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Chapter 32: First Arc [31]

Compared to the inexplicable feeling that he's shining, being watched because of what he possessed seemed more logical.

Song Juyao lowered her gaze, pressed her lips together, and after a while, lifted her eyes to look at him. "What we want now is something else."

【!!! She admitted it!】

【Wow, I'm crying! woo..woo..woo.】

【Damn, I've been abused by love on this judgment show!】

Jiang Baiqi felt a sense of disappointment, but also a sense of relief. This was good. He didn't have to worry anymore.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Before the mechanical insects, you made a helmet. We want the core technology of that."

"Okay." Jiang Baiqi didn't hesitate at all. He flipped out the crumpled design sketches and a USB drive from the corner. He handed them to Song Juyao. "As an exchange, no matter where you go, I'll always be with you."

Song Juyao looked at him complexly for a while, then turned and went upstairs, holding the items.

Jiang Baiqi watched her figure and felt as if he had done something wrong, angering Song Juyao. He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. He could only stand there, staring as she disappeared from sight.

Upstairs, the family of three still looked tense as they peered into the basement. When they saw Song Juyao coming up, they visibly relaxed, though still somewhat nervous.

"Miss Song... Are you kidnapped by him?" Mrs. Jiang asked, her expression unnatural as she held her phone.

Song Juyao was extremely surprised, her expression growing stiff. "What?"

Mrs. Jiang's expression turned awkward as she gripped her phone tightly. "You... Don't worry. If he did anything bad to you, we will help you."

"Please stop making baseless claims." Song Juyao's expression turned serious. "Ah-Qi is a good person. He didn't kidnap me; he helped me."

"Is that so? Well, that's good." They breathed a sigh of relief.

Song Juyao didn't have time to talk to them at the moment. She took out her phone and made a call, waiting at the entrance of the Jiang residence. Soon, a car arrived.

"Dr. Song." A man in a black suit quickly got out of the car.

Song Juyao handed him the items. "How is he? The person who was injured just now?"

The man forced a smile. "Fortunately, he was wearing a prosthetic eye, otherwise he might have gone blind. Facial treatment is already underway, and we will provide sufficient compensation and medical care. There was no threat to his life, so please rest assured."

The main issue was that they had never expected Jiang Baiqi's mere mechanical beetle to have such power. They had thought wearing bulletproof vests was already overly cautious, but Jiang Baiqi's approach was beyond their expectations. The attack method of that mechanical insect was incredibly unpredictable and terrifying, akin to being executed by dismemberment. No wonder Albert had wanted his core technology. Such a weapon could be devastating in warfare.

Feeling uneasy, Song Juyao nodded and handed over Song Wanwan as well. "Please take care of it for me during this time."


She then asked the man to convey her words of comfort before turning back to the Jiang residence.

Jiang Baiqi stood at the doorstep and, seeing that she didn't leave with the man, a glimmer appeared in his big, dull eyes.

Since it was late at night, Song Juyao and Jiang Baiqi stayed at the Jiang residence. Jiang Baiqi's room was a bit dusty, as if it hadn't been cleaned in a long time. It seemed that Jiang Baiqi had gotten used to it, instructing Song Juyao to wait in the living room, he began tidying up the room.

"Miss Song, have a glass of juice," Mrs. Jiang enthusiastically approached with a warm smile on her face, followed by a young boy. She pushed the boy forward and said, "This is Baiqi's younger brother, Bailuo. He's in the third year at the First Middle School."

Song Juyao looked at Jiang Bailuo, who seemed very different from Jiang Baiqi. Jiang Baiqi had a pale complexion like a vampire, with a gloomy temperament that made him as inconspicuous as a dusty speck. On the other hand, Bailuo held his head high and had the appearance of a typical, sunny teenager. He must be probably popular among the girls at school.

"Bailuo, don't you have some questions you don't understand? Hurry up and ask ‘study-god’ for advice!" Mrs. Jiang said after a brief exchange of pleasantries.

Jiang Bailuo blushed a little: "Can I, Sister?"


