Kneel to Me

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Chapter 34: First Arc [33]

The audience was also left in shock.

【What on earth? Oh my god!】


【I'm speechless!!】

【F*ck! What a plot twist!!?】

In the Huo family, Yuan Manzhi was dumbfounded. What's going on? What's that thing? Why is this happening?

In the virtual world, the girl lying on the ground, completely anesthetized, was also astonished. Tears were forgotten as her eyes were fixed on the incredible scene. Such a grand spectacle—she had only seen it in movies! Of course, being kidnapped like this was something she had only seen in horror films!

Dressed in camouflage uniforms, the tall and muscular special forces soldiers entered skillfully. They quickly crouched down, unchained Song Juyao's feet, and moved her far away from the terrifying eight-bladed electric saw.

"Doctor, are you okay?" A military officer, concerned, saw Song Juyao touch the back of her head and quickly asked. He then called for a military medic to examine her. Her head was a crucial national asset, even the slightest harm had to be avoided.

"I'm fine. What about Ah-Qi?" Song Juyao asked with concern.

As she asked, Jiang Baiqi entered the room. He had such a low presence that when he hugged Song Juyao, the military officer who had just spoken was taken aback. Holy crap! He suddenly appeared, and I almost drew out my gun!

A few hours ago, when Jiang Baiqi was desperately trying to find Song Juyao, he received a phone call.

"Mr. Jiang, please come downstairs. It's about Miss Song," a man on the phone said with a stern tone.

He quickly went downstairs and saw a black SUV parked at the door. The car door opened, revealing several men inside. They all exuded the same mysterious and murderous aura, as if they were soldiers coming out of a rain of bullets in a battle.

Jiang Baiqi immediately thought of the powerful figure who Song Juyao had offended. His eyes were filled with vigilance and hostility. "What have you done to her?"

"Please rest assured, Dr. Song is safe, and everything is under her control. In order to prevent your interference in this matter, Mr. Jiang, please accompany us for a trip. Once everything is resolved, you will also be able to see Dr. Song right away."

They seemed extraordinary yet showed great respect towards Jiang Baiqi. He was indeed a formidable figure and became the only possible variable in their plan. Thus, they needed to bring him under control immediately to prevent him from messing around. The recent intrusion into the police system by him had caused quite a disturbance.

The program team was afraid that Jiang Baiqi would find Song Juyao and specially used Ren Jiaqi to distract him and delay his time. However, they didn't expect that the people in the virtual world would be more concerned than them about Jiang Baiqi finding Song Juyao too early, which would ruin their plan.

Jiang Baiqi didn't trust them, but the thought of Song Juyao possibly being in their hands left him no choice but to get into the car. Then, he was transferred to another car, where he saw the scene of Song Juyao being kidnapped on the screen, with the electric chainsaw hovering above her head, terrifying him.

Jiang Baiqi trembled as he held her tightly, and his eyes turned red. The soldiers either stole glances or turned their eyes away in embarrassment. There were many young people inside who were unable to hide their envy. When would sweet love come to them?

Song Juyao comforted him, gently caressing his back like comforting a frightened big dog. "It's okay, don't be scared. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier to avoid exposing the plan."

A middle-aged man with curly brown hair, high eyebrows, and deep eyes walked in, laughing heartily. "Just now, three soldiers almost couldn't stop him. This kid is impressive. He looks so skinny, one would think he's just all brains, but turns out he's quite powerful."

"Teacher," Song Juyao said with a somewhat helpless expression. The middle-aged man was none other than her mentor, Albert.

Albert's smile was hearty, but his sharp and oppressive eyes made him appear more like a mafia boss than a scientist. Especially when he restrained his smile at this time, he looked quite fierce. "The rats have all been caught. It's time to go and see what's inside and what they've been hiding."

"Yes, what could it be? Let's open it up and take a look inside." Song Juyao's dark eyes gleamed with a sharp edge, no longer the gentle and harmless look they usually held.

In the real world, chaos erupted in the Justice and Judgement Trial Broadcast Hall. Everyone was at a loss and running around like headless flies.

"There is a problem with the biological cabin? Get the maintenance personnel quickly!!"

"Mr. K? Go find Mr. K! Tell him that there seems to be a problem with the virtual world system, hurry up!!"

"Don't touch the bodies of those people. If something goes wrong, can you fu*king take the responsibility?!"

"Is it a system bug or something done by Song Juyao?"

"Song Juyao? Are you crazy? How could she manipulate us real people from the virtual world? You must have a screw loose in your head to say such things. Go call for help!"

