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Chapter 29: A Taste of Chaos [1]

What is this place? Who is he this time? How did he end up in a bathtub of blood? What is the situation here?

Qi Wang, who had yet to receive the memories of the Original, was confused; oblivious to the prior situation. He frowned, but before the system could transfer the memories, a footfall could be heard from the outside. Light flashed, and Qi Wang calmly looked towards the door.

Just who would come at this moment?

The footsteps stopped outside the room. The door was then violently kicked open, causing the bathtub’s curtain to be blown in all directions. A few men clad in sky-blue Duanda clothing, took the lead and walked forward. Upon entering, these men immediately lined themselves into two rows, hands at their sides, as if they were waiting for someone.

Despite the chaos, Qi Wang was unruffled and just raised his eyebrows gazing towards the opened door. After a while, an elegant looking official decked in a long white Changshan gown entered in strides.

The man who was walking towards him with long strides looked extremely handsome with his delicate features. His red lips and white teeth made him look pretty. His beauty was incomparable and truly out of the ordinary; much like a beautiful prince indeed.

Making a good impression was easy for anyone who has good looks. Yet, perhaps due to the remaining subconscious memories of the Original, an instinctual and uncontrollable killing intent emerged, directing at the man. Hateful emotions soared in his heart giving him a sudden and pressing need to break the man’s neck.

This reaction was really quite strong. Deduced from his response, the person who entered was probably the scum that he was about to reform.

He was curious what this person, whose beauty seemed to have been blessed by nature, had done to make the Original’s hatred so intense, to the point of wanting to kill him on sight.

But ultimately, these emotions did not belong to Qi Wang. Controlling him with the residual sentiments of the Original would be an arduous task since he normally has a rather strong control of his own consciousness. Qi Wang composed himself and repressed his killing intent, quietly waiting for the standing man that was dressed in white to speak.

From the moment he appeared at the bathtub, the man demonstrated his power and influence in all its glory. Qi Wang can bet his name that this man has something planned for him.

The man’s facial expression changed as he saw Qi Wang drenched in blood. His body shuddered and his eyes revealed a painful expression, as if he had just suffered a huge attack. Thereafter, he grilled him bitterly:

“Master, you’re the leader of the martial world; the representative of all the righteous sects. So how could you commit such depraved and deranged crimes?”

Qi Wang: “...”

He was only bathing in a puddle of blood, how can he call this depravement? This man is really ignorant and naive.

Having been a criminal police for so many years, he is able to identify the blood of different species.

Although the one on him seems scary, it is not human blood. Accordingly, the claim of his supposed savagery is simply out of the question. It’s just meant to scare people, what’s there to make a big deal of?

Qi Wang could not make head or tail of who the standing man in white in front of him was as he had yet received his memories. But considering that he addressed Qi Wang as ‘Master’, there was enough room to work with.

Qi Wang’s face darkened; his penetrating gaze focused on the man in white.

“Evil Disciple, is this how I taught you when you were young? Who gave you the courage to talk to me in that tone?”

Qi Wang’s loftiness was startling. Being in a puddle of blood didn’t affect his imposing manner even a bit. The man in white staggered a few steps back. Though Qi Wang was considerably shorter than the man, his overbearing manner still blinded him.

“Master, you…”

The man in white looked at Qi Wang, who was sitting in the bathtub, in extreme bewilderment; feeling that his Master had somehow changed.

He was the disciple that his Master was most satisfied with. He cared for him so much that he would never have that attitude towards him.

“Get out of here!”

Qi Wang’s tone got colder and merged with his pressuring aura. As a result, the man in white tottered at the verge of collapse. Considering his state, the rest of the men in blue standing at the side were no better than him and fell on their knees.

The initiative fell onto Qi Wang’s hand as his disciple’s attack failed. The man in white did not bother to continue his visit when he realized that he was only inviting greater humiliation by staying. Leaving in a sorry state, he uttered, “Master, rest well”.

The men in blue who fell on the ground quickly got up, and stumbled towards the door.

“Close the door.”

Delivered with dignity, his order reached the ears of the men in blue. They didn’t dare object to his command, and obediently closed the door as he wished.

Qi Wang only allowed himself to close his eyes after everyone left. Soon, he began to accept the memories of the Original.

After receiving the Original’s memories, he finally understood the savage emotions that wanted to rip the head of the man in white at first sight.

This time, the world that Qi Wang entered was a Wuxia. The Original was the Lord of the Great Blade Manor, who was also given the title of ‘Leader’ of the martial world.

