Kneel to Me

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Chapter 15: First Arc [14]

Li Zhao looked at Ming Shu in confusion, not understanding why she was so excited.

"That's Jiang Baiqi from Class 11. He's also a specially recruited student and a weirdo."

Ming Shu silently repeated the name and followed Li Zhao's lead. "A weirdo? What do you mean?" she asked.

"He never communicates with anyone, like a mute, and he's very gloomy and scary. Sometimes he looks at people with strange eyes, and he has a very low profile. He's like a ghost, appearing and disappearing at will. Everyone thinks there's something wrong with him, even the rich kids are afraid to provoke him for fear of some terrible revenge," Li Zhao whispered, pointing to her head. He's truly unique in the school, because he looks so gloomy and scary that even bullies don't dare to bully him.

Rubbing her arm, Ming Shu expressed her unease. "I also find him weird and scary after hearing you say that. Do you know anything about his background? How many people are in his family?"

Li Zhao gave her a strange look. "Are you checking his household registration?"

Ming Shu shrugged. "Just curious." Otherwise, how would she know why Song Juyao was watching him?

"I have no idea," Li Zhao admitted. "But since he's a specially recruited student, he's probably from an ordinary family like us. The wealthy ones wouldn't bother with the school's enrollment bonus and wouldn't enter as a specially recruited student, becoming a bottom-level student."

Ming Shu found it even more curious and strange that someone with an unremarkable background, a gloomy disposition, and a low profile would attract the attention of girls like Song Juyao, who seemed to come from a completely different world, shining brightly.

The barrage section was abuzz with speculation, and numerous internet sleuths emerged, meticulously analyzing various possibilities. Viewers were captivated and couldn't tear themselves away from the live broadcast. The show's ratings had been steadily climbing, and the topic was being discussed incessantly on the internet, even sparking disagreements within the production team.

Director Qin Wei and his supporters viewed this phenomenon positively. After all, Song Juyao was firmly under their control, so why not let the floodgates remain open? It would only benefit them without causing any harm. The group led by deputy director Tang Shan, however, believed in being cautious and looking out for potential danger. They were determined to uncover Song Juyao's fatal flaw so that the audience wouldn't be swayed.


The student union building spanned an entire building, with each department boasting offices, a members' lounge, and a conference room. The president's office was situated on the highest floor.

As Song Juyao stepped into the student union building, everyone who saw her was taken aback.

"Song Juyao? What is she here for?"

"Probably to apologize to Jin Yao."

"Is Song Juyao that kind of person?"

"Who knows what kind of person she really is..."

Song Juyao stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

"She's headed to the top floor. Is she looking for the president?"

"Is she trying to approach the president? But even though the president appears more refined than Jin Yao, she's in for a rude awakening if she thinks the president is easy to approach."

"The president loathes specially-recruited students…"

As they observed the elevator's ascending numbers, they continued to speculate. Compared to Jin Yao, Jin Yu was a bona fide aristocrat, with arrogance woven into his very being. He believed in the supremacy of bloodlines. Rumor had it that at the age of seven, he had already selected his future fiancee simply because her family was deemed to be of the same social status as his own.

The elevator door chimed, and the doors slid open.

As the student council president owned the entire floor, the hallway was empty and peaceful, distinct from other floors where students constantly came and went. Sunlight shone in from a large, floral glass on the left, and Song Juyao approached the office door and rapped on it.

"Enter." A cold male voice came from inside.

Song Juyao pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Seeing Song Juyao, Jin Yu was not surprised. When she entered the student council building, someone downstairs had already notified him.

Song Juyao's eyes reflected the young man sitting behind the desk. He had exactly the same facial features as Jin Yao, but sported a different hairstyle. Each strand of hair was immaculately managed, the buttons of his attire were neatly fastened, and he wore thin-framed glasses on his high nose bridge, giving him the appearance of an old-fashioned aristocrat.

"Miss Song, if you're here to apologize, it's too late for that now." Jin Yu stared at her with a blank expression.

"I'm not sure what I need to apologize for," she responded.

"It seems you're not here to apologize." Jin Yu closed his pen and rose to his feet. "Then it must be about the special admissions student."

"Regardless of their status upon entry, all students at Jinke Duola School represent the institution. When they leave, they become faces of Jinke Duola. Furthermore, they may become employees of your company and become rare talents to contribute to your family industry. I don't understand why the Student Union would treat them differently."

