My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 27: Chapter 24.2

The little white cat came out right after him, meowing and tilting her head to look at Lang Chen.

She had been the second one to come out!

Lang Chen looked down and saw that the little cat’s ears were drooping from exhaustion, but her eyes were still brightly shining at him, quite seriously waiting for his praise.

The little white cat opened her mouth and ate the red candy bean from Lang Chen’s hand. Within her mouth, it had a sweet taste and when crushed, it released a peach-like fruity fragrance, which was very delicious.

The little cat’s eyes lit up at once, her face tilted as she meowed.

“Thank you, senior brother!”

Lang Chen wordlessly withdrew his hand. He nodded indifferently and likewise, let the little cat proceed to the spiritual liquid pool to soak.

Seeing the little white cat pattering away, the hand behind Lang Chen’s back flexed. The touch of the little cat’s soft, moist tongue still lingered in his palm, tickling a little.

Cats and tigers were not the same. Cats were soft and lovely no matter what, so others couldn’t help but get closer.


Qi Xiaohan arrived at the spiritual liquid pool’s side with the big gray wolf at the front.

The big gray wolf was still lying on the shore, resting. His entire being was as tired as a dog. The little white cat also lay next to the big gray wolf and took a look at him as she pillowed herself with her own paw.

The big gray wolf glanced at the little cat and spat, “Why were you previously chasing behind me, glaring at my back with your cat eyes? I thought you were going to bite my tail.”

The little white cat gave a shake to her lower limbs. Hearing what he said, she turned her head and mewed, “How can I, we’re in school!”

The big gray wolf’s narrowed eyes suddenly widened: “Then if we weren’t at school you would’ve bitten it?”

The little white cat instantly retorted righteously, “Of course not, we’re classmates!”

The big gray wolf recalled the little cat’s hunter expression as she stared at his tail, and gave her a suspicious look.

Qi Xiaohan: “Hey, we have to soak in the spiritual liquid pool later. Do you think that the pool is deep?”

The little cat nonchalantly asked.

The big gray wolf suddenly shifted his attention and also looked at the pool water together with the kitten. The pool water was light green with an unseen bottom, so who knew how deep it was?

The big gray wolf retreated with trepidation, then said to the little cat: “It looks very deep, but it’s okay, there’s no problem if we have to swim. It’s completely OK.”

Qi Xiaohan: “……”

The little cat felt that she might not quite be OK.

Her ears were flattened on both sides as she secretly glanced over there. After seeing it, her tail stuck to the ground.

“Meow ……”

The big gray wolf saw the kitten like that and said suspiciously, “You’re not afraid of water, are you? You can’t swim?”

The little white cat: “Yes, but, right, is this water too deep?”

The little white cat hesitantly looked at the pool water, walked to the edge of the pool, and stretched her paws to try.

The pool water was cool, but not the kind of cold that made cats uncomfortable. This feeling was very comfortable.

The other students also gradually arrived and the side with the spiritual liquid pool suddenly became lively. Each and every one was weary as they plopped into the water.

The big gray wolf also jumped down and swam happily in the water. There were fewer and fewer students on the shore.

Staying any longer would look conspicuous so Qi Xiaohan meowed, closed her eyes, and also jumped in.

Her feline paws paddled and with the buoyancy of the pool water, the little cat also floated on the water surface.

Yes, Qi Xiaohan could also swim. However, as Qi Xiaohan looked down at the pool water with the unseen bottom, she quickly raised her head up again.

It was horrible.

The little white cat paddled, her feline head floating on the surface of the water. She was determined not to look down again at the water’s bottom.

The spiritual fluid entered along the body acupuncture points and mended the spiritual power within the various parts of the body, which was a very wonderful feeling.

The students soaked for a while and were beginning to play with the water. You pounce on me, I pounce on you. It was very merry.

Qi Xiaohan felt her fur’s heaviness on her body as it took up the water.

A little peacock behind her was splashed with water by a big Peng. Suddenly the little peacock became very angry, raised his wings, and struck a large swath of water.

(T/N: 大鹏 big Peng is a legendary big bird. It is a gigantic bird transformed from a gigantic Kun fish in ancient Chinese mythology.)

The students in that area were all suddenly caught in it, one by one shouting and cursing, wanting to rush to a duel with the peacock and big Peng.

Qi Xiaohan choked from the sudden rush of water and sank. Seeing the dark green and secluded pool bottom, Qi Xiaohan suddenly panicked. Her four paws forgot how to paddle and she started to sink.

“Meow …… *splash* …… waa!”


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