Kneel to Me

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Chapter 16: First Arc [15]

Jin Yu was seething with anger: "How dare you-"

"How dare you trample on other people's dignity like this!" Song Juyao's anger burned even hotter than his. Her face darkened as she spoke, "Every school has made numerous promises to bring in outstanding students with promising prospects. Entering this school, it's one thing to not show them respect, but to actively try to drive them out is despicable. You are truly disgusting."

"You..." Jin Yu could feel his blood boiling.

Undeterred, Song Juyao bent down and grabbed his collar. "Let me tell you, even the poor people have pride and a backbone. What makes you so superior? If I want to hit you, I'll just hit you. Won't your noble body still feel pain under my fist?"

Song Juyao's eyes flashed with a wolf-like ferocity, her gaze blazing with a red-hot flame that seemed capable of burning souls to ashes. As Jin Yu stared into those eyes up close, he felt as if he was being burned alive, and his breath caught in his throat.

"You. Are. Asking. For. Death." After finally coming back to his senses, Jin Yu spat out word by word through gritted teeth.

Song Juyao smiled faintly, but it lacked any warmth. She spoke confidently, "What can you do to me? I'm a member of the Olympiad Prize team, a prestigious group of individuals known as the 'National Treasure,' with only one representative from each country. The government knows I'm living in Jinke Duola Academy. If anything happens to me, do you think the government won't pursue it? This gives me considerable leverage. Besides, let me remind you of Mr. Albert, you should know him, right? If he fails to excel in his research, he'll have to go back and inherit the legendary figure of the family's arms empire. I'm his sole student. Your father would slap you around if he knew you'd got him into such trouble, wouldn't he?"

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!】

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, so handsome!!! 】

【Damn it's so cool, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah】

【Oh my god, what kind of great plot is this? My brain is about to explode from excitement!!】

【Song Juyao, you're killing me!! It's so cool!! I want to switch to Jin Yu's perspective, but he's just an NPC, waaahhh!】

Jin Yu's face rapidly changed from red and blue, as he was filled with anger and hatred. He never expected that one day he would kick this kind of iron plate, especially since the opponent turned out to be a commoner without any noble bloodline and a special admission student, someone he had previously looked down upon.

Song Juyao released her grip on him, and Jin Yu saw the disdainful look she gave him, as if he were something filthy, an expression he typically used to look at others.

He was so enraged that his mind went blank, and he impulsively rose from the ground and reached out to grab Song Juyao. "Stay put--"

The moment his hand made contact with Song Juyao's shoulder, the sky spun, and Jin Yu's vision went black.

"Bang!" Jin Yu tumbled to the ground. At that moment, the sound of his bones cracking seemed to fill the air. But louder than the sound of bones cracking was the sound of his shattered pride as if his entire world had been crumbled to pieces.

For a fleeting moment, everything stood still. He couldn't tell if he had passed out or if this was all just a dream. Otherwise, how could something like this even happen to him? How could someone dare to treat him in such a manner?

Song Juyao glanced at the boy who had been tossed over her shoulder and slammed onto the ground. His carefully styled hair was now disheveled, his glasses had flown off, and his clothes were in disarray. He appeared dazed and uncertain about his existence.

Song Juyao blinked, turned her head and walked towards the desk, "Don't suddenly attack me from behind, okay?"

【Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha】

【Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'm laughing so hard my head is about to fly off.】

【I'm laughing so hard that roosters within a ten-mile radius are crowing ha ha ha ha】

【I'm so thrilled!!!】

Song Juyao grabbed the desk's landline and dialed the school's infirmary.


When Tang Kai received the phone call, he was searching online for why Song Juyao was so popular. Song Juyao's biography was very long, and she had participated in several programs, but Tang Kai didn't have enough time to watch them all because being a school doctor was really busy, especially since he was really handsome.

The news that the new school doctor was a handsome and refined guy spread around the school, resulting in girls finding excuses to visit him. He spent his days dealing with admirers and felt like a male publicist rather than a doctor.

Finally, today was the monthly exam, and he had a little free time, so he resumed his search for Song Juyao. Tang Kai believed that knowing oneself and the enemy was key to winning every battle, so he wanted to thoroughly understand Song Juyao before he could conquer her. He wasn't concerned about his popularity in his live streaming room, as he believed that the audience would only be more curious than him. As long as he sat in front of the computer and searched for Song Juyao with a few clicks, there would be a large wave of viewers coming over, switching to his perspective to watch the information with him.