Jiang Bailuo immediately fetched a test paper, probably from the recent monthly exam. It was a paper with a maximum score of 150, and he scored 145, only missing five points on one of the major questions. His performance was considered excellent. It seemed that Mrs. Jiang also felt the same way as she poured juice and prepared fruits, saying, "Our Bailuo is different from his brother since childhood. His brother likes to tinker with all sorts of miscellaneous things, but Bailuo is diligent in his studies. He has always idolized you, but still makes one or two mistakes in every exam, which really worries us."

Jiang Bailuo felt embarrassed. His grades were among the top in the school, but talking about it in front of Song Juyao was like showing off. Moreover, his mother's intention to establish a relationship with Song Juyao was all too obvious. Although he really wanted that, being so straightforward made the situation awkward...

Song Juyao politely smiled, and seeing her good-natured temperament, Mrs. Jiang's smile grew even wider. She directly sat down on the sofa, saying, "Miss Song, how did you get to know our Baiqi? You really startled us just now. That child grew up withdrawn and has had a peculiar personality since childhood. He has no friends, and we don't know who he inherited those eyes from. He used to kill small animals quite often, and we have always been worried that he might do something illegal. Suddenly bringing a girl like you home, we thought he had finally done something we’re afraid of. But we didn't expect that he could actually be of help to you..."

"Mom, Brother is just conducting experiments. Don't talk about him as if he's a freak..."

"But he's still a child. Which child behaves like this? I don't know where he learned it from..."

【??? What kind of mother is this? Does anyone talk about their own son like that?】

【The favoritism is so obvious.】

【Poor little speck of dust, no one cares for or loves him.】

【This younger is a brother a white lotus, right?】


Jiang Baiqi stood at the corner of the staircase, listening to the conversation below, his hand slowly tightening on the wall. This wasn't the first time his mother had said such things. She didn't like him, thinking he was a weirdo. She didn't say these things to mock him intentionally; she genuinely felt that way. He used to be indifferent to it, but at this moment, a flame of anger ignited in his chest.

Why did she have to say these things in front of Song Juyao? Tarnishing his image to elevate her other son, trying to take her away from him? What will Song Juyao think after hearing these words? Will she, like others before, distance herself from him? Will she think that if even my own biological mother judged me this way, then I must be a terrifying person.

Song Juyao listened to their words, her hand holding the glass becoming tighter as if she wanted to shatter it.

In her previous life, Song Juyao never had the time or mood to understand who Jiang Baiqi really was, what environment he grew up in. Now, looking at his family, she suddenly felt heartbroken and furious.

It turned out that even his own family members thought he was a freak. He had to clean the bedroom by himself when he went home on vacation. Even when he brought a fellow student home to live with him, they suspected that he had kidnapped the person. And now, even after knowing that they were friends, they were still making these remarks, as if reminding her to stay away from him. Since his childhood, how many of Jiang Baiqi's friends have been scared away because of this?

No wonder he was so restless and always on high alert.

Song Juyao looked at Jiang's mother and asked, "Is Ah-Qi an adopted child?"

"Huh? No..."

"Then why do you guys don't understand him at all?" Song Juyao stood up, passionately defending him, "He is extremely talented, with almost perfect scores in all subjects. He has received the highest level of scholarship at Jinke Duola Academy. He is very kind-hearted, often feeding stray cats and dogs. It's impossible for him to kill small animals just for the sake of experiments. He donates money to charities every month, giving hope to countless people. At such a young age, he has developed a product that impressed the mentor of the Olympic team... He is obviously intelligent, kind, and cute. He is not at all how you describe him!"

The mother and son were stunned, with stiff expressions. They felt that the person Song Juyao was talking about was someone else.

Song Juyao turned angrily and went upstairs. She saw Jiang Baiqi standing there, stunned, seemingly lost in thought at the corner. She grabbed his arm and dragged him upstairs.

"...It's this room." Seeing Song Juyao pulling him towards the master bedroom, Jiang Baiqi held her back and whispered.

With a turn, Song Juyao brought him into his own bedroom.

The bedroom was small, filled with the ambiance of a boy.