"Suppress this news. Don't let the audience know. It's probably just a problem with the system or the biological pods. Don't overthink it. How could Song Juyao have such abilities!"

They refused to connect the inability to extract the temporary real human NPCs with Song Juyao. No one dared to think that way. Everyone firmly believed it was due to a problem with the system or the biological pods. However, sensitive individuals' hearts were beating like a drum, filled with a sense of unease.

Was it really just an accident?

"Wow!!! Huo Sen, it seems this old classmate of yours is quite something!" In a private box, a group of rich young men weren't drinking or flirting. Instead, they were watching the live broadcast of "Judgement Trial." This was all thanks to Huo Sen telling Luo Chao that Song Juyao was their middle school classmate.

Back in middle school, they had once tried to play tricks on Song Juyao, like the childish and clichéd pursuit games. However, each one of them suffered embarrassing failures, and a few even ended up falling for Song Juyao. Yet, due to adhering to their family rules and honor, no one confessed their feelings. Thus, becoming the first love of some individuals. Hearing this from Luo Chao, they couldn't help but take a closer look at Song Juyao's current situation.

And then they were stunned by the sudden twist.

"She's a top student from the Wangcheng Capital University. Of course, she's impressive!"

"Huo Hai, you dumbass..." someone couldn't help but curse softly. "I'm going to cast my vote for her..."

Before he could finish speaking, he was tugged back, and his voice abruptly stopped. He glanced at Huo Sen, feeling complicated, and fell silent.

Huo Sen's expression seemed unchanged, still calm and composed.


In the virtual world.

Early on Sunday morning, at the dining table, Jin Yu's knife and fork almost slipped. The knife tip made a crisp sound as it hit the porcelain plate.

Jin Yu looked at his father in astonishment. Jin Yao, who had just returned from morning jogging, froze with a water glass in his hand.

Jin's father had just received the news. He was smoking with mixed emotions churning in his heart. "So, we have to abandon the plan to remove that person. It's useless now."

"So... everything was Song Juyao's plan. Everyone was acting, waiting for the right moment to capture them all?"

"That's right."

"How could this be? Not a hint of wind leaked out. When did it start? And what happened to the Prime Minister? You knew about it yesterday, so why didn't you say anything?" Jin Yu was getting emotional.

He had been concerned and was thinking about what to do for Song Juyao, but as it turned out, everything was within her control. That girl, always with a smile at the corner of her lips and clear, gentle eyes, seemed delicate and frail. In his mind, she was like a flower that made people want to hold an umbrella to shield her from the wind and rain.

However, at this moment, that tender image seemed to have changed. There seemed to be something ambiguous in the corner of her smile, and something mysterious and dangerous hidden in the depth of her eyes. Yet, she still had a fatal attraction, making people curious and unable to resist exploring.

Like a witch.

Jin's father cautiously said, "People are basically unable to unite as one at any time, unless the matter severely affects their common interests."

"Are you saying this matter also affects the interests of our noble family?"

"That's right."


The private plane heading to the capital soared through the clouds.

Inside the first class cabin.

"Teacher was initially interested in your mechanical bug technology for his family, but gave up after the Prime Minister started acting strangely. Do you know why?" Song Juyao asked.

Jiang Baiqi replied, "The mechanical bugs represent the interests among humans, while the helmet technology is for... the whole human existence?"

"That's right," Song Juyao smiled, holding his hand and giving it a gentle kiss. "Humanity is facing a formidable external threat. Who has time to think about internal wars and interests?"

【??? What are they talking about? I don't understand.】

【Helmet? What helmet?】

【Is it the same helmet that Song Juyao took from Jiang Baiqi?】

【Speaking of the temporary real human NPC that was arrested earlier, it seemed to have a helmet on its head. It looked quite funny.】

【They have the nerve to talk about helmets. Before, they were all lovey-dovey, saying it was for Jiang Baiqi, but ended up taking something from him.】

【Humanity is facing a formidable external threat? Are there aliens in this world?】

As the live broadcast only followed Song Juyao, the audience had no idea about events happening in other parts of this world. They didn't know what they were talking about and what this helmet was. They were astonished earlier when the temporary real human NPC put forward the multiple-choice question for Song Juyao, and she, instead of choosing an option, seemed to have known something all along, plotting some earth-shattering plan. At this moment, their curiosity was piqued, and they wanted to know what was going on.

Wasn't Song Juyao already left with nothing? Wasn't she abandoned by the government? Her mentor didn't even respond to her emails. And the result... there was this sudden reversal?! It was bewildering, fantastic! The program team had failed again, what a bunch of rubbish!