Tang Kai searched - Why is Song Juyao so popular?

He clicked on a reply with over 120,000 likes:

When Song Juyao participated in "I'm a Big Star", there was a classic segment that caused people's love for her to soar straight to the clouds.

In the clip, when Song Juyao had eliminated all the other contestants, the host asked her why her father was not present and only her mother was there. The host intended to lead Song Juyao into saying that her father had passed away, thereby eliciting a sad story that would bring tears to the audience's eyes. However, Song Juyao, who was still impoverished and skinny at the time, remained steadfast and resolute. She stood there with a steady gaze and just didn't sell her tragedy.

"Dad has gone to a distant place and doesn't have time to accompany me."

"Has he... passed away?"

"No, he just went to a distant place."

After this episode was broadcast, the audience was left confused, wondering whether Song Juyao's father had passed away, went to work in a distant place, or abandoned her and her mother. Tang Kai had seen this segment before while watching the episode, but at that time he didn't know that this segment needed to be watched together with another clip to achieve its full impact.

On the night of the broadcast, the director of the show "I Am the Winner", Peng Jia posted a backstage segment on his own social media account.

"Yao Yao, the host uncle asked you a question, why didn't you tell the truth? The uncles, aunties, brothers, and sisters who watch the show also want to know," the director, Peng Jia, squatted in front of her and asked.

Song Juyao looked at him seriously and said, "Uncle Peng, I have been very sad since my father passed away. This is not a happy thing. I feel the pain every day, and I don't want to spread this painful feeling to others."

The young girl's innocent voice had a natural ability to move people to tears, and many soft-hearted staff members were seen with red eyes. The director wiped his face, and with a loving expression, he couldn't resist stroking her head.

Such a mature, sensible and well-behaved child is so lovable.

It was this segment that topped the trending list that night. The program team created a social media account for Song Juyao, and her fan base quickly grew, with countless parents rushing in.

The comments flooding the live broadcast room were also full of emotions and tears.

【Mom, instant tears.】

【Oh my God, I'm crying.】

【As a mother, I really can't bear this scene. I feel so distressed.】

【I really suspect that Song Juyao has some inside story about the murder. Whatever kind of person she becomes in this virtual world is influenced by certain strong qualities in her real world. She is such a good child at heart. To say that she would try to rape someone out of lust is ridiculous!】

【Don't say such things without evidence. Please also consider the feelings of the victim's family, okay?】

【Although the victim's family is undoubtedly pitiful, Song Juyao did not accept the court's verdict. She decided to join this program and entrust her future to us. We must rely on our own observations to assess the situation. If there is a hidden truth or she may have been wrongly accused, then what about Song Juyao's feelings?】

【What we see is not necessarily the truth. Isn't it too reckless to assume that a murderer is actually wrongly accused?】


The barrage erupted into another argument.

Tang Kai, as a movie star, had mixed feelings, but he wouldn't easily show his emotions on the surface.

–Until he received a call from Song Juyao and rushed to the student union building with a nurse. Looking at Jin Yu on the ground, his expression cracked.

"He fell on his own." Song Juyao said with a smile.

Tang Kai:...... Could your expression be more insincere?

Soon, Tang Kai and a few nurses together lifted Jin Yu away.

The student council members were dumbfounded and stunned to the point of being speechless.

Song Juyao explained once again, "Jin Yu just accidentally fell."

Is it true? Their student union president is a dignified, elegant, and aloof nobleman who has never been inappropriate. Now, not long after she went to find him, the noble president was carried out of his office?

They looked at Song Juyao with fear. Yesterday, she had made things difficult for Jin Yao and bit him, and today she let Jin Yu leave the student union building on a stretcher. This woman is too scary!


In the real world, Tang Shan looked at Song Juyao, who had once again become a trending search topic with skyrocketing popularity. He held his forehead in frustration and wanted to say to Tang Kai - Can you please stop searching for Song Juyao's past? If she were a cunning and highly intelligent criminal, why would she expose her ugly side to the public? Let's just focus on the present and let us handle the search for her past, okay?

