My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 22: Chapter 22.1

The little white cat was no longer a white cat. Half of her fur had been burned black and the skin underneath was red.

 Lang Chen held the kitten and checked the injury. The kitten’s head was drooping and swaying, an alarming sight.

 Lang Chen pinched the skin of the kitten’s nape and called out a few times, “Qi Xiaohan? Qi Xiaohan?”

 The kitten that had landed in his arms finally reacted this time. Her nose wrinkled and she cried out with a meow.

 Lang Chen felt slightly relieved in his heart. He stroked the kitten’s head, then said to the students behind him, “Take a break and rest here.”

 After saying that, he walked outside with big steps while holding the little cat.

The little cat was still crying so loudly that the whole training room could hear it.

 When she was growing up, the most serious injury she had had was when she had climbed the screen at home and broke her nails. Now, even her fur had been scorched black by such a big fireball. It had fried her head, making it buzz.

 “Wu wu wa wu wu, ugh…… meow.” The little cat lying in Lang Chen’s arms choked.

 Lang Chen gently patted the little cat, soothing her, and quickly walked to the infirmary on this floor.

 There was a senior sister from the Cat Clan who had taken a medical school major, and when she saw that Lang Chen had arrived there, holding a little cat in his arms, she immediately came up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The sister was startled. She picked the little cat up to see that her fur had been scorched black. The little cat’s eyes were wet from crying, and she suddenly felt heartbroken from touching her fur.

 “Don’t cry, don’t cry, ah. Let sister take a look.”

 While saying that, she placed the kitten on the soft mat. The nurse at the side helped prepare the materials, and the sister began to check the little cat’s burned body carefully.

 Lang Chen stood by the side. His eyebrows never relaxed, and his gaze was tightly fixed on the little cat.

 After checking for a while, her originally tense expression gradually relaxed. A loose little smile appeared on her face as she patted the kitten’s butt. “It’s alright. The fur is a bit singed, but she’ll be alright since I rubbed on some medicine for the scalding.”

When the little white cat heard this, she raised her head, meowed, and looked at the sister.

 The school sister took off her gloves and said to Lang Chen with a smile, “This student you brought has thick skin; she wasn’t burned through. She was doing fire spirit confrontation practice earlier, right? What a blessing. The little cat had probably been crying because she was scared. Smear on some burn ointment, rest for a little while, then you can continue training.”

 The sister said that as she rubbed the kitten’s head. Only then did she leave.

 Qi Xiaohan heard from the sister that she was alright and moved her hind paw to see if it really did hurt. When she felt that it didn't hurt, her feline ears stood up as she tilted her head towards her senior brother.


 Lang Chen relaxed. After seeing the little cat like this, he let out a laugh and rubbed the kitten’s head with both hands, “Meow? You still meow? Now that you know you’re okay, you’re not crying anymore?”

The little white cat’s two paws stepped onto the mat, ears flattened against her head, and meowed again.

 “……I really thought it hurt at first.”

 The little white cat cocked her head. The fireball was about to hit them, so her body moved before her thoughts did and kicked the fireball unconsciously.

 However, she had forgotten that this fireball was also carrying someone else’s fire, which was not quite the same as the fireball she had formed before, and burned her whole body at once.

 Even if Lang Chen had drawn out the White Tiger Flowing Heart Fire, those ordinary flames that he had refined within that fireball since the start were unusual even for the freshmen.

At this time, the nurse had already started to come over and rubbed ointment on Qi Xiaohan. The nurse sister held one of the kitten’s paws and helped her clean it carefully before bandaging it up.

Most of the other students within the infirmary were also injured because of the military training and were now resting here.

 Lang Chen looked at the kitten, a few thoughts in his eyes.

 Just a moment ago, the situation was so urgent that he hadn’t thought too much and had directly carried the kitten here, but now he thought about the power of the fireball. He had been there, too. If the little cat had really kicked it with one paw, how could she simply be singed with a minor burn?

 Lang Chen tapped his finger gently and estimated the power of the newly formed fireball. Seeing that the little cat was still looking up at him, Lang Chen touched the pattern on the little cat’s forehead with his finger.

“Scared? Don’t move so quickly in the future. With your senior brothers and sisters and teachers present, don’t worry about getting yourself hurt. We’ll protect you, and when you grow up, it’ll be your turn to protect the next generation.”

 The little cat’s dark green eyes reflected the shadow of the man inclining his head and speaking gently in front of her. She meowed and nodded seriously.

 The little white cat still needed a few prescribed medicines to use at her dorm. Lang Chen leaned against the door and waited, bowing his head slightly, the center of his palm burning with a familiar white flame.

 It had been just four freshmen doing preliminary training with a fireball, not to the extent that the fireball would explode.

 The fireball he himself had condensed with the White Tiger Flowing Heart Fire couldn’t be more stable, and the students coming over to attack the fireball couldn’t have detonated it.

Since the military department would let the incoming freshmen do this kind of training at the beginning, it meant that this kind of training wasn’t dangerous.

 And whose was that other powerful flame afterward?

 The new students were relatively average in strength, even if there were one or two gifted ones, they shouldn’t have been so powerful that their spiritual power would overwhelm all the other students. The four students had condensed a fireball that had been quite stable; there was only the issue of dispersion or fire spirit concentration not being enough at most.

 The instructor formed a fireball then an explosion had happened. Such a thing had almost never happened before.

A moment ago, when that incident had happened, the training room had immediately called the police. Right now there should be an investigator coming over to check what happened. When Lang Chen was in the infirmary earlier, he had briefly reported it.

Lang Chen saw that the little cat had nothing more to do and had hobbled over to his side. Lang Chen directly reached out and picked up the cat. He settled it on his arm and took it back to the training room.

 At this moment, there were already several investigators checking the training room, and when they saw Lang Chen return, they nodded towards him.

 “This is the freshman who has just been injured, right? How is the situation? Is the injury not serious?”

 Lang Chen nodded and placed the cat on the ground. “It’s not serious, she can continue training after a rest.”

 When the little cat heard that, she immediately plopped down on the ground and wore an ah-I’m-dead look.

 Lang Chen’s face was expressionless. “It’s useless pretending to be dead.”


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