At this moment, Mr. Albert walked in. Song Juyao didn't want to be lovey-dovey with her boyfriend in front of her mentor, so she tried to withdraw her hand, but unexpectedly he tightly held onto it.

Albert chuckled, "Don't mind me. Go on with your conversation."

With such a big light bulb around, how could we continue talking?

Seeing the young couple stop talking, Albert patted Jiang Baiqi's shoulder, but he was avoided with disgust. Albert didn't mind and said, "Young man, you're really amazing. How did you come up with that helmet?"

Of course, his student was also very remarkable. While he saw Jiang Baiqi's mechanical bug's value, she had already discovered the helmet's secret. She had made bold assumptions and put forward incredibly useful suggestions, ultimately leading to the victory in this war without a single gunshot.

Considering that this man was Song Juyao's mentor and treated her with great care, Jiang Baiqi couldn't ignore him and replied, "I didn't have any particular thoughts, I just did it on a whim."

Albert looked complicated, thinking that he was also a well-known genius, but in front of this young man, he still felt overwhelmed in the presence of this young man.

Forget it, at least I'm more handsome than him!

【Still talking about the helmet. I'm getting more confused as I listen. What's so special about the helmet?】

【I'm totally lost. Are they saying that Jiang Baiqi's helmet is amazing? But what does that have to do with Song Juyao suddenly becoming so impressive?】

【Ah, I'm so curious. Is there a class rep who can explain it clearly?】

【No class rep, because the plot hasn't reached the decryption stage yet......】

The decryption part soon followed.

The plane arrived at the capital airport, where a formidable military force awaited them. As they disembarked, a high-ranking officer approached them.

"Mr. Albert, Dr. Song, the targets have all been captured and delivered to the research institute."


Jiang Baiqi was still a bit puzzled, but with Song Juyao by his side, he wasn't in a hurry to ask. Like a loyal dog thinking that everything will be fine with its master by its side, he followed her all the way from home to the capital and now got into the same car with her to the Olympic Research Institute.

Built halfway up the mountain, the research institute was heavily guarded, occupying a vast area with majestic buildings. Jiang Baiqi looked through the window and couldn't help but think that Song Juyao was working here. Once Song Juyao returned to the team, it would be difficult for outsiders to meet her.

At this point, she would definitely return.

As he expected, her teammates warmly welcomed her return, surrounding her. Jiang Baiqi got pushed aside, standing on the periphery of the lively crowd, watching his radiant sun being embraced by others. His lips tightened, and it seemed like an even more somber aura surrounded him.

Then, he saw his sun break free from the crowd, running up to him with a smile, holding his hand and intertwining their fingers, pulling him into the midst of the group.

"Everyone, this is Jiang Baiqi, my boyfriend," she introduced him to her teammates with a bright smile.

"He's the one who made the helmet, right?"

"Damn, heroes come from the youth. I'm so envious."

"Brother, you're amazing. Please take care of us in the future!"


Friendly and warm voices rushed towards him, but Jiang Baiqi only had eyes for Song Juyao. In his world, there were no other sounds, only her smiling face, only her voice. Perhaps, at one point, he longed for all this kindness very much, but now, all he wanted was her.

After a brief meeting, they got down to business. Although Jiang Baiqi created the helmet and was the original creator, he didn't participate in the subsequent improvement plans and wasn't part of the Olympic Prize team. He did not have enough identity to participate in the subsequent things. Consequently, he was temporarily placed in Song Juyao's office.

Her white robe's hem swirled in the air, creating a gentle breeze as her delicate hand slipped out from the sleeve and as Song Juyao donned her lab coat, she seemed to be putting on a warrior's armor. In that instant, her aura turned stern and fierce.

Entering the big laboratory, Song Juyao found many world-renowned scientists gathered there, including both domestic and foreign Olympic team members.

"Welcome back, Dr. Song."

"Thank you, sir."

In front of the main laboratory, there was a very large screen that had been divided into several sections. On it were the captured temporary real human NPCs, each undergoing interrogation in separate interrogation rooms.

"These people are indeed abnormal. Not only can they 'take over' bodies, but they also seem to be able to block their five senses," a doctor explained to Song Juyao.