Song Juyao's repeated increase in popularity among audiences could be said to have been helped by Tang Kai.

However, they couldn't speak to him, as it was against the rules and the audience would hear it.

Tang Shan looked at Qin Wei, the chief director who had already been stimulated to become rebellious and ignored Song Juyao's popularity. Now, he could only hope that Mr. K would quickly find the backtracking point and bring Song Juyao's unknown past to the light.

Meanwhile, in the Huo family, Mrs. Huo, that is Yuan Manzhi, watched people speak up for Song Juyao in the live broadcast. She was so angry that she almost passed out.

"Are these people crazy? They're actually defending a murderer! My son is dead! This is completely unreasonable. His Majesty the King will ensure justice is served for my son once he hears about this. It's absolutely senseless for these people to speak up for Song Juyao."

Su Qing noticed Yuan Manzhi shaking with anger and quickly turned off the live broadcast. She comforted her, saying, "Aunt, take deep breaths. It's okay. I've contacted the program team. They've invited a network expert from the palace who will soon uncover her unknown past. It'll be soon exposed what kind of person she really is. And when that happens, those who are defending her now will be the first to curse her the most."

Upon hearing this, Yuan Manzhi immediately grabbed Su Qing's hand and asked, "When?"

Su Qing winced as she felt the tight grip, and a hint of impatience flashed in her eyes. "It will happen soon, in two or three days at the most," she replied softly.

Yuan Manzhi grumbled, "Still two or three days?"

"This is the system designed by His Majesty the King. Two or three days is already considered fast. Don't worry about it for the next few days, rest well. I will take care of it for you. I'll let you know when it's done, okay?" Su Qing reassured her.

Yuan Manzhi spoke in a vengeful tone, "I want to see her suffer and be condemned by the entire country. I want her to be put on the pillar of shame!"

"...It will definitely happen."

However, Yuan Manzhi was still dissatisfied. "It makes me uncomfortable to see people defending her in the barrage. Buy some internet navy to manipulate the trend and suppress the comments!"


After the morning class ended, Ming Shu immediately ran out of the classroom and headed towards Class 11 to try to find out about Jiang Baiqi. She didn't dare to ask anyone, but to her surprise, she couldn't find him even after the class bell rang. Ming Shu got confused and began to wonder if Jiang Baiqi was not in the classroom at all? Or did he really have such a low presence that she couldn't spot him?

【I must be blind】

【Is he not there?】

【I saw him!! In the corner seat of the fourth row!】

【Ah! Dang! 】

After school, Ming Shu, who didn't give up, stood in the corridor and peered in to check the situation in Class 11. Because she was afraid of not being able to find him, she whispered, "Jiang Baiqi, Jiang Baiqi, Jiang Baiqi, Jiang Baiqi..."

"Are you looking for me?" a low, hoarse voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

"Ah!" Ming Shu was startled and turned her head, meeting a pair of large, light grey eyes that reflected a chilly glow like glass beads. Instantly, goosebumps rose all over her body.

“N-No! Sorry!” Ming Shu was scared and quickly ran back to her classroom.

Jiang Baiqi stared at Ming Shu's back with his eerie eyes for a moment before turning around and walking away, his expression dark and gloomy.

Breathless, Ming Shu ran to Li Zhao's side and exclaimed, "Oh my god, I was scared to death! I thought I saw a ghost in broad daylight!"

Li Zhao knew that she had gone to find Jiang Baiqi and asked, "Why are you curious about him?"

Ming Shu was afraid that Li Zhao would tell Song Juyao and arouse her vigilance, so she said, "Because he's weird. Isn't everyone curious about unusual people? Let's just pretend I wasn't curious. Curiosity kills the cat."

Why is Song Juyao observing someone like Jiang Baiqi? Is it because he is weird? But isn't it even more peculiar for Song Juyao to use a telescope to spy on such a weird person?


Upon exiting the Student Union Building, Song Juyao left the school and noticed an SUV waiting at the gate. She recognized the license plate number and smiled as she approached.

"Brother Jiaqi," she knocked on the car window.

Inside the car, Ren Jiaqi sprayed some perfume into the air and waved his hand to completely cover the scent of smoke. He then rolled down the car window, revealing his mature and handsome face.

