My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 23: Chapter 22.2

The little cat paused for a moment, then switched to meowing in a mix of the cat language and local language, constantly denouncing the instructor’s merciless behavior.

 The investigator gave a laugh, squatted down in front of the little cat, and poked the cat’s head with a pen. “Little student, I’ll be asking you a few questions.”

 The cat’s ears twitched. Presently, she was furless. She rolled over and sat up, meowing.

 “I’ve asked the other students before you had come back, but they hadn’t found any abnormalities when they had previously conducted the fireball confrontation. That means that only your group would have had an accident. Your group members said that there was some coagulation when they injected the flame. I wonder if you have ever encountered that problem?”

 The little cat recalled for a moment and said with uncertainty, “It seemed to be going well, no issues.”

The investigator listened intently to the little cat and took notes from time to time.

 Problems during training were not a trivial matter; the new students’ military training program decided by the military department had been researched thoroughly. A dangerous situation appearing at that moment held a need to re-examine whether this training activity was worth continuing: whether it was a hidden danger or it had been by chance.

Another investigator at the other side was still examining and writing down the blown-up fountain pool’s situation in order to restore the scene from that time.

 It would take time to repair the half-collapsed training room.

 The new students looked curiously towards their side while also looking worriedly at Qi Xiaohan from time to time. The training ground was quite noisy.

 Lang Chen’s eyes lightly swept over the group of pups, and everywhere his gaze went, there was silence.

 The students exhibited proper stances and each of them looked at the instructor obediently.

Lang Chen: “Ten groups for agility training, start.”

 The students immediately took their positions and ran to the training field dedicated to agility activity, and for a while, the shadows of the students could constantly be seen on the field whooshing past, dodging and chasing, each one flexible.

 The little white cat still stayed in place. With her hind paws injured, she could rest for a while.

 Lang Chen came over and said to the investigator: “Earlier when the little white cat’s group coalesced a spirit fire, I didn’t know what type it was. That spirit fire was strong and wasn’t compatible with my White Tiger Flowing Heart Fire and that was the reason why it blew up twice in a row. I surmise the reason why it headed towards the freshman was that the spirit fire was returning to its master.”

 Lang Chen said, but his gaze was directed at the little white cat staring at her tangled fur.

The investigator heard what he said, his expression holding a few doubts, and tsked.

 “Ah, that’s not quite right. The four children's spiritual powers are similar, it’s unlikely for such a serious accident to occur.”

With just a glance to their side, their spiritual powers could be seen.

 Unless there was a newborn that had a heavenly spiritual fire, the same as white tiger Lang Chen’s.

(T/N: Lang Chen’s fire had a really long name, hard to remember lol)

 Lang Chen’s White Tiger Flowing Heart Fire was already powerful enough. Using his fire to give the students fire spirit confrontation practice was already a big deal. Not to mention the fire controlled by Lang Chen himself was stable enough to say that the probability of such a thing happening was small and almost non-existent, but this was what happened.

 Investigator: “Looking at the surveillance from before, after you took the flowing heart fire out, the fireball continued to head towards the freshmen and allowed this little cat to kick it away which led to the explosion. Coupled with what you just explained, this single incident is merely a coincidence.”

It was estimated that when Lang Chen had drawn out his own flowing heart fire, that kind of unknown newborn spirit fire had taken control of the entire fireball and then gone towards its master.

 The little cat had kicked the fireball away with her claws but had only suffered a slight injury while successfully detonating the fireball, so there was a high probability that the little cat was the owner of the dominant spirit fire.

 Only that this cat didn’t know it.

 She had merely suffered a bit of injury on her skin and fur. They reckoned that the cat’s type of spiritual fire had protected her, otherwise it wouldn’t have been that simple. The little cat may have been used to this kind of fireball and subconsciously kicked the fireball off.

Luckily it had been this cat that had kicked it. If it had been any other student, they would have been in the school hospital by now. But with Lang Chen around, there shouldn’t have been such a serious accident as this fireball was nothing to him. If this kitten hadn’t rushed out, it was unlikely that the entire training hall would’ve blown up.

 The investigator wrote down the result, then looked up at Lang Chen: “That’s it. Now, this training room can’t be used any further and a new training room will be arranged later. This kitten has a special spirit fire, so for the time being, she mustn't go to the central tower to test her spirit root. Because of her special spirit fire, some training activities like fire spirit control can’t be done together with other new students either, so you can personally train her.”

 After the investigator finished speaking, he saw Lang Chen nodding lightly. His gaze couldn’t help but once again go towards the little white cat with some novelty.

Such a small cat, how could it be possible for her to have a very rare flame?

 The new students of Fire Spirit Academy were very good.

 Lang Chen signed off the investigation results and returned them to the investigator who didn’t stay long and left immediately.

 The little white cat stood in the same place. She tilted her head and looked at the instructor.


 Lang Chen lowered his gaze and met the little white cat’s eyes. They were fluffy and appeared cute and pitiful.

Currently, it was a little cat without a group.

 Lang Chen walked towards the front, and the little white cat followed behind him despairingly, tail raised and hobbling.

 As soon as Long Chen stopped walking, the furry little cat bumped directly into his calf. She was surprisingly soft.


 The little cat plopped down on the ground at once and meowed.

 Lang Chen looked at the cat and his clear, cold timbre rang out, “You shouldn’t do extensive movements right now. Go to the spiritual power fine control area.”

The little white cat sounded out a response and stood up. Her kitten tail drooped, and again, she hobbled behind Lang Chen.

 Although she wasn’t burned too badly, she was still slightly sore. The medication the school nurse had given to her in the infirmary felt a bit cold as she walked.

 Qi Xiaohan couldn’t help it. She moved her hind paws a bit, glanced at the instructor at the front, and continued to follow.

 From time to time, Lang Chen saw the little cat in his peripheral view, but he had completely no intention to carry this little cat.

 The little white cat’s hind legs had been burned and she was now walking a bit awkwardly.

 Lang Chen looked at it for a while and suddenly opened his mouth, “It’s Shun Guai.”

(顺拐 or Shun Guai is a dance or march where you move the hand and feet from the same side, then do the same with the other side. AKA left hand and left feet move, then right hand, right feet.)

 Qi Xiaohan: ?

The little white cat froze for a moment and opened her round eyes. “Meow?”

 The little white cat pretended that nothing happened, nonchalantly adjusted her posture, and continued to step forward with her feline paws.

 Left paw, right paw, left paw – huh?

 Shit, I can’t walk anymore!

 Looking at the cat’s four paws, Lang Chen finally couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud.


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