This title of ‘Leader’ of the martial world differed from other worlds as this world only saw their ‘Leader’ as a mere coolie.

When it was time to organize the martial world’s general assembly, the Great Blade Manor had the responsibility to provide a place for the event and to take care of the various sects’ accommodation and meals. If there were casualties among the attendees, the Great Blade Manor would be obligated to provide the necessary treatment and medication, even bearing the burden of the burial fees for the deceased.

The Original was gifted in martial arts, but this man’s temperament was overly outspoken and straightforward. To put it bluntly, he failed to consider things carefully and easily accepted whatever other people said. He was obviously the Martial Lord and had the power to easily commandeer the whole martial circles. Yet here he was, forced to act as their nanny.

Qi Wang suspected that everyone saw that the Original was stupid, hence they made him the Martial Lord. They sought to take advantage of - oh, no - to use and spend all his money.

However, the Original did not see it this way. Instead, he conscientiously did all of the responsibilities as the Martial Lord and lived this way for five whole years. He successfully reigned the longest in that position.

Fortunately, the Great Blade Manor was prosperous, otherwise it would be impossible to bear the heavy expenses over the years. If this could only continue, the Original would probably be able to hold onto the position of the Martial Lord and work until he grew old.

When the Original was 25 years old, he accepted three disciples. He taught them with all his heart and soul, nurturing them into the brilliant people that were well-known in the martial circles.

The first disciple was called Zhang Qingyun, and was given the title: Noble Ming Yue.

The second disciple was called Lin Qingfeng, and was given the title: Noble Yu Mian

The third disciple was called Xiao Qingyu, and was given the title: Noble Bai Long

These three were orphans picked up by the Original who was travelling across the martial world. They entered his sect when they were only around 7-8 years old. Since then, it has already been ten years.

Two years ago, while travelling, the Original saved a young lady who was harassed by thugs. After being rescued, the young lady wanted to give herself to him, marrying him to become his wife.

The Original was initially unwilling, but the young lady worried that her reputation had been harmed. If the Original was unwilling to marry her, she could only use death to prove her dignity and innocence.

The Original was a kind man with good intentions. Seeing that he had never taken a wife before, he agreed to save this young lady’s life.

After the Original married Lin Yingying, he who could have had a smooth and successful life ahead, was met with a different fate.

The Original married Lin Yingying and subsequently brought her back to the Great Blade Manor. He officially introduced her to his three disciples and announced to the whole sect that from then on, Lin Yingying was to be the Lady of the Great Blade Manor.

Lin Qingfeng and Xiao Qingyu were able to naturally accept Lin Yingying as their Lady, but the moment Zhang Qingyun saw Lin Yingying, his whole face instantly changed color.

Unfortunately, the Original, who was always generous, never took notice of this detail.

After their marriage, even if Lin Yingying initiated it, she constantly used her weak body as an excuse to express her unwillingness to consummate their marriage. Since the Original did not really have much interest in sexual relations, he did not force her. Moreover, the marriage with Lin Yingying was originally meant to protect her interests. Therefore, though the two shared the same house, they slept in different beds.

Given that Lin Yingying’s health has always been weak, the two of them had been sleeping in different rooms for two whole years.

One night, the Original, who had drunk too much wine, made their husband and wife status official as he consummated his marriage with Lin Yingying,

Not long after that, Zhang Qingyun encountered the demon sect as he was travelling in the martial world. The Original was fond of this first disciple. Thus, he single-handedly charged into the demon sect’s base to rescue him.

Under his protection, even Zhang Qingyun’s hair was unharmed. He, however, was struck by the Freezing Ice move of the demon sect’s Leader and suffered fatal wounds from the cold air that entered his body.

The Original hid his injury to not make his disciple guilty nor worry the people of the Great Blade Manor. He determinedly went back to the Manor and made Lin Yingying secretly prepare a bath of chicken blood for him to detoxify his body of the cold poison.

Just as he was expelling the cold poison, Zhang Qingyun brought his underlings and stormed the place. Unaware of the truth, he fought his master presuming that he was practicing demonic cultivation.

Considering that the Original was already suffering from internal injuries, he could not articulate his thoughts clearly to best explain the situation when questioned. Under the constant blows of his disciple’s interrogation, the Original’s heart heated in agitation, which worsened his injury.

By right, the Original’s abilities in martial arts could have helped him recover in just one month of resting. However, his irritation toward Zhang Qingyun aggravated his injury. In the end, he could not even have a good two-day rest before receiving news from the Green Hills Sect.

Apparently, the Demon Lord suddenly led his followers to attack the Green Hills Sect. They were outnumbered and overwhelmed by the looming defeat, which led them to request help from the Original.