As soon as they entered, Song Juyao let go of his hand, turned her back to him, her figure seeming full of anger.

Jiang Baiqi's heart was beating fast, a sour feeling filling his body, nowhere to vent. He gazed longingly at Song Juyao's slender figure, her words from earlier echoing in his mind. How he wished that was her genuine opinion...

The room was quiet. At that moment, Jiang Baiqi suddenly heard a very soft sound. He was startled and immediately pulled Song Juyao towards him.

On the beautiful flower-like face of the girl, her lovely eyes were red, glistening with tears. Suddenly being pulled towards him, she shook him off with embarrassment. "Go away."

Jiang Baiqi felt time stop. His heart took a heavy blow. Did Song Juyao cry? Because of him? She didn't shed a tear even when she was expelled from the Olympic team and found out she had nothing. But now, because of him... she cried?

He felt like he had committed an unforgivable mistake. Carefully, he reached for her hand, his voice growing hoarse. "I'm sorry... I was wrong. Please don't cry."

"I'm not crying." The girl stubbornly replied, pulling her hand away.

"I'll give you anything you want, okay?" Jiang Baiqi reached out for her again.

"I don't want anything."

"I was wrong."

"What did you do wrong?"

Jiang Baiqi couldn't find the words, anyway it was his fault for making her sad.

Seeing him unable to speak, Song Juyao turned around in anger, pushing him away. Jiang Baiqi's calves hit the mattress, and he sat down abruptly.

"You don't believe that I truly love you. You don't even listen to my explanations and treat my feelings as a transaction! When the teacher asked me to find you, I refused because I didn't have the time. I wanted to find someone. Later, I agreed because he sent your photo along. Why didn't you read the email properly?"

Song Juyao handed him the candid photos of Jiang Baiqi from her bag. They were the ones Albert had scanned and sent to her, and she had specially printed them out.

"I was originally looking for you. I fell in love with you at first sight a long time ago. When I found out that the person I was supposed to find was you, I went for it. Is that not okay?"

Jiang Baiqi was immersed in a strange dream. It was so beautiful that he couldn't believe it. He didn't dare to move, sitting still in his place, afraid that any slight movement would wake him up from the dream.

With her fervent passion and straightforward confession, Jiang Baiqi, though gentle and mature in other areas, found himself incredibly embarrassed by a girl expressing her feelings so passionately. Being inexperienced in matters of the heart, his face flushed red.

"...I'm sorry." He couldn't organize his words and could only repeat that phrase mechanically.

"I'm sorry." Song Juyao suddenly said, her sharp emotions instantly softening.


"I should have come to find you earlier. It must have been lonely for so many years, right?" Song Juyao bent down, one hand caressing his face, gently lifting it up. She looked at him sadly and said, "But I'm also a little happy. They can't see you, your excellence, your kindness, your cuteness. Your eyes are so beautiful, but they can't see that. Only I can."

He finally realized that this was not a dream. He met Song Juyao's gaze up close, his pupils were trembling, his body burning, and his heart was feeling like it was about to explode.

"Ah-Qi, can I be the only one who has you? They don't want you, but I do."

Song Juyao bent down, her voice so gentle that it couldn't help but trickle down. She affectionately kissed his forehead, his eyes, and then his lips.



【Help, pull back that hair for Bengong!!! I want to see their lips touching and their tongues fighting!】

【My CP is alive again ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!】

【It's a breathtaking love story ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!】

【Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm crying. Why does Jiang Baiqi have all this? Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!】

The live chat erupted in screams.

Huo Sen abruptly extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray, jealousy surging within him. Only after looking at the countdown for the live stream and realizing that this episode was coming to an end could he restrain his urge to intervene with Jiang Baiqi, the NPC.

In the dead of night, the lights in Jiang's living room were turned off.

The lights in Jiang Baiqi's bedroom were also off, but they couldn't fall asleep.

Jiang Baiqi lay on the floor, his heart still beating rapidly, each thump reverberating in his ears. He lay on his side, staring at his own bed. The girl was lying on his pillow, a strand of her long hair cascading down onto the bed sheet.