Ren Jiaqi raised his eyebrows, appearing a bit playful and charming. "Long time no see, little beauty. You've grown up," he remarked.

"Uh-huh, I'm an adult now," Song Juyao beamed, displaying a hint of childishness, clearly the attitude of a young child towards a trusted and loved elder.

"To be an adult means starting a new life, facing loneliness, and living independently," Ren Jiaqi stated, pointing as he reached over to mess up Song Juyao's hair with his big hand.

"Hmm!" Song Juyao settled into her seat and buckled her seatbelt. "Did Sister Yulin ask you to come here? I told her I could manage it myself. It's just a small matter like canceling my bank card and transferring my household registration."

"I'm on vacation, and there haven't been many cases in my jurisdiction lately that demand my attention. Plus, it's been a while since I last saw you. So, let's grab a bite of something delicious after we're done. Brother will take you to eat something delicious." Ren Jiaqi suggested.

Song Juyao smiled in gratitude, glancing at his fingers fiddling with the steering wheel from the corner of her eye.

Song Juyao participated in "I'm a Big Winner" back then, and when she saw Ren Yulin, she remembered about her past life. In this episode of her previous life, even though she was a disfigured, ugly, rag-like person, the name Ren Yulin still appeared in her life, but only for a very short time. However, the one who lingered in her life longer was Ren Jiaqi.

As she began exacting revenge on those who had bullied her, Ren Jiaqi had trailed her closely. She had narrowly avoided capture by him several times. Despite being her enemy, he ultimately tried to save her from the clutches of the psychopathic murderer just before she died. She still recalled the pity in his fiery red eyes at that moment.

Presumably, as her pursuer, he had delved into her life and felt a sense of indignation and injustice over her tragic experiences. Therefore, upon witnessing her meet a tragic end, he had shed tears for her.

Both Ren Yulin and Ren Jiaqi are good people.

They have helped her a lot.

Ren Jiaqi first took Song Juyao to the Public Security Bureau. She didn't have the required documents for household registration.

"I called them a week ago, and they wanted me to come back in person to get it. But I didn't go back," she explained.

Ren Jiaqi only felt his scalp tingling instantly, "Count yourself smart. Those people don't have good intentions, you'd be a sheep in a tiger's mouth if you went back."

"I'm not that little kid anymore." Song Juyao said with a helpless smile, but there was a hint of loneliness in her eyes. Then Ren Jiaqi rubbed her head again, and she became angry at being rubbed, her cheeks flushed, "Brother Jiaqi!"

"Don't cry casually when you're older. If there's anything you need, brother will take care of it for you," he assured her.

The Ren family was a family of military and police officers. Ren Yulin and Ren Jiaqi's father was the director of a provincial public security bureau. Many of their relatives held positions in different government departments, granting them connections worldwide. Even if there are some omissions in the documents, it could be easily handled.

In no time, all formalities were taken care of, and a fresh household registration book bearing only Song Juyao's name would be in her hands within two days.

Once the household registration procedure was completed, she proceeded to cancel her old bank card and applied for a new one.

She had obtained this card a long time ago, but as a minor, it was only a supplementary card linked to the main card of her guardian. She made several calls to change to a new card, so that her salary and personal income would not be deposited into the old card again.

Ren Jiaqi said, "Congratulations, you're finally free."

"Thank you."

"Come on, let's go. Brother will treat you to a celebratory dinner."


【She needs to transfer household registration, so it can be seen that Liu Yan is still alive. When Ren Jiaqi refers to 'they,' does he mean that Liu Yan has remarried and the entire family is sucking on Song Juyao's blood? Otherwise, why would she need to cancel her bank card?】

【Poor Song Juyao...】

【How can you be sure that it was Liu Yan who remarried and took advantage, and not Song Juyao selling her own mother?】

【It seems more plausible that Song Juyao sold her mother. In order to rid herself of this troublesome burden, she married off her mother and used money to silence everyone. She can then play the victim and make it seem as if her family is draining her dry.】

【Where is Liu Yan now? She might be suffering from abuse in her new household, but what about Song Juyao? By buying off her relationship with her mother for millions, has she ever considered that her mother could also live comfortably with that money?】

【Liu Yan is in such a terrible situation, yet Song Juyao is celebrating severing ties with her own mother without shedding a single tear. It's better to have a piece of barbecued pork than to give birth to a daughter like this.】


Tang Shan furrowed his brow. Suddenly, the barrage section of the live streaming room was covered with a large number of malicious and rhythmic provocative messages. After the staff checked it out, it turned out to be from a group of navy posters.