The Original had an extremely strong sense of righteousness. He felt that as the Martial Lord, protecting the righteous sects was his responsibility. Hence, he disregarded his injury that has yet healed, and led his three disciples, along with the rest of their followers to lend support.

The Original went up against the Demon Lord, and led him away from the main fight. Instantly, the people from the Green Hills Sect and the Great Blade Manor felt less pressure in the fight. Their spirits rose bit by bit while the followers of the demon sect had no choice but to retreat in defeat.

In reality, the Original’s martial arts’ level far exceeded the Demon Lord, but after suffering from severe injury, he was no match for him. To prevent the Demon Lord from causing greater harm to the martial world, the Original made the decision to go down together. He knew that he would be unable to suppress the Demon Lord.

The Original killed the Demon Lord with only a breath left in him. Before he joined the Demon Lord he saw Lin Yingying, his weak and delicate wife who could hardly take care of herself.

How did she appear in such a place?

Right at that moment, the Original saw his First disciple, Zhang Qingyun.

When Zhang Qingyun appeared, Lin Yingying threw herself into his embrace and said in a delicate tone, “Zhang Qingyun, as I said before. So long as I, Lin Yingying, commit to do anything, there is nothing that I can’t do.”

Only after the Original died did he finally learn that he was merely a cannon-fodder in a book. A tool used to foster the relationship between the male and the female lead. The events in the book were revealed to him until he understood it completely.

Yingying was the Demon Lord’s treasured daughter. Three years ago, Zhang Qingyun had met her for the first time when travelling in the martial world.

Zhang Qingyun was unaware of Lin Yingying’s true identity when they fell in love. Only after his feelings for her grew deep and strong did he incidentally discover her status.

After knowing Lin Yingying’s true identity, Zhang Qingyun greatly struggled with this dilemma. He was the disciple of the Martial Lord, and his Master regarded the demon sect as his mortal enemies.

As the disciple of the Martial Lord, how could he be together with Lin Yingying?

After going through a tough patch of decision making, Zhang Qingyun decided to stay away from Lin Yingying.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yingying directly accused him of abandoning her. She declared that she would make him regret it.

Zhang Qingyun didn’t dare to stop, and left without a second glance.

Afterwards, Lin Yingying orchestrated the whole show to marry Zhang Qingyun’s Master, which happened to be the Original himself.

As Lin Yingying still had her heart set on Zhang Qingyun, she naturally would not let the Original get close to her. Residing at the Great Blade Manor for two years, she used her position as the Lady of the Manor to spend time with Zhang Qingyun every day and night, slowly seducing him.

Zhang Qingyun, who already had feelings for her, could not withstand her trap. Especially so after hearing Lin Yingying say that she had never slept with his Master. She confessed that her marriage to his Master was all out of spite towards him, and the person that she has always loved was him.

Zhang Qingyun was extremely touched. His feelings for Lin Yingying grew even deeper.

Still, Zhang Qingyun felt ashamed. After all, Lin Yingying was now his Master’s wife.

His Master treats him so well, how could he betray his own Master?

On one hand, Zhang Qingyun allowed himself to indulge in the warmth created by Lin Yingying. On the other hand, he felt that he disappointed his Master for everything he did. His struggle with this dilemma lasted two years before he finally decided that he couldn’t go against his conscience, and chose to stop seeing her.

Zhang Qingyun proceeded to cut ties with Lin Yingying by lying to her. He stated that he was interested in another girl, and wanted to take her as his wife.

Lin Yingying knew that Zhang Qingyun was lying to her. To provoke Zhang Qingyun, she got the Original drunk, and made it seem as if they had slept together.

Giving up Lin Yingying was originally Zhang Qingyun’s intentions, but when he heard that Lin Yingying truly sunk herself into his Master’s arms, he simply could not bear it. Zhang Qingyun, who was greatly affected by this ordeal, gave the excuse of travelling the martial world to leave the Great Blade Manor. After leaving for a short while, he was kidnapped by the men of the demon sect that Lin Yingying sent out.

She knew that Zhang Qingyun still loved her. His hesitation was purely because she was his Master’s wife. To ensure that she can be with Zhang Qingyun, Lin Yingying decided to get rid of the Original.

Lin Yingying was the Demon Lord’s cherry tomato. She was his daughter that was always favored and cared for. Whatever she wants to do, the Demon Lord would not hesitate to help her get what she wants.

It was Lin Yingying who spread the news about Zhang Qingyun being abducted by the Demon Lord.