Unconsciously, he touched his own lips, his whole body flushed with embarrassment. He discreetly stretched his feet out from under the blanket. It was so hot.

"Are you asleep?" Jiang Baiqi whispered.

The girl on the bed turned over, stretched her hand outside the covers. "Hmm?"

He cleared his throat and averted his gaze from her hand, restraining the impulse to reach out and hold it. "Where have you ...... seen me before?"

"It was right around here."

The Jiang family was not far from the Jinke Duola Academy. When Song Juyao entered the academy for middle school, she was already quite famous. At that time, a few adults took an interest in her, thinking she had money and wanted to kidnap her. They followed her. Song Juyao had already noticed, but before she took any measures, those adults were scared away.

A gloomy and inconspicuous boy with a faint presence suddenly appeared by the side of those already guilty individuals in the dark of the night. He stared at them with those eerie eyes, frightening them as if they had seen a ghost, causing them to scatter and flee.

Song Juyao turned her head and saw him, recognizing him. However, at that time, it was not the time to know him, it wasn't part of her plan. So she ignored him and walked away, just like all the people who overlooked him due to his faint sense of presence.

It was somewhat heartless, so she certainly wouldn't tell him the truth about it.

At that time, Baiqi hadn't seen Song Juyao's face clearly, and this attitude was something he had grown accustomed to. He quickly forgot about the incident. So now, when Song Juyao brought it up, Baiqi couldn't recall it at all. But he believed her words. No matter what she said now, he would believe her.

Even if it was a lie, he was willing to believe it, willing to get lost in the dream she created for him, never wanting to be awakened.

Song Juyao moved her fingers, as if urging him.

Baiqi's heart thumped like thunder, and finally, he slowly reached out and held her hand.

【Ahhh, this is so sweet!!!】

【I'm eating dog food in the justice trial show!】

【Sigh, when will it be my turn for such a sweet romance?】


Baiqi didn't return to school. On one hand, he couldn't rest assured about Song Juyao and worried that she might be in danger. On the other hand, he didn't want to go back to school. They were like teenagers deeply in love, sticking together every day, unwilling to be apart.

The Jiang family of three went from disbelief to shock, and eventually, they silently accepted this incredible reality.

Jiang Bailuo was lost in class, because of what his parents and the people around him said about Jiang Baiqi, Jiang Bailuo thought that he was really better than his brother in every way, and that Jiang Baiqi was just a strange freak with a weird mind.

However, now he finally realized that Baiqi had better grades than him, made more money, and even had a girlfriend like Song Juyao, someone of that caliber. Baiqi was obviously such a gray and unremarkable guy. What made it even more uncomfortable was that after being with Song Juyao, he didn't seem as inconspicuous anymore. At least, he was no longer overlooked at first glance.

Was it because of the things in the basement that caught Song Juyao's attention and earned her love?

Bailuo pondered this and while Song Juyao and Baiqi were away, he took the opportunity to enter Baiqi's basement.

The basement was filled with all sorts of miscellaneous things. Shelves were stacked with various circuit boards, small components, and things he couldn't understand. There were bookshelves filled with books on physics, chemistry, astronomy, and even international scientific journals...

"It seems somewhat impressive."

Bai Luo muttered as he casually picked up a helmet-like object, which could be described as futuristic in a nice way and childish toy-like in a harsh way.

"What is this?" Bai Luo mumbled, placing the helmet on his head and casually pressing a switch.

"Buzz!" In an instant, Jiang Bailuo's head went blank. It felt as if something had been sucked out of him, and he limply collapsed on the ground.

Three hours later, he slowly regained consciousness and took off the helmet in horror and scrambled out of the basement on all fours.


The live broadcast entered the countdown, but because Baiqi had been by Song Juyao's side all this time, their temporary live-action NPC couldn't make a move. After witnessing the power of Baiqi's beetles firsthand, it was obviously a dream to get rough with Jiang Baiqi.