"Do you want to clean it up?" The staff asked.

Tang Shan was about to reply when Qin Wei intervened, "No need to bother." He knew who had purchased the navy posters, and if they were removed, that woman would come back to harass him. Regardless, they couldn't let Song Juyao win. If they needed to manipulate public opinion, then so be it.

Tang Shan had to keep his mouth shut when the chief director gave the word.

However, in the end, this was merely a conjecture. It might influence and confuse the audience for a brief moment, but it was not a sustainable solution. Song Juyao needed a solid evidence-backed accusation. The viewers were not fools, and they would soon realize that it was the paid navy who was controlling the comments' rhythm. When that happened, it would backfire, and the program would suffer the consequences.

"How's Mr. K doing?" Tang Shan asked again.

"Mr. K says it's almost done."

"Alright, great." Tang Shan breathed a sigh of relief. In reality, he disapproved of Qin Wei's conduct in allowing the paid posters to do as they pleased. Once their actions were revealed, it would raise questions about the fairness and impartiality of the programme's authority.


The sun was setting.

The car arrived at the school gate, Song Juyao jumped out of the car, "I'm going back."

"Juyao," Ren Jiaqi rested his arms on the windowsill and said, "why do you want to live in the school? I have an empty apartment. Why don't I lend it to you?"

Something extra appeared on Song Juyao's face, and Ren Jiaqi's heart sank as he watched her.

"Didn't I tell Brother Jiaqi before? I'm looking for someone."

"Is that person in this school?" Ren Jiaqi's voice was hoarse.

"Uh-huh." Song Juyao's eyes curved into sweet crescents as she waved to him and turned to enter the school.

Ren Jiaqi watched her back, took out a cigarette and smoked two before driving away.

Song Juyao walked briskly, with a smile on her face, humming the school song of Jinke Duola. She felt like her heart was floating in an ocean of happiness. As she approached building 3, her eyes fixed on a figure of a boy walking towards her from a distance, and she took a deep breath.

Ming Shu was a little absent-minded, but Li Zhao's joyful voice brought her back to the present moment. When she looked up, she saw Song Juyao walking towards them not far away. But what made her eyes sparkle even more was when she saw Jiang Baiqi walking towards them from the opposite direction.

The two were getting closer and closer, about to meet face to face!


Will they collide and spark something? Will Song Juyao reveal the reason she has been peeping at him? Will the gloomy Jiang Baiqi show something different?

Ming Shu widened her eyes and the live audience also stared in anticipation.

As they got closer and closer, they came face to face, and then... they simply brushed past each other.

It was as if they didn't know each other at all, like two strangers who had never met before, just passing by each other.

Mingshu: ????

Audience: ????

Is that all? Ah ah ah ah ah, how much longer is she going to keep us in suspense?!! What is so special about Jiang Baiqi? Why did Song Juyao secretly peep, take pictures of him and dedicatedly stalk him like an idiot, but in reality, just walked by him without even looking at him? Was she afraid of being caught, or because she was too guilty to watch? Or is there another reason?

"How are you doing today? Are you okay?" Song Juyao asked as she walked up to Li Zhao and

Li Zhao replied, "Mhm, nothing much happened today."

Song Juyao walked back to the apartment with them.

Song Juyao walked back to the apartment with them, and Ming Shu couldn't help but notice the soft, gentle smile on her lips and the bright glint in her eyes. It was as if she was looking at something that delighted her. Ming Shu followed her gaze and saw that it was directed at Jiang Baiqi, who was walking slowly ahead of them.

Jiang Baiqi was hunched over and walking slowly, so they caught up to him again. It seemed that Song Juyao would always notice him at first glance.

Ming Shu had an impulse to ask Song Juyao about Jiang Baiqi, but then she remembered the way Song Juyao had been secretly peeping and sneaking around, she didn't know what unseemly thoughts Song Juyao was hiding about Jiang Bai Qi. If she rushed to ask, would it unveil some horrible consequences that she couldn't bear? The thought scared her, so she didn't dare to ask and felt a bit dejected.

