My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 26: Chapter 24.1

After a few days of training, Qi Xiaohan had already quickly gotten used to eating with the instructor.

Every day, at the time of her leaving, the instructor would lead her by the hand to the canteen.

Even her own food preferences had become lighter, closer to the instructor’s.

The instructor ate very well. Qi Xiaohan couldn’t see him as the picky eater that sister Lu Sha had described.

Although he didn’t talk much while eating, Qi Xiaohan still managed to become the big tiger brother’s meal buddy.

It had also become a habit of Lang Chen’s to eat together with the little cat. Even though the little cat ate very slowly, watching her eat with her small bites made him feel better about her appetite.

The atmosphere also became much better.

However, Qi Xiaohan’s paws fully healed the day after she was injured. Clearly, the medicine from the training hall’s infirmary really had worked well. After eating with Lang Chen for a couple of days, the kitten politely said that her paw was alright and she could eat with her classmates, so she shouldn’t bother her senior brother.

It was a meal with the instructor after all, and he talked little, so she couldn’t help but sit stiffly upright every time she ate with him. It was a bit depressing. Moreover, Qi Xiaohan hadn’t eaten with her friends for a long time.

When Lang Chen heard those words, he looked silently at the little cat for a long time and turned his head away as if he wasn’t too happy. But she couldn’t make out his expression and only felt that the air was colder.

Lang Chen agreed, turned around, and left.

Qi Xiaohan stood in the same place and watched the instructor walk away. She breathed a sigh of relief then meowed happily as she invited her buddies with her phone.

That night, Lang Chen took out his phone and clicked on Moments. He then saw a familiar little white cat and a group of friends gathered together, happily taking pictures.

This little cat was quite popular.

Among them, Lang Chen saw the little lion from the same class as Qi Xiaohan. The little lion was grinning and had a paw on the little cat, appearing very intimate.

Lang Chen stared at the photo for a while, looking at the little lion’s happy face, and coldly clicked the screen shut.

The following day, after the morning training, the little white cat called her friends together and went to eat with them.

Lang Chen glanced in that direction, walked to the elevator within his training hall, and punched in on it with his card.

That was why by the time the little cat and her buddies arrived at the restaurant that they liked to eat at, the instructor was seen sitting not far away, eating alone in silence.

Xunhai Union University didn’t have a faculty dining hall. Teachers and students ate together, although there was a special dining hall for the military department.

But the military department’s dining room was a bit far from their current training room. As a result, a lot of the Flying Eagle Training Center instructors would also eat with the students.

Today was the day military instructors were in charge of. Seeing Lang Chen on a private occasion such as this, they couldn't help but stand up straight and walk along the edge to avoid the instructor. However, they couldn’t stop themselves from curiously looking in their instructor’s direction.

The instructor wasn’t standing on the training ground…… the instructor was a person eating a meal…… the cold, god-killing instructor was actually eating!

On the weekdays that Lang Chen was with the little cat, he had basically set aside the other military training students so that he didn’t need to grab a meal with students. Today was also the first time they had seen the instructor eating.

Lang Chen ate by himself but was feeling completely like the mood of this meal wasn’t particularly good. He had gotten used to having a small cat with her head buried across him. Now that the cat was gone, he was suddenly a little uncomfortable.

The instructor expressionlessly finished his meal and glanced back towards the little lion’s table.

The little lion happened to look up and suddenly met the cold gaze of the instructor. He choked on a mouthful of preserved meat in fear, eyes wide open.

The little lion lifted a paw, struggling to tap on the little cat’s head to make her look in that direction, but by the time Qi Xiaohan raised her head, Lang Chen had long been gone.

After the meal, Qi Xiaohan and her classmates found a place to play games while charging. They rushed back to the training hall when the time was almost up.

The instructor was already standing on the stage clutching a pocket watch. He glanced down in an unperturbed manner as the students immediately returned to stand in line.

Qi Xiaohan stood in line, listening to the stage instructor’s speech.

“Practice ten sets of accelerated running first, then gravity three times. I do not want to see any more laziness, understand?”

“Understood!” The freshmen on the stage replied loudly and instantly.

“Very good, go to the accelerated running field.”

The freshmen instantly lined up and trotted towards the acceleration running field.

The line was arranged from tallest to shortest. At the front were a few tall students and those behind were divided by their build, in which the little white cat trotted along towards.

The acceleration run, as the name implied, trained the students’ speed. However, the acceleration run in the training field was a bit different. Its gravity could be adjusted. If one didn’t adapt well at the beginning and directly entered it, they might immediately be pressed down onto the ground, damaging their internal organs and joints.

However, for the students of Xunhai University, it wasn’t so much that they would be injured, but just that it would be more difficult to run.

Lang Chen watched the students move around the periphery of the gravity field. One by one, they entered the accelerated running field and ran.

Qi Xiaohan was the last in line. After waiting for everyone to enter, the little kitty cat started with a step of her paw and stood at the entrance of the venue, her face serious, then rushed in with a wail.

Lang Chen looked at the little white cat. She was the last one and ran very seriously. Her feline ears were upright, her paws making strides, a very energetic little cat.

Lang Chen: “Qi Xiaohan is in a good state, you can speed up.”

The little white cat immediately meowed in response and at the same time, raised her speed to overtake a demon classmate in front.

Demon classmate: “Hey hey!”

A wolf academy student in the same class as Qi Xiaohan was the fastest and had already scurried over to the front. His entire body was sleek as he ran handsomely and beautifully.

One by one, the little white cat overtook her classmates and gradually began to catch up to the big gray wolf at the forefront.

The little cat moved deftly and lightly as if she wasn’t constrained by the gravity field. Her paws moved quickly, soon catching up with the big wolf.

The big wolf glanced back and saw a snow-white little cat concentrated on following him. His tail subconsciously retracted as he pumped his legs powerfully.


The big gray wolf rushed for the first place and was the first in all majors to finish ten laps of accelerated running.

Lang Chen walked over and recorded the big gray wolf’s time: “Not bad. Rest for five minutes, then go to the spiritual liquid pool bubble.”

The big gray wolf immediately gave a happy woof and dragged his tired body towards the spiritual liquid pool.

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