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Chapter 33: First Arc [32]

In the barrage, the audience let out uneasy cries.

【Ah ah ah, I have a bad feeling about this.】

【Why did Ren Jiaqi bring Song Juyao on the mission? How difficult is it to leave her on the side of the road?】

【??? Is the garbage production team going to dress up Ren Jiaqi?】

【They can't handle anything properly. They can't even give the "judged" a so-called soul torture for the good judgement. All they can do is rely on one NPC after another? Is the production team even competent?】

【Ren Jiaqi looks strange. Be careful, Song Juyao!】

【Are you guys crazy? Do you want the production team to be careful with a murderer? If she's a murderer, any means can be used on her!】

Jiang Baiqi's anxiety grew stronger, but it hadn't been half an hour since Song Juyao and Ren Jiaqi left. If he interrupted them in such a short time, wouldn't he appear clingy and annoying? Ren Jiaqi was Song Juyao's friend, and she might have something to talk about with him. He didn't want to invade her personal space...

With these thoughts in mind, Jiang Baiqi restrained himself, but the restlessness inside him annoyed Jiang Bailuo.

Jiang Bailuo complained carefully, "Brother, isn't Sister-in-law going out with the police? Don't you even trust the police?" He is so possessive, pervert… an absolute pervert.

Jiang Baiqi didn't speak but pondered over it. Right, why was he so restless? Ren Jiaqi was someone Song Juyao trusted, and he was also a fairly famous police officer. He had no reason to be so anxious, as if Song Juyao was going to be harmed.

Jiang Bailuo was jealous of Jiang Baiqi and couldn't help but mutter, "Ever since you got together with Sister-in-law, you seem like a different person. I can hardly recognize you..." Of course, this change was a good thing, but it was this change that made people jealous.

Like a different person...

A lightning bolt struck Jiang Baiqi's mind, freezing him in place, and then he rushed upstairs. Like a different person... Song Juyao had said before that those people, those who suddenly targeted her, were once very enthusiastic and used to love her, but then suddenly, it was as if they became a completely different person.

What about Ren Jiaqi? Was it possible for him to undergo such a sudden transformation too? The image of Ren Jiaqi's face contorted like a monster flashed through his mind, and a strong sense of fear seized Jiang Baiqi.

He took out the beetle, but when he saw the dragonfly on the table, he was struck by a realization. Right, during this period, they had always been together, so there was no need for the dragonfly. So... when Song Juyao went out, she didn't take it with her at all. He couldn't track Song Juyao now.

He quickly thought of a solution. If he couldn't track Song Juyao, then he would track Ren Jiaqi. The police system had added the tracking and positioning function in all the police cars a year ago. Each police car had a tracking chip inside, and if he invaded the system, he could lock the location of Ren Jiaqi's police car!


On the way, Ren Jiaqi received another call, which made his expression even more serious. He looked at Song Juyao and said, "I was planning to chat with you after the matter was over, but the situation has changed. It will take a while and it's quite dangerous. I'll let you go here, and you call your little boyfriend to pick you up."


Ren Jiaqi pulled over to the side of the road and let Song Juyao out of the car.

【??? Did we wrongly accuse the programme team?】

【Ren Jiaqi isn't dressed up?】

【But it's not good to leave a girl in a place like this.】

【Did he or did he not get dressed up?】

Ren Jiaqi advised, "Be careful. There's a gas station over there. Go wait for that kid over there."


Ren Jiaqi's car soon drove away.

Song Juyao looked in the direction Ren Jiaqi pointed, gazing for a few seconds before walking over. She turned a corner and saw the gas station Ren Jiaqi mentioned. The gas station appeared desolate, with a dim yellow light, a small convenience store, and few people around. There was also a small bridge nearby, and the sound of flowing water could be faintly heard.

But standing by the roadside wasn't an option, so going to the gas station was the only choice. Song Juyao walked over.

The owner of the store was a middle-aged man. He saw Song Juyao take a bottle of water over the checkout, and asked, "How is the little girl alone here?"

Song Juyao replied, "I'm not alone. My friend will be here soon."

"Is that so?" The middle-aged man nodded and took her money.

At that moment, Song Juyao suddenly heard the sound of a rolling shutter being pulled down behind her. She turned to look, and the store's door was already closed. Then, she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head, her vision darkened, and she lost consciousness.


Jiang Baiqi quickly located Ren Jiaqi's police car, but he found it parked in front of an abandoned factory. Besides Ren Jiaqi, there were also many special police officers at the scene, confronting kidnappers inside the factory.

He called Song Juyao, but no one answered.

How could this be?

He felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, suddenly feeling a chilling coldness. His whole body trembled.

At this moment, his phone rang.