【I think I understand a bit now! It shouldn't be what I thought, is it?!】

【Are all these people temporary real human NPCs? Have they all been caught?】

【The rubbish program team messed up by using too many people. NPCs aren't idiots. Changing their personalities like this can't go unnoticed, right?】

【Why hasn't the program team withdrawn them yet? Do they have another trick up their sleeve?】

【What's the purpose of that helmet? Is it a prop to identify whether they are temporary real human NPCs?】

Song Juyao focused on those temporary real human NPCs. Their arrogance was a result of what the program team did. Although they were detained due to Jiang Baiqi's invention of the spiritual body, making them unable to leave the virtual world, the virtual world was still a virtual world. The sensations of the real people entering this world were controlled through the biopods. So, the program team could still reduce their sense of pain, hearing, and more, sparing them from suffering. That's why these people appeared to have nothing to fear.

Anyway, it doesn't hurt, it won't kill, do whatever you want, if you don't like it, come and bite me! The expressions on their faces seemed to convey exactly that message.

And with great enthusiasm, they watched as the team helplessly struggled and could do nothing to them.

"They're so disgusting!" A younger researcher next to Song Juyao said angrily, "The Prime Minister has done so much for the people, and many citizens are touched and grateful with teary eyes when they mention him. Yet, he has been replaced by these disgusting individuals, using his body and name to do such immoral things!"

"That guy who replaced the Director of Education is even more repulsive! He's like a pig in heat, he committed several rapes, seductions, and bribes during this period! He doesn't even spare minors. Damn it, he really deserves to die!"

"And that teenager, although undoubtedly intelligent, is completely insane. He deliberately poured highly corrosive chemicals on a cleaning lady before..."


The researchers gritted their teeth, and those who listened were also furious. What on earth were these entities? How could they possess other people's bodies so easily? If even a country's Prime Minister could be secretly replaced so effortlessly, what about others? What's more, who knows what else they are capable of? If such a thing could happen in this country, it could happen in others too, and one day, it might even happen to themselves.

And so, they worked together diligently in an extremely short time, researching and improving the helmet, enduring and patiently waiting for the right moment, and finally captured all these people in one fell swoop!

"Then let's see what kind of things are hidden inside these people's bodies." Song Juyao said, "Teacher, how's the research on the technology of refractive imaging of the spiritual body going?"

Albert replied, "It's ready. Although it is not in compliance with the regulations to use it on the human body so we haven't conducted experiments, we don't need to be too particular about these enemies."

In the real world, the program directors team felt an ominous premonition. Spiritual body refraction imaging? Something doesn't seem right. Could it be…

The temporary real human NPCs were transferred to another room, and when they saw Song Juyao, a strange light gleamed in their eyes, making them utterly disgusting.

Song Juyao pushed the spiritual body refraction imaging device and approached the first person, the "Director of Education Bureau."

"Xiao Song, you're so beautiful. Uncle really likes you, but I haven't had a chance to play with you," he said with a greasy smile. "But don't worry, Uncle will definitely find an opportunity to play with you."

Song Juyao looked at him expressionlessly, operating the device in her hand. "Now that it's come to this, aren't you afraid at all?"

"I'm scared, I'm really scared," he said with a grin.

"Is it because you think that hiding under this skin, no one knows your true face, so you are so confident?"

Of course, that's why they came to play here! They could do anything they wanted, as it was all data. Therefore, it wasn't a crime. And apart from a few members of the program team, no one knew their true identities. No matter how depraved they acted here, once they left, they were still themselves, with no tarnished reputation, and no one would know what they had done! How delightful!

Song Juyao's lips curled slightly. "Since that's the case, let me see your true face."

She pressed the confirmation button.


The "Director of Education Bureau" froze for a moment, then relaxed, almost being bluffed by her, huh.

However, in the next second, the lights on the helmet flickered, and a faint glow emerged. In the hazy radiance, the helmet emitted a beam of light, and the imaging device in front of Song Juyao also projected a beam. The two beams converged, and a figure slowly materialized.

The image of an average middle-aged man, completely naked, appeared. His face was so clear that even the bald spot due to thinning hair on his scalp was clearly visible.

The expression of the "Director of Education Bureau" completely froze. This wasn't an NPC; it was his real-world appearance!!!

No way... This can't be real, right? It's absolutely impossible. I must be dreaming, it can't be......

The "Director of Education Bureau" lost the previous smug, greasy smile. He was soaked in an instant, sweating profusely like a pig, and his face turned deathly pale. In his mind, he saw the images of his terrifying wife, cold children, and his colleagues…..

【What the heck?!!】

【Damn, is this the real-world appearance of a temporary real human NPC?】

【Gross! He looks like an honest person. What on earth has he done in the virtual world? Does his wife know?】

【If I were his wife and found out what he did in the virtual world, and now it's exposed to 1.5 billion people, I would want to kill him out of embarrassment!】

【What the heck?!! Song Juyao? What has she done!!!】

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