My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 19: Chapter 19

In the evening, the little cat practiced the word again for a while and felt that she had made great progress. She took a picture of her practiced calligraphy and shared it in Moments.

The comment section was immediately filled with hahas.

Zhou Mingyu was the first to comment.

- Catalpa wood puppet: “What is this thing? Ahhhhhh my eyes, why does it hurt my eyes!”

- The scum lion died away: “Your writing, Xiaohan… hahahahahahaha, so cute.”

- Han Ze: “I can’t understand your writing. You must be using your paw to write.” Zheng Ze was conflictedly looking at the ugly writing of the little cat and really could not boast.

- Xiaohan is a white cat replied to Han Ze: “It was controlled using spiritual power [cat sighing.jpg]”

- Lion sister marry me: “Hahahahahahahaha little sister this word is also too wild, right hahahahahahahahahaha, the notebook next to it looks familiar. It’s Lang Chen’s, right?”

- The scum lion died away replied to Lion sister marry me: “Duo-en who allowed you to use my photo as an avatar, change it back immediately! Change your name back too!”

After a while of private chatting between the two, Duo-en had the honor of being blacklisted once again.

Duo-en sighed sadly and fell heavily onto the bed.

Lu Sha was really a determined little lioness.

Suddenly remembering something, Duo-en climbed up again. He held the phone up high and handed it to Lang Chen.

“Look, are these your notes? I gave your freshman textbook notes to junior sister Xiaohan before but I didn’t expect her to really use them. Little sister is quite diligent.”

Lang Chen glanced his way, took off his earbuds, and saw the photo on his phone.

In the photo, a little white cat’s paw was pressing on a word. The little cat’s paw was snow white and cute, but the word was surprisingly ugly. His freshman year notes were placed next to it.

After taking a closer look at the words for a long time, Lang Chen moved his gaze away and rubbed his brow.

How did this cat manage to write such crooked and ugly words?

Lang Chen was really puzzled.

He couldn’t accept that someone had copied such ugly characters with his notes.

After Duo-en gave Lang Chen a glance at the photo, he put his phone back and switched to continue sending messages to Lu Sha.

Lang Chen paused for a while and took his phone out. He clicked on Moments and once again saw the photo posted by the little white cat practicing words.

Lang Chen: ……

He stared at that photo with unknown thoughts.

After another moment, Lang Chen clicked on the little white cat’s avatar and sent a message.

- Lang Chen: “?”

The little cat quickly replied, “[Meow Meow Meow.jpg]”

- Lang Chen: “You were practicing your writing from my notes?”

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “Yes ……”

Qi Xiaohan rested her head on her paws and looked at this sentence sent by Lang Chen. She then immediately recalled the question mark at the beginning, sensed something, and suddenly felt a little weak.

Wow, she had practiced based on the words of senior brother Lang Chen and ended up with that ugly appearance, but she, a little cat, had the face to send it to her friends?

Was that question mark senior Lang Chen sent above trying to express a questioning reaction?

The little cat pondered a little, thinking about Lang Chen’s ice-cold handsome face, and very cautiously typed with her feline paws:

“Senior brother, did I write not too well?”

Lang Chen looked at the message sent by the kitten and gave a long sigh, thinking to himself that ‘you know it already’ (towards the kitten).

But thinking about the words that this little cat had practiced hard for a long time, Lang Chen thought about it and replied, “When you control your spiritual power, your strokes are too heavy, and you don’t understand the structure of the word. So you still need to practice more.”

Within the dormitory, when Qi Xiaohan saw this reply, she meowed and her whole body fell upon the mat.

I’m sure the writing was very ugly ah!

And it was seen by the owner of the book she was copying from.

Lang Chen did not post to Moments on weekdays. After adding him, the two of them hadn’t spoken. Qi Xiaohan had forgotten that she had added senior brother Lang Chen.

Blocking this catastrophe was forgotten.

It was simply a public execution sent to her door.

Annoyed, the little white cat kept rolling on the bed. She also acquired a head of messy fur due to her rolling and got up with disheveled hair.