Despite Jin Yu's cold and aggressive gaze, Song Juyao met his stare without flinching. Her back remained straight and resolute, like bamboo in the wind.

Jin Yu's eyes narrowed slightly, "Are you blaming me?"

"As the president of the Student Union, it's your responsibility to manage the school and maintain order. You've failed to do so," replied Song Juyao.

Jin Yu retorted with a sneer, "In what capacity are you accusing me here? Just another poor worm like those special recruits? Do you feel sad and pathetic watching your own kind being bullied, so now you want to play the hero?"

Song Juyao's eyes burned with anger, and her usually upturned mouth turned downwards as she spoke, "Regardless of whether the bullied student is a specially admitted student or a wealthy kid, I will always extend a helping hand when I see them being unjustly hurt. I didn't come here with the intention of blaming you, but it seems that I can't communicate with someone like you. Bullied students choose to endure because they fear retaliation, but I won't. You can choose to turn a blind eye to the experiences of specially admitted students, indulge the bullies, or even encourage them to harm others. But the evidence of your negligence will be presented to those in authority to judge, or in the worst-case scenario, it may end up on the President's desk. (President of the country)

Jin Yu wore an amused expression and remarked sarcastically, "It seems like meeting the President once has become your proud capital."

Ignoring the taunts, Song Juyao stated, "I understand that the centipede dies but never falls. The status and wealth amassed by the Jin family is so significant that even if someone were to be murdered and I presented evidence to the President, it might not be enough to sway your family. However, I do know that the government is discontent with the existence of aristocrats and is seeking ways to diminish their power and wealth. Do you believe that I won't provide them with a means to weaken the Jin family? A dam spanning a thousand miles can be destroyed by a small ant's nest. Doesn't President Jin comprehend this fact? Or maybe he's become so conceited that he believes his family is invincible?"

With a sneer, Song Juyao turned around and walked away.

Jin Yu's face darkened with anger, clearly feeling pricked at a sensitive spot. The power struggle between the nobility and the government had reached a boiling point, and the Jin family had become increasingly cautious and vigilant. Song Juyao's actions had caught him off guard. However, what irritated Jin Yu even more was Song Juyao's complete lack of respect for him and his family.

Damn it, never before had he encountered a commoner who dared to threaten him! It seemed that yesterday's bite to Jin Yao was not accidental, but rather a clear indication that this person did not take them seriously at all.

Suppressing his surge of emotions, Jin Yu regained his usual cold indifference, and spoke to Song Juyao's retreating figure,"You're somewhat right. So don't worry, I don't intend to leave such a handle for you to exploit."

Song Juyao's pace slowed down a bit.

Jin Yu expressed, "In my opinion, having special admissions students at Jinke Duola Academy is unreasonable. Humans have been a part of modern society for countless years with generations of accumulation, yet they still remain at the bottom of society. This illustrates the inferiority of their genes, which disqualifies them from receiving an elite education on this land. As a result, all special admissions students at Jinke Duola will be dismissed."

As Jin Yu spoke, Song Juyao halted her steps and turned to face him. "What did you say?"

Jin Yu lowered his head and fidgeted with his sleeve cuff. "Don't worry, the severance pay won't be insufficient. Since their grades are so good, there will definitely be public schools willing to accept them."

【Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm going to explode! ! ! 】

【Go to hell with your genetic theory! The reason people remain at the bottom of society is because rich people like you monopolize educational resources and force others to survive in poverty!】

【Look at what these disgusting rich people have done! When their grades are not up to par, they steal other people's scores during the college entrance exam, exploiting the poor and proudly saying that it's their own genes that are to blame for their poverty!】

【I'm so angry, ah ah ah ah ah!】


With a dull sound of a fist hitting flesh, Jin Yu, who had just finished speaking, was knocked backwards and stumbled two steps before finally falling to the ground in a sorry state.




【Oh my God!】


Jin Yu held his cheek after being punched in the face, and for once, a pleasing expression appeared on that arrogant face. He looked at Song Juyao in disbelief and then his eyes were filled with offended anger.

As Song Juyao approached him, she condescendingly gazed down at him, as if he were a piece of trash. "Violence is never a solution to any problem, which is why I didn't initially intend to resort to it."

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