After catching Song Juyao, the directors finally breathed a sigh of relief. With less than five hours until the live broadcast of the first episode in real-world time and three days remaining in virtual world time, now they had enough time to turn the tables.

"Great, we finally caught Song Juyao!"

"This time, the plan was as logical and reasonable as possible, and it confused Jiang Baiqi enough to prevent him from intervening."

"Tell the temporary live NPCs to act faster and pay attention to his acting skills."

Because of the attack on Song Juyao, the barrage erupted with voices of fear, curses, expectations, goodwill, and malice. Everyone knew that the climax of this episode had arrived.

Yuan Manzhi had also finally waited for this moment.

"Song Juyao, let's see how you smile this time!" Yuan Manzhi said with a twisted smile. "Die in agony, suffer torment, have your limbs broken, your eyes gouged out..." All kinds of cruel and terrifying tortures filled her mind. Not only this episode, but the next one and the one after that, she would make Song Juyao suffer until she crouched down, lying down in agony, accepting her fate.


It was Saturday.

The Jin family routinely had dinner together on this day, but the head of the family came back late, so the meal was also a bit late.

In the magnificent aristocratic dining hall, a long table covered with red tablecloths was laid out with delicious dishes. However, some people ate as if the food tasted like wax.

"What's wrong with you two brothers? Why do you look so glum?" the beautiful lady asked with concern.

"It's nothing," Jin Yao said. Could they say it was because of heartbreak? Song Juyao had left the Jinke Duola Academy and refused to side with the noble camp. However, this made him even more infatuated with the girl, feeling that she was unique and extraordinary in this world. He knew Jin Yu's intentions. As a twin, he had always stepped back, and originally he also wanted to give up Song Juyao for Jin Yu, but he just thought so, doing so was not that easy.

At least some of his actions were beyond his control, like secretly finding out where Song Juyao had gone and then taking a car and sneaking out to see her.

As a result, he met his twin brother in the same situation: running into each other on the street like this, they were embarrassed beyond words.

But what was even more tragic was that they saw Song Juyao holding hands with another man getting off a bus. To make matters worse, the investigation revealed that this person was a student from the Jinke Duola Academy—an inconspicuous, average-looking guy from an ordinary background!

This happened at noon today, so they hadn't fully recovered from the blow, and their faces didn't look good. However, their upbringing and background gave them confidence, and they didn't really regard Jiang Baiqi as a rival. Song Juyao's vision surprised them, but this opponent wasn't even worth considering.

"Honey, you too. Aren't you hungry coming back so late? You seem absent-minded," the lady turned to her husband.

Jin Yu looked up at the head of the table, and his father's expression was solemn. "Has something gone wrong with the plan?"

If there was one busy matter the Jin family was dealing with lately, it was their plan to take down that important figure by using Song Juyao's matter. The Jin family had been coordinating with other noble families for a while, ensuring that they could strike with a deadly blow and dismantle the opposing faction and pull down a string of people along with their forces.

Jin Father's expression was inscrutable as he said, "The plan has been temporarily put on hold."

"Why?" Jin Yu frowned. He hoped that after this operation, they could convince Song Juyao to return to the Olympic prize team.

Jin Father knew everything that had happened in Jinke Duola. Although Jin Yu was already outstanding among his peers and even people a bit older than his peers, compared to this old fox of a father, he was still too young. He had seen through his son's thoughts and shook his head at the news he had just received.

"Despite giving you plenty of opportunities for growth, but after all, the flowers in the greenhouse are not as good as the plum blossoms that brave the snow and ice."

Jin Yu was taken aback, and Jin Yao stopped what he was doing, looking up at their father.

"Do you really think Song Juyao is a cat without claws?" Jin Father said. Though she came from a commoner background, her intelligence and abilities compensated for any lack in her lineage. The Jin family would be delighted to have her as a daughter-in-law, but it seemed that these two sons were not good enough for her.

"She doesn't need your help."


Song Juyao was awakened by sobbing sounds. She slowly opened her eyes to a gloomy and cold space. As she regained consciousness, she immediately surveyed her surroundings. She found herself in a square room, her feet shackled to the ground, with a dagger and a syringe containing an unknown liquid placed beside her feet.

Apart from her, there was another girl in the room, who was lying on the ground, unable to move, crying in fear.

What the hell?

Song Juyao tugged at the chains with force, but they didn't budge. She then approached the girl, asking, "Calm down. How are you?"

"I-I'm anesthetized all over. I can't move." The girl said, her voice trembling with fright.

"How did I end up here?"

"I don't know. When I woke up, this was the situation, wuwuwu... Look above your head wuwuwu..."

Song Juyao looked up and saw an incredibly huge chainsaw hanging above her, specially designed to hang like a ceiling fan, with no part that could be touched by hand. Eight large saw blades were assembled in the shape of a flower, and the terrifying saw teeth gleamed with a cold, chilling light.