Little did she know that the point of view could be switched, and Jiang Baiqi happened to be within the live broadcast camera range of the two. As a result, the audience in the live room saw something else.

【OMG!!! It scared me to death!! Jiang Baiqi was using his phone as a mirror to look at Song Juyao!! The way he looked at her was really creepy!】

【Oh my god! It was so sudden, it scared the hell out of me!】

【So creepy!】

【Did Jiang Baiqi notice that Song Juyao was staring at him all this time?】

【I suddenly feel so nervous!】

【I'm both scared and curious at the same time.】


At night, as usual, Song Juyao sat on the terrace, reading and watching the boys in the opposite dormitory.

At this moment, her phone rang, and Song Juyao looked at it to see that it was a call from "Ms. Liu Yan".

The barrage instantly became excited, Liu Yan, the disappeared Liu Yan, appeared for the first time!

Song Juyao stared at the caller ID for a while and answered the phone.

"Yaoyao, it's Mom..." Liu Yan's familiar and weak voice came from the other end.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Did you cancel your bank card?" After the secondary card was canceled, Liu Yan naturally received the cancellation notice from the bank.

"According to the agreement, I have canceled that card and updated my household registration after becoming an adult."

A sob immediately came from the other end of the phone, and Liu Yan's tearful voice came through, "Yaoyao, do you really not care about your mother anymore? Anyway, I'm still your mother. I carried you for nine months and gave birth to you. Even if I'm useless, I'm still your mother."

Song Juyao was silent for a while. "If there's nothing else, I'm hanging up."

"Wait!" Liu Yan hurriedly stopped her, saying, "Yaoyao, you can't just ignore me. Mom is sick and needs a lot of money. Our family can't afford it. Can you please help mom?"

Song Juyao replied, "So, after all this time, you called me just to ask for money?"


"I don't have any money. Please don't call me again."

Song Juyao hung up the phone, and it rang again. This time, she didn't answer and let the phone ring in the quiet apartment.

【Your mother is sick, and you're ignoring her?】

【Bingo, caught red-handed, Song Juyao abandoned Liu Yan.】

【No matter what, you shouldn't abandon your own mother.】

【Earning money is so easy, yet you're not willing to give a little to your own mother?】

【If someone can be so cold-hearted towards their own mother, who can they be expected to show warmth to?】

Song Juyao flipped through the book in her hand, listening to the incessant ringing of the phone, and calculated the progress of the program.

Presumably, they have already begun arranging the navy to manipulate public opinion. How could the Huo family stand by and watch her popularity soar? Even if it's just temporary, Yuan Manzhi would be infuriated enough to spit blood upon seeing her being adored and the program team would not let her take down the votes for injustice from the audience.

Ha, slander and attack me as much as you like. These bricks and stones thrown at me will become the stepping stones for me to reach the top.

She lowered her gaze, hiding the burning flames in her eyes. Then, she picked up the little cat that came running over happily after waking up. The corners of her mouth lifted in a light, soft smile as she happily rubbed against it.

"??? I'm doubting my own values. Isn't Liu Yan clearly sucking the life out of Song Juyao? Hasn't she sucked enough after so many years?"

"No matter what, Liu Yan is her mother!"

"I suspect there are navy troops in the barrage, repeating that Liu Yan is a mother over and over again. So what if she's a mother? Did the child ask to be born? Ultimately, it's the mother's choice. Why should the child sacrifice everything for the mother? What has Liu Yan done for Song Juyao?"

As expected, some people began to suspect that the navy was manipulating public opinion. Even those who disliked Song Juyao united with her, because in people's minds, this reality show was not supposed to allow the navy to deliberately guide and sway people's hearts. Otherwise, it would be no different from other variety shows.

This caused a great impact on the show's reputation.

Tang Shan was contemplating how to salvage the situation when a staff member rushed over excitedly.

"Director Tang, we've received news from Mr. K!"

Tang Shan stood up immediately, his expression turning ecstatic. "Can we go to the backtrack now?"


"That's fantastic!" Tang Shan clenched his fists tightly, as if he had already envisioned the flashback scene showing the dirty and ugly side of Song Juyao that couldn't be washed away.

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