My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21

Although Lang Chen had said it was regular training, afterward each new student was still exhausted.

 After a few days of training, the students now looked at the cold-faced instructor on the stage with fear in their eyes.

 Originally, they thought that the instructor was only cold in nature and wasn’t fond of talking, but after so many days, they found that the instructor didn’t intend to be such a person.

He could say such cruel words of increasing the gravitational field ten times without any expression. He would look at them with his face seemingly reflecting doubt that they couldn’t endure even this regular training to toughen themselves up, which they hated.

In the past few days, the new students had heard plenty of legends about this instructor and were desperate for mercy.

 Anyone who understood this tiger a little, even from the kinds of school clubs he had joined, could vaguely guess that their training this time would be long and dark without any visible end.

Lang Chen stood on the tall platform within the training hall and looked down. The ground was covered with fur, like an expensive large fancy plush carpet. A cub was on its back or stomach with several half-dead humans and demons in the middle.

 Lang Chen: “Okay, rest for a minute.”

 The new students immediately wailed. They lay motionlessly, cherishing this hard-won minute, trying to recover their strength.

 Qi Xiaohan also lay down with her classmates and a male lion cub laid next to her.

The furry little lion pillowed his head on his paws as tears came out. He felt that his paws weren’t his own.

 Qi Xiaohan stretched her body and moved her paws, which were a little sore. She didn’t feel exhausted, but since there was time to rest, she was naturally happy to lie down.

 When Qi Xiaohan was about to flip over, she saw a pair of military boots settle in front of her. Qi Xiaohan hurriedly sat upright and looked up at the instructor.

 Lang Chen looked down at the snow-white kitten and saw that even though the kitten’s fur was only a little bit dirty, her feline eyes were still shining and very lively. Thus, he turned around and left.

 He thought that this kitten wouldn’t be able to keep up with the training but didn’t expect her to possess a good amount of strength.

The little lion beside Qi Xiaohan was relieved when the instructor left. He spread out on the ground, cocked his head to look at Qi Xiaohan, and whispered to her.

 “Xiaohan, you reported that our instructor picked you up that day, right? Was he like this before?”

 The little cat thought of the first time she saw Lang Chen, his bloodied and ferocious appearance, and her cat ears twitched. She also followed the little lion’s example and came up next to him to whisper, “Not really, but he was quite scary.” Seeing the little lion’s eyes widen, the little white cat thought for a moment and added, “Senior brother is quite good and had me report my injuries.”

The little white cat: “However, instructor Lang Chen wasn’t the senior brother who handled me, but senior brother Yan Chong was the one who took me to eat ice cream that day.”

 The little lion: “That’s it? My senior brother took me to eat steak the day I enrolled.”

 “Ugh.” Thinking of the delicious food before, the kitten and the little lion sighed together once again.

 At this time, the cell phone placed above the training hall’s tall platform rang with a piano ringtone. Lang Chen picked up the phone and after a pause, he casually picked up the training room card and swiped it at the door.

The small, dried-up fountain in the training room began to gush again and a refreshingly cool atmosphere filled the whole room.

 Lang Chen took out several transparent beads from his black backpack and threw them into the fountain one by one.

 The temperature of the training room dropped again so much that it became somewhat cold, and fog scattered. Qi Xiaohan even felt that the fur on her body was a little damp.

 This was too humid, right?

However, none of the students dared to raise an opinion to their instructor. With bated breath, they all watched him. They wanted to wait for the instructor himself to notice that the humidity and temperature were not right, and adjust it.

 The instructor unhurriedly put away the beads as if he didn’t see the students’ gazes and expressionlessly said, “All of you stand up. Enter today’s professional training stage.”

 The instructor’s voice was as cold as the room’s temperature. It was bone-piercingly cold and the students’ hearts were suddenly half-frozen.

Qi Xiaohan followed the order and got up, shaking her fur uncomfortably. Beside her, the little lion’s fur began to collect mist. He lifted his paws and shifted uncomfortably.

 “Primary training, fire spirit confrontation. Groups of four, assemble freely.”

 As soon as his voice fell, Lang Chen raised his hand. They didn’t know when the demonic red flames gathered in his hands had risen into the air, gradually expanding and becoming a fireball with a diameter of three meters. The edges of the fireball slowly burned with a cool white. The flame, combined with the enchanting red core of the fireball, looked strange.

“Use this as the standard. Four people gather fireballs of the same diameter and, with a time limit of twenty minutes, attack the one I’ve formed. The score will be calculated according to the attack power.”

 The little cat looked up at the large fireball and meowed.

 Qi Xiaohan, who was the closest to that fireball, meowed as she felt her fur was about to be burned.

 They didn’t know what kind of fire the instructor formed but it looked a bit unusual. The air that was moist had now started to dry out as if it were breaking apart.

 Most of the students had already found their groups. Qi Xiao Han looked around and ran next to the little lion, “Can I join your group?”