Lang Chen waited for a while for the little cat to reply and was a bit puzzled. Then he saw Qi Xiaohan send an emoticon over.

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “[Cat is wrong.gif]”

The expression packet was a cartoon cat with a drooping head and facing the wall, looking very much pitiful.

Lang Chen imagined the little cat’s appearance. His eyelashes trembled and his face held a trace of a smile. He saved the kitten’s emoticon and continued to reply.

- Lang Chen: “Practicing more words is not a bad thing, no need to apologize. You can find some word posters for stroke structure to practice. Write more about what interests you, and you will be better after practicing for a while.”

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “I know. Thank you, brother.”

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “[Send you a small flower.gif]”

The little cat tucked her phone back.

Her human had said that adding an emoji to every sentence when chatting would make her look friendly.

She felt that she was currently a small cat who was quite friendly and knew how to correct her mistakes.

Qi Xiaohan rolled out of bed and ran to the desk. She jumped onto the desk and opened Lang Chen’s notebook. She found some teaching videos and practiced seriously for a while.

At night, before Lang Chen went to sleep, he received a WeChat message from the little cat again.

When Lang Chen opened it and looked at it, he saw that the little cat had sent a photo.

In the photo, the little cat underneath a small desk lamp’s light, and there were many words on the table. It looked like she was practicing according to his notes, and it was slightly better than the previous one.

Fixing his gaze at the edge of the photo, there was a word that looked familiar. When Lang Chen enlarged the photo, he saw a piece of practice paper with his name written on it underneath the little cat’s right paw.

Maybe the little cat had unintentionally included it.

The names were big and small, imitating his style, but it was covered by the cat’s paw, like she didn’t want it to be found.

Long Chen’s gaze stayed on his name that was written by the kitten, and his fingers paused, not knowing how to reply.

Qi Xiaohan waited and saw the top of the WeChat displaying “The other party is typing ……” and then disappearing, and then appearing again.

The little cat’s ears tilted down, a little confused about what tiger brother was doing.

After a long time, Lang Chen hesitated and sent a question mark again.

- Lang Chen: “?”

Qi Xiaohan looked at the question mark and didn’t understand whether if it meant he was satisfied or unsatisfied.

Qi Xiaohan thought that she had already made progress with her writing this time, and copied the notes seriously. It could already be seen that she had the proper approach, right?

When she couldn’t see any other reply from senior brother Lang Chen, the little white cat contemplated for a while and sent a message.

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “Brother, how is my writing this time?”

- Lang Chen: “It’s okay.”

After two seconds.

- Lang Chen: “Why did you write my name?”

Qi Xiaohan saw this message and froze for a moment. Her reaction was to look at the set of words next to her cat’s paw.

Lang Chen’s name was on the first page of the notebook and was written in a sharp and beautiful way, so Qi Xiaohan wanted to imitate it.

This was what she used to practice in the beginning, so she used it for a while and then went to write according to the character sheet, forgetting that there was a piece of paper with senior brother Lang Chen’s name next to it.

Moreover, she had only practiced it a few names in total, so she didn’t expect Lang Chen to notice it.

The little white cat solemnly typed on the phone.

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “Master’s name is written beautifully.”

Qi Xiaohan was extraordinarily sincere with her compliments.

Seeing that Lang Chen wasn’t replying again, the little white cat’s paw scratched the pad while her ears twitched.

Was her senior brother still not satisfied with what she wrote? Or was her flattery was seen as obviously too excessive?

The little cat meowed, and her cat’s head rested on her paws, waiting for a reply.

Lang Chen looked at the chat log. His long eyelashes covered the expression within his eyes, his fingers rested on its surface, and the corners of his mouth wore a small smirk.

“What the hell! Why are you smiling at your phone in the middle of the night? You scared me.”

Duo-en came out from the bathroom just in time to see Lang Chen, and couldn’t help but shout.

Lang Chen raised his gaze and hid his smile, “It’s nothing.”

Lang Chen looked at his phone and replied, “It’s late. Don’t play with your phone and go to bed early.”

The little cat replied with an ‘ok good night’.

Lang Chen looked at the chat log, flipped over, and saved the photo.

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