Song Juyao was thinking, when a voice came from the corner of the space.

"Hello, Song Juyao. We're about to play a fun game. Have you seen the countdown timer on the wall? There are thirty seconds left, and the game begins. When the game starts, the chainsaw above your head will slowly descend. When the countdown ends, if you can't move from your spot, well, you can imagine the outcome. Your feet are shackled to the ground, so you can't move unless you get the key."

【Ah ah ah, this feels so twisted!】

【Is this a temporary live NPC?】

【Finally back to the Judgment Reality Show's style!】

【Looking forward to the program team exposing Song Juyao's unknown side!】

【Junk program team, even if Song Juyao reveals a darker side, it won't change the fact that you're a junk team!】

【Are Song fans getting scared now? Weren't they arrogant before, insisting she's innocent?】

Song Juyao remained calm. "Who are you?"

The person did not answer Song Juyao and continued, "Where is the key? The key is inside that girl's belly. If you want to unlock your shackles, you have to cut open her stomach and get the key. See that door? It's not locked. Once you free yourself from the shackles, you can leave."

The drugged girl was terrified, gasping for breath in fright, her eyes filled with fear.

"What's in the syringe?" Song Juyao asked.

"This is an antidote. If you inject the antidote into the girl's body, about ten minutes later, her sedation will wear off."

Ten minutes—the time on the countdown timer happened to be exactly ten minutes.

So, faced with this multiple-choice question, if Song Juyao chose to inject the antidote into the girl, the girl would be able to leave in 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Song Juyao, whose feet were shackled to the ground, would be mercilessly shredded by the descending chainsaw. Even if she tried her best to throw herself to the ground, keeping her body away from the saw, at the very least, both of her legs would be severed in the most excruciating manner.

But if she chose to save herself, she had to use the knife to cut open the defenseless girl's belly in front of her and find the key inside her stomach.

【What kind of horror movie is this?】

【What choice will Song Juyao make?】

【Anyone would choose to save themselves at a critical moment like this.】

【This move seems to be inspired by a certain horror movie. I remember the protagonist in that movie faced a similar choice and ended up cutting open the other person's belly to find the key. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.】

【People are selfish, and Song Juyao is no exception. When it comes to life or death, she will definitely choose herself.】

The countdown has already begun. The terrified girl begged Song Juyao with desperate eyes, blinking hard. "No, please, no..."

Song Juyao's feet were immobile, but her hands were free. The knife, antidote and the girl were all within her reach.

As the 30 seconds passed, the chainsaw above Song Juyao's head suddenly roared to life, its saw blades rotating, emitting a terrifying, beast-like sound as it slowly began to descend.

The girl was so stimulated that she nearly rolled her eyes and passed out.

Song Juyao's face turned pale, and she took two deep breaths. Her hands remained motionless without choosing anything between the syringe and the knife.

"All of this was prepared for me, wasn't it?" Song Juyao asked the kidnapper who wasn't present at the scene.

The kidnapper was quite relaxed; his mission was already accomplished, and he had no reason to be nervous. "Yes, this eight-blade chainsaw is quite impressive, isn't it? It took me quite some time to make it. I even accidentally sawed off my hands a few times while working on it."

【Accidentally sawed a few hands? He must be talking about NPCs' hands, right?】

【It's disgusting! Even though they are NPCs, they are still living beings in the virtual world. After he sawed off their hands, did he just replace the NPCs with new ones?】

【Song fans, don't try to divert attention here. It's hilarious to see you defending data as if it's a living person's matter!】

【Diverting attention won't change the fact that your idol's perfect image has collapsed!】

【The countdown has started, and she didn't immediately pick up the syringe. She probably won't do it later either.】

【Exciting, exciting, exciting!!!】

Song Juyao seemed oblivious to the strangeness of the kidnapper's words. "So, it was you all along, following me. No matter how I tried to shake you off, you found a way to catch up."

"That's right, it's Lao Tzu." The man said triumphantly.

"How did you manage to do it? I was sure I got rid of you."

"It's none of your business how I did it."

"You had accomplices, right? And not just one or two, but an organization. This organization has been keeping an eye on me, targeting me. What did I do wrong?"

"At the brink of death, you still spout so much nonsense."

"Where are you now? Are you outside the room? How can I be sure that after leaving, I won't immediately fall into your second trap?" Song Juyao remained remarkably composed.

"Hahaha, you have no choice now. Did you think you still have a say in the matter? At this stage, you can only decide who lives and who dies, or if you want to perish together."

"That voice of yours is so unpleasant. You must be very ugly because you're a failure, not being valued or loved by anyone, you are mediocre, and even disgusting and ugly. That's why you came up with this method to harm others." Song Juyao's tone turned sharp and scornful, a sharp turn from her usual demeanor.