"We can't let the first episode of the live broadcast end like this. Song Juyao's votes for redressal of grievances have been increasing, and the barrage is filled with sweetness. It's like everyone has forgotten that our show is a court trial show!" Tan Wei said angrily.

"Let's just have someone transmigrate into Baiqi. It would be a massive blow to Song Juyao!"

Upon hearing this terrible idea, Tang Shan wanted to explode in anger, "The audience has a favorable impression of Baiqi now. Are we trying to make the audience hate us? The credibility of the show has already dropped several levels in this episode!"

"But if we continue like this, the temporary live-action NPCs who are being held hostage will be found by Ren Jiaqi and the others!"

Tang Shan paused for a moment. "Wait a minute... I've got an idea!"


Jiang Baiqi and Song Juyao had just returned to the Jiang family from the supermarket. Jiang Bailuo saw the two people with evasive eyes, he quietly greeted them and then buried himself in eating the fruit in the bowl.

Upon seeing the colorful fruit chunks in his bowl, Baiqi went to the kitchen and prepared a bowl of fruit for Song Juyao.

Jiang Bailuo didn't dare to talk to Jiang Baiqi, but he was still close to Song Juyao. When he saw Jiang Baiqi enter the kitchen, he moved his butt a few times in Song Juyao's direction and asked quietly, "Sister... Are the things my brother makes all dangerous?"

Song Juyao asked in surprise, "Huh? Why do you think that?"

Jiang Bailuo stuttered as he recounted his encounter with the helmet in the basement, "With just that one moment, I felt dizzy, as if my soul was being sucked away. It was so evil."

However, thinking about how bizarre it was, it seemed to match Baiqi's temperament. He was always a strange character, creating weird and dangerous things was quite compatible with him.

Song Juyao was surprised but soon burst into laughter. "No it's not like that."

At this moment, Song Juyao's phone vibrated twice. She looked down and saw a message from Ren Jiaqi.

[I'm outside the Jiang family's gate. Come out to see me.]

Song Juyao stood up and opened the door, seeing a police car parked at the gate. Ren Jiaqi waved at her through the car window.

Jiang Baiqi came out of the kitchen, and Song Juyao said to him, "I'm going out to meet Jiaqi ge. It's just at the entrance."

Jiang Baiqi glanced at him and responded in a low voice. He watched as Song Juyao left and got into the car.

"Jiaqi Ge."

Ren Jiaqi flicked the cigarette ash out of the car window, glanced at Jiang Baiqi, who was looking at them through the window, and asked, "Is he the person you've been looking for?"


"He's been staring at me as if I would do something to you. That brat is really annoying." Ren Jiaqi wrinkled his nose and reached out to ruffle Song Juyao's hair. "You're like a little sister I watched growing up. That guy is two centuries old. Let's find another place to talk. It's really annoying being watched."

Song Juyao helplessly adjusted her ruffled hair and agreed. She sent a text message to Jiang Baiqi, telling him that she and Ren Jiaqi were going to a place a little ahead to chat, so he didn't need to worry.

A police car always gives people a sense of security. Song Juyao had already told him before that Ren Jiaqi was the captain of the Special Police Brigade and had taken good care of her together with his sister, Ren Yulin. He was someone she could trust.

However, Jiang Baiqi felt an inexplicable sense of uneasiness when he looked at the car going away.

Ren Jiaqi asked Song Juyao about her relationship with Jiang Baiqi. Song Juyao felt a little embarrassed but was also very frank because she trusted him like a brother, and her vigilance was much weaker compared to before.

As Ren Jiaqi was listening, his phone suddenly rang, and Song Juyao fell silent. Ren Jiaqi's expression tightened as he listened intently, then abruptly turned the steering wheel, and the car veered in another direction.

"Juyao, they found the kidnapper at the station. I have to go there right away. Don't get out of the car."

Song Juyao was taken aback. "Okay."

Although they initially planned to find a place to talk, it was normal for the destination to change suddenly due to an urgent case. After all, sometimes apprehending a criminal requires seizing every second, or else the opportunity would be lost.

The police car quickly left the bustling city and entered a desolate and uninhabited territory.

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