My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 24: Chapter 23.1

Soon, a new training hall was assigned to them, to which Lang Chen took the students.

The other students continued their previous training, while Qi Xiaohan, as the only injured feline, was assigned to the spiritual power fine control area.

The spiritual power fine control area was as its name implied.

Lang Chen showed the little cat behind him to a spot, and she climbed up on it and raised her front paws.

“For this afternoon, you’ll be over here using your spiritual power to carve eggs. When your wound is healed tomorrow, you’ll continue practicing with your classmates.”

Qi Xiaohan listened and looked at the basket of wooden blocks placed next to her. She was silent for a moment.

Carving eggs?

After arranging the little cat’s task, Lang Chen sat nearby and watched the students train.

Many of the new students in the agility area were so tired that their movements gradually slowed, and a few of the furry ones even lay down.

Lang Chen raised his gaze up and knocked on the table next to him, indicating that the students shouldn’t be lazy.

“Keep going, keep up the speed.”

The students in the agility area wailed. Seeing the instructor there watching them, they could only obediently stand up again and continue to speed around the agility area.

This area had a spiritual suppressant. Since it was merely the first time they had come here, Lang Chen had set it to the lowest gear for the new students. But when they were truly doing the course, it wasn’t very easy.

Qi Xiaohan glanced over in that direction and saw that the students were busy. She then looked at the wooden blocks at her spot and suddenly felt a sense of happiness.

Noticing Qi Xiaohan’s lack of movement, Lang Chen glanced over at her area.

Qi Xiaohan immediately pressed on the wooden blocks with her paws and started using her spiritual power, seemingly about to start.

These randomly piled wooden blocks weren’t ordinary wooden blocks. When Qi Xiaohan started to grind away at the wooden blocks with her spiritual power, she realized that the wooden blocks seemed to be extra-hard and brittle, which was quite difficult to handle.

Qi Xiaohan’s spiritual power condensed into an invisible blade, polishing the block of wood bit by bit.

This required a gradual, precise control of her spiritual power, and a single mistake would easily result in a failure. Qi Xiaohan ground down two pieces of wood before finally making slight progress. She held the woodblock up extremely carefully.

Lang Chen unintentionally turned his head and saw that the little cat was holding the wooden block, that had been ground into an egg shape, with three paws. Her feline head was lowered. The cat was very solemn all over as she treated the piece of ochre willow wood like an enemy, her feline ears moving from time to time.

Qi Xiaohan gradually transformed the spiritual power that had originally been formed into a blade into a curved sandpaper-like sheet of spiritual power, and little by little, polished the wooden egg made purely with spiritual power. Noticing Lang Chen’s gaze, the little cat lifted her head, meowed, and grinned as she lifted the wooden egg with two little cat paws to show to Lang Chen.

When Lang Chen’s hand withdrew, Qi Xiaohan’s wooden egg was settled in it. Lang Chen measured it indifferently and then threw it back to the woodchip-covered kitten’s side. “Ordinary, keep polishing.”

“After it’s passable, carve another one.”

After he said that, he heard the kitten give an ‘oh’. Her originally upright and happy ears also slumped as she once again returned to the piles of wood, carrying the polished wooden egg.

After a day of training, the little cat Qi Xiaohan walked outside while limping.

Qi Xiaohan’s original group members gathered around.

“Xiaohan, is your leg okay?”

“Thanks to your quick reaction, that fireball hadn’t been dropped onto our heads.”

“I’ll buy you dinner tonight.”

The little white cat looked at some of the big cats surrounding her and raised her hind paws, indicating that she had no major problems, “It’s not very painful, just some burnt skin and fur. It’ll be fine once it grows back.”

The little lion listened, very guiltily looking at Xiaohan’s hind paw. Oh, less hair! As a cat, having less hair was a big thing!

The little lion licked the little white cat’s ears and rubbed against her: “Xiaohan, don’t you worry, we’ll treat you to dinner tonight, okay?”

Several other big cats were also nodding their heads, looking at the little white cat’s bandaged hind legs and then withdrawing their gaze, afraid that Xiaohan would be sad after noticing it.

Lang Chen walked over just in time to see the little cat talking with the other students. He thought of the injuries the little cat had suffered today, and afterward remembered the mess of things the little cat had eaten and sent out in the Moments on a regular basis. Lang Chen reached out to pick up the cat and said, “Your diet should be light for now. Eat less outside and come to the canteen with me.”

After saying that, he carried the cat away while leaving.

The little white cat lay in Lang Chen’s arms. She tilted her head to look at her senior brother and meowed.

Eat at the canteen?

It was also great to eat at the canteen; it was more affordable.

As the little cat thought this way, the tip of her tail swayed and she settled relaxedly in Lang Chen’s arms.

Lang Chen looked at the cat, suddenly reached out with his fingers, and lifted the little white cat’s hind paws as he checked her fur.

The startled Qi Xiaohan meowed and heard Lang Chen overhead saying flatly:

“Resting for an afternoon is good enough. You can train normally tomorrow.”

Qi Xiaohan: ?


Wasn’t this tiger a bit too excessive?

Lang Chen met the little cat’s rounded eyes. He reached out a hand to turn her head and pet her.

The meal in the canteen today was very good. Lang Chen placed the little cat in a seat, probably to take care of the injured her After a while, he brought over two meal orders, one of which was placed in front of the little cat.

Qi Xiaohan looked at the oversized cat’s meal then inevitably directed her gaze up to Lang Chen. This tiger must’ve had no idea how big a cat’s appetite actually was.

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