Patriot Five cooperated with each other, the drug trafficking organizations were being taken down one after another. Patriot Five lowered the casualty rate of the anti-drug police force by a staggering 95%, as compared to the year before.

Early 2015, Patriot Seven was born. Qi Wang specifically designed this A.I. for firefighters. This brand of A.I used a new type of fireproof material. It contained an oxygen system that guaranteed its user enough oxygen to last for 48 hours. The added reinforcement to its inner shell also allowed it to stand the impact of 5 tons of TNT explosion.

When Patriot Seven was released, the military factory quickly began to produce batches of it. They promptly released it to the firefighting teams across the city.

In August 2015, the Bincheng port experienced an explosion. With the help of Patriot Seven, the firefighting team had zero casualties.

The Patriot Lite series continued its production all the way until Patriot Thirty-Six. It practically covered all the hazardous occupations. The protection of the Patriot A.I.s, lowered the risk of their casualties.

In an instant, twenty years have passed, and the 65-years old Qi Wang was still working hard on the frontlines. He was already an elder, but the Xiao Ai who accompanied him for twenty years was still the same.

“QiQi, you’re already old.”

“Shut up.”

“QiQi, the scan I’ve conducted on your body has produced poor results. You need to go to the hospital for a check-up.”

“No need.”

“QiQi, are you intending to walk to your death?”


An A.I. that's too advanced is truly terrible.

Five years ago, Hope Apex Technology was returned to the government. Qi Wang, who lost his chairman position, was incomparably relaxed. When he had spare time, Zhang Liang would come to visit and keep him company.

Zhang Liang updated him all about the Qi Group’s bankruptcy.

Qi Qiuyu reconciled with Qi Ze and Qi Xiaoyu, but because of the fiasco, the family remained in disarray over trivial things.

Bai Qiujiang was released from jail last year. As he had nowhere else to go, he found Qi Qiuyu and shamelessly stayed together with them. However, since they had been separated for years, Qi Qiuyu’s feelings towards Bai Qiujiang had vanished without a trace.

Coupled with the children egging Qi Qiuyu on, both of them would spend a whole day fighting; finding ways for a divorce. The Qi Qiuyu of today have completely forgotten how in-love she used to be with Bai Qiujiang. To her, Bai Qiujiang was simply a burden that would drag her down.

Who would be willing to keep a good-for-nothing at their side? Their lives are already hard enough, what’s the point in keeping a man who just freeloads from their hard work?

Nonetheless, Bai Qiujiang had become a hoodlum, so no matter how much they tried to push him out of their lives, he refused to budge.

When Bai Qiujiang faced the torture of a 20 years jail sentence, his spirit of great ambition had long since been eroded. He was now a useless elder in dregs. He knew that if he left the Qi family, his last few years wouldn’t be good at all. At least if he stayed here, there would be people who would take care of him.

Qi Qiuyu is his legitimate wife; Qi Ze is his biological son; Qi Xiaoyu is his son’s wife. These people must take care of him.

While the family was constantly in strife, each of them received an email from Qi Wang.

After all these years, the Qi Family and Qi Wang already had nothing to do with each other. They couldn’t imagine what the email was about, but curiosity got the better of them and chose to open the email.

Qi Wang told Qi Qiuyu: ‘He had intentions to retire when he reached 48. Together, they would travel around the world and he’ll fulfil her heart’s desires.’

Qi Wang told Qi Ze: ‘If he had just waited two days more, Qi Wang would have handed over his responsibilities and guided him to secure the CEO position of the Qi Group.’

Qi Wang told Qi Xiaoyu: ‘He had already found someone to write a script specially for her and raised enough money on her 19th birthday. Qi Xiaoyu’s wish would have been fulfilled.’

Qi Wang told Bai Qiujiang: ‘He had prepared a few new startups to be given to Bai Qiujiang, granting him full authority over them. The transfer of shares had already been written, if he had just waited another month, he would have received everything.’

Qi Wang isn’t a liar, so everything he said must have been the truth.

When the Qi Family found out what they had given up, their hearts were shrouded with infinite regret.

If they had not initially betrayed Qi Wang, they wouldn’t be living such terrible lives. All the glory and achievements that Qi Wang have could’ve been shared with them if they chose to stand by him.

They truly regretted their actions.

[Ding! Mission accomplished. Moving on to the next world: Yes or No?]



The next time Qi Wang woke up, he found himself naked and lying in a pool of sticky liquid. A fishy and pungent smell assaulted his senses, causing a headache. Qi Wang rubbed his eyebrows and lowered his head to look at the liquid that covered his entire body.

Isn’t this blood?

He's covered in blood???!

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