It was also Lin Yingying who told Zhang Qingyun about the Original bathing himself in chicken blood.

It was also Lin Yingying who falsely told Zhang Qingyun that the Original was practicing demonic cultivation, thus he was no longer the righteous Martial Lord that he used to be.

Zhang Qingyun initially did not believe her, but after seeing the Original bathing in chicken blood, he was finally convinced.

As it turns out, the Master that he always respected is a hypocrite who would practice demonic cultivation behind closed doors. Such a hypocrite, what right does he have to hold the position of Martial Lord?

Before waiting for Zhang Qingyun to force his own master to resign from his position, Lin Yingying had already made arrangements for the demon sect to take action and attack the Green Hills Sect, who was nearest to the Great Blade Manor.

As expected by Lin Yingying, the Green Hills Sect reached out to the Original for help. The Original led his Great Blade Manor troops to the Green Hills Sect, where he met his end together with the Demon Lord.

After the Original died, Zhang Qingyun, who was the Original’s First disciple, would succeed him as the new Martial Lord. Lin Yingying changed her whole name and married Zhang Qingyun, becoming the wife of the Martial Lord.

If it ended just like this, though the Original would have been hateful, his hatred wouldn’t be to the extent that he wanted to kill Zhang Qingyun. He was always kind-hearted. He wouldn’t care much even if he was suffering, nor was he the kind to hold grudges against others. Zhang Qingyun was the disciple that he had raised himself, his love for Zhang Qingyun was sufficient to offset all his hatred.

If Zhang Qingyun had merely schemed against him, the Original would not hate him even in his death.

Yet, after Zhang Qingyun became the Martial Lord, Lin Yingying still did not stop. To help him eradicate all competition and stabilize his position as the new Martial Lord, Lin Yingying killed Zhang Qingyun’s fellow brothers-in-arms.

In order to justify the killing of Zhang Qingyun’s junior disciples, Lin Yingying continued her schemes. She led him to misunderstood Lin Qingfeng and Xiao Qingyu, alluding that they wanted to conspire against her.

Zhang Qingyun, who was consumed by rage, killed Lin Qingfeng and Xiao Qingyu. He even announced their dirty deeds to the public, such that even in death, their names and reputation were labeled as deceitful traitors, to be mocked by the entire martial world.

Lin Yingying, who had been raised by the demon sect, was vicious and merciless. To achieve her goals, she was willing to commit any underhanded moves. She has Zhang Qingyun whipped and wrapped around her fingers, believing in whatever she said.

She continuously schemed against the various disciples from the righteous sects that were in their generation. She increasingly tainted the hands of Zhang Qingyun with the blood of the good and righteous people.

The people of the righteous sects were not stupid, and Lin Yingying’s unscrupulous behavior was not exactly well-hidden. The truth would eventually be discovered, and by then, Lin Yingying could not possibly keep them playing on her hands.

Eventually, the Great Blade Manor was doomed by the fury of the various righteous sects that stood together to attack the common enemy.

Though the Great Blade Manor was exterminated, Zhang Qingyun and Lin Yingying still managed to escape unscathed with the help of the people from the demon sect.

Lin Yingying pestered Zhang Qingyun to take on the position of Demon Lord. He, who was originally the Martial Lord, ironically became the enemy of the whole martial world.

The icing on the cake was that, this couple who had the blood of countless innocent men, was actually able to live out a happy ever after for the rest of their lives.

[Memory Transfer Complete. Change the life of the Original while doing the same thing to the two individuals responsible.]

Qi Wang opened his eyes and silently got out of the bathtub. He used the clear water at the side to wash himself thoroughly, and put on fresh new clothes.

Only after cleaning up did Qi Wang allow himself to think about his task this time around.

The Original had great martial arts skills and a strong sense of righteousness. He was a good man, but he lacked intelligence.

Zhang Qingyun and Lin Yingying were flirting right in front of his eyes for two whole years, and still, he was unable to see it as it is.

Qi Wang sighed as he thought about it.

The Original did not do anything wrong. His pure kindheartedness was not a fault. The fault lies in those who harboured ill-intentions.

What had just transpired happened to be the scene where the Original was bathing in chicken blood to heal his internal injury, and Zhang Qingyun was tricked into questioning him by Lin Yingying.

The handsome man in question was precisely the Original’s First disciple, Zhang Qingyun.

The Original was not blessed with intelligence, and it seemed like the three disciples that he raised were also not so smart. Both Master and disciples were played around like rag dolls by this demonic woman. In the end, the Great Blade Manor was played into destruction.


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