 The little lion simply agreed. He already had a little leopard by his side and that little leopard saw the little white cat coming, tipped his head, and also agreed.


 The little leopard looked around and pulled another little tiger into the group so that the strength became even.

 They were all classmates from the cat clan and their relationship was already relatively close.

 Most of the other students in the class were also looking for their own clan to team up with but there were also some good relations between the human and demon coming together.

 Qi Xiaohan and her group members discussed, then they each lifted a furry paw, placed them together, and began to try fusing a fire spirit.

The other groups of students gradually also began. Most of them had already entered their state, each with a small fireball slowly floating in the training room.

The groups were separated by a short distance in order to prevent the students’ floating fireballs from affecting the others.

 The training room had a large area and these fluffy groups settled together on their left and right.

 The originally cool training room gradually heated up, and after the temperature rose, the air also followed in becoming dry. Lang Chen walked through the training room and strolled around the groups formed by the students.

“The fire spirit concentration is not enough, continue.”

 “Don’t blindly expand the size of the fireball, maintain good control of it.”

 “Disperse. Start over.”

 The group of students pointed out by Lang Chen dropped their heads and started again. Lang Chen just stood next to them and watched them begin once more.

 Gradually, the fireballs that the students had formed stabilized and each group began to line up to go against the big fireball on the tall platform.

 One by one, the fireballs exploded like fireworks. Only the fireball edged with white flames on the tall platform stood still, stable and calm.

 Lang Chen stood next to the fireball and watched as the students pushed their fireballs to the one above them, confronting it and whittling away the fireball he formed.

Each of the groups’ confrontation ended. Lang Chen felt for the minute change within the fireball he had condensed. At the side, he held a pen and recorded the score of each group.

 Lang Chen raised his hand and dissipated the wave of heat and smoke brought by the previous group. He also replenished the fire spirit to the fireball on the tall platform and waited for the next group to come up.

 Soon, Qi Xiaohan’s group also came up. A big fireball was on top of the heads of the four big and small cats standing in a quadrangular state.

It was unknown why but it was felt that this group’s fireball color was slightly darker, and a bit different from the color of other groups.

Without passing the academy’s system practice, most of the new students could not originally control their flames and were uniformly fire red.

 The four big and small cats raised their paws together and pushed the fireball to the one at the top, simultaneously yelling and igniting it.

With a sound of a boom, the explosion reverberated making the whole training room shake. The students looked over in their direction with disbelief.

 What was going on there and why was this group’s explosion so loud?

 The students looked up, seeing the fireball edged with white flames on the tall platform and another demonic red fireball burning together. Even if they didn’t understand anything, they also sensed the danger, and gradually, all of them gathered together to look up at the scene.

 Lang Chen moved his eyebrows and noticed that the fire spirits within the entire training room were attracted by the two fireballs’ explosion. He stretched out his hand and waved it to forcibly lower the temperature of the gathering fireballs of the students. His slender fingers bent into claws as he forcibly dissipated the two fireballs’ influence.

However, a single explosion had merged the two fireballs together. Due to the tense situation, the slightest external influence would cause them to explode outwards.

 The combined fireball reached the critical point, and the spreading flame began to fall to the ground. Students shrieked and dodged, but discovered that Lang Chen somehow curved his claws to collect all the flames. Red flames burned behind him, the man’s face that reflected through it was extraordinarily cold and indifferent.

 “No need to panic. Hide far away.” Lang Chen commanded in a light voice, just then smoothly cut off the connection between the fireball and the group of students, and raised his hand to control the fireball. Lang Chen’s long and slender fingers lifted up and executed an arcane hand gesture, drawing out the White Tiger Flowing Heart Fire to his fireball.

When the students heard the calm and unhurried voice of the instructor, their hearts were relieved. Although their instructor was a bit harsh, seeing their instructor there somehow made it reassuring.

 The violent elements within the fireball gradually calmed down. Lang Chen frowned. The blended fireball had a kind of fire that was of the same intensity as the flowing heart fire, which quickly occupied the control of the whole fireball and was extremely strong.

Once a single element of the fireball rebelled, the danger would be greatly reduced after drawing out the flowing heart fire. Lang Chen placed his hand on the fireball, intending to dissipate it directly.

Suddenly, the overbearing spirit fire in the fireball completely took control and the meteor slammed straight towards the students. The students didn’t have time to react as in the blink of an eye, the fireball was already above their heads.

 Lang Chen frowned, moved his body, and teleported to the students’ side. He was about to raise his hand to control it but saw a snow-white cat leaping up, rotating in the air as it kicked the fireball with its hind paws.


 The fireball fell into a pool not far away and exploded with a bang. The pool water boiled at a high temperature and filled the training room with steam.

 The training room collapsed into a big crater.

 Lang Chen caught the little white cat that fell from the sky just in time.

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