The voice suddenly fell silent, but the atmosphere became tense in an instant. That person must be really furious.

"Such a pity. In this world, even among the perverts, there are still different levels—there are the psychopaths with outstanding looks, rich backgrounds, and high intelligence, but with mental disorders. And then there's you—the lowest of the low, ugly and useless. Even if you were outside the door, you wouldn't dare open it to reveal your ugly face."

After Song Juyao finished speaking, the chainsaw above her head suddenly dropped a considerable distance in an instant.


【Oh my god, that scared me to death!!!】

Song Juyao also trembled, but she keenly noticed a sudden angry commotion outside. It sounded like someone had kicked something away.

"Oh, I see, you were outside."

"I regret it now. The time is reduced to 5 minutes. You better make a choice quickly!" The voice said in a sinister tone.

The eight-blade chainsaw descended even faster.

Song Juyao took a deep breath, looking down at the knife and the syringe. "Fine, I choose..."

The program crew instinctively leaned closer to the screen, eager to see which item Song Juyao would pick up. The audience couldn't help but hold their breath, waiting with bated breath.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Song Juyao suddenly lifted her head, perfectly aligned with the camera. Her gaze pierced through the lens like arrows, seemingly aimed at everyone watching the live broadcast. A fierce and resolute expression flashed across her face, revealing her undeniable sharpness.

The show's crew members felt a phantom pain as if their hearts had been shot.

"Teacher, take action now," Song Juyao said, not knowing whom she was addressing.


The show's crew hadn't reacted yet, and the show's deranged fans outside, eager to see Song Juyao bleed, were also taken aback.

Bang! The door was kicked open, and the glass window shattered. Special forces soldiers, armed with guns, immediately subdued the kidnapper. A helmet was put on his head.

At the same time, inside the Prime Minister's residence,

A man enjoying the delightful taste of power of being in charge of the whole country, which allowed him to control and dominate others, was chatting with guests, pretending to be the ruler of all. In his eyes, these people were just NPCs—mindless and unworthy of his consideration.

He relished the flattery and the opportunity to make promises and accept bribes. These were things he couldn't experience in real life, and that's what made being an emperor so wonderful!

A group of stern-faced soldiers in black uniforms broke into the hall with resounding steps.

"What are you doing? Who allowed you to come in?" he scolded in displeasure.

"Take him down," the leading officer said with an icy expression.

"What? How dare you..."

He was ruthlessly subdued, and a helmet was buckled on his head.

The high-ranking officials present didn't show much surprise. Their earlier flattery turned into disdain as they coldly looked at this so-called "national leader."


Olympic Prize Research Institute,

A satisfied young man had just come out of the laboratory when he bumped into a military officer at the door.

"Good dogs don't block...... huh? What are you doing?"

"Take him away."


At the Education Bureau…

The lecherous director was coercing and luring parents of the students. He was fully immersed in this virtual world, enjoying the pleasure of indulging in human desires. He had even decided to spend more money to join in the next episode.

It felt amazing! He had forgotten his cowardly behavior in the real world and the children who didn't respect him, wishing that everything in the virtual world was real.

At this moment, the office door was forcefully opened, and he looked up with annoyance to see a group of intimidating military officers. He was startled but didn't take it seriously.

"What is this...?"

Before he could finish his question, he was taken away.


At the "I'm the Big Winner" TV station,

"Something's wrong!"

"Quick, go and see!"

Peng Jia, annoyed and restless, was having a smoke. Ever since the day Song Juyao's footage was cut, he had been having a hard time. The station head's constant suppression and his own worry for Song Juyao were all piling up. Hearing the commotion, he impatiently raised his head. "What is it?"

"The station head has been arrested!"

"What?" Peng Jia quickly got up and rushed out of the office, just in time to see the station head wearing a strange helmet, being escorted away by a group of imposing soldiers.

His heart skipped a beat, sensing that all of this might be related to Song Juyao.



All the temporary real-life NPCs who were still in the virtual world were wiped out in one fell swoop.

The show's crew was shocked and bewildered.

"What... what's going on?"

An extremely bad premonition suddenly rose in Tang Shan's heart, and his intuition made him yell, "Get the temporary real-life NPCs out of the virtual world!"

The crew member in charge of this task immediately acted. It was a straightforward job—just press the button on the biological pod, and the temporary real-life NPCs' consciousness would be ejected, returning them to their bodies. This invention had been in use for 20 years without any issues.


The staff member's face changed. "What's happening? No response?"

"What are you dawdling for? Make them quit!" Tang Shan roared.

"Director… Director, it's not working."

"What? What's not working?"

"We can't retrieve them... The consciousness of the temporary real-life NPCs can't be pulled out of the virtual world!"

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