My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 28: Chapter 25.1

The students around were noisy but none paid attention to Qi Xiaohan’s area.

Qi Xiaohan tried to paddle with her paws to swim upwards, but somehow, they did not obey.

On its surface she hadn’t noticed how deep the pool was; only after she fell into the water had she realized that it was so deep, the water seemingly alive as it flowed continuously.

Qi Xiaohan’s eyes were open underwater and saw that it was as if she had fallen into a deep lake. The further she sank down, the darker it was. Qi Xiaohan started to struggle in fear of the dark bottom.

However, after struggling for a while, the little cat hesitated and discovered something as she ceased moving.

Qi Xiaohan turned her head and found that in this water, it seemed that she was able to breathe.

And the further down she was, the easier the breathing was.

Although she didn’t know what kind of illogical theory this was, this kind of strange thing had just occurred.


This feeling was quite wonderful. Qi Xiaohan curiously stretched out her paws as she maintained a relaxed state and sank straight towards the bottom.

She found that the further underwater, the more dense the spiritual energy was. With her head down, Qi Xiaohan paddled with her paws and looked at the water’s bottomless depths.

Such rich spiritual energy made Qi Xiaohan feel as if every strand of her hair was being stretched out as they tried hard to absorb the spiritual energy.

Qi Xiaohan continued downward and gradually encountered some resistance.

At the same time, the spiritual energy also coagulated like a gelatinous substance, making it simply impossible to move forward.

Qi Xiaohan felt some soreness and numbness in her four paws as well as some swelling. She stepped back, and the water suddenly flowed again.

Qi Xiaohan couldn’t help but naughtily extend a paw to touch that transitional layer of spiritual resin gel floor. Its feeling was like stepping on jelly.

When Lang Chen arrived from under the water, he saw this scene.

The big white tiger looked up at the little cat and swam towards her. Those gelatinous layers were non-existent to Lang Chen as they flowed without any stagnation, like water.

Qi Xiaohan saw the big tiger and waved her paw at him happily.

Lang Chen raised his eyes and was about to go to the little cat’s side when a dark current surged under the water, washing away the thin layer of gelatin at the top. The little cat’s body flipped over and sank down.

The giant white tiger angled his head and saw the snow-white kitten slowly sink down. Her cat paws were paddling and, as if she was very happy, showed him a joyful smile.

Vaguely, the sinking little white cat seemed to have turned into a girl with fair skin and a pair of curved, radiant eyes with a bright smile. Her beauty could make anyone’s heart flutter.

The gelatinous transparency altered and only a hazy, delicate figure could be seen.

The dark current rushed over again, and when he raised his eyes to once again look at it, only a flustered little cat was left sinking down.

Lang Chen felt that the temperature of the spirit resin gel layer around him seemed to be too high, and the temperature gradually spread to his ears and neck. Reacting to what he had just seen, Lang Chen’s paws moved and, seeing the little cat sinking down towards him, opened his paws and hugged her.

The little white cat rubbed the big tiger’s cheek in front of her, a kind of intimacy that was common among felines. However, Lang Chen had a ghost within his heart*, and feeling that action at that moment, his heart was beating thunderously.

[Note: To have a ghost in your heart = to have a guilty conscience/to harbor ulterior motives]

Lang Chen placed the kitten on his back and quickly paddled towards the water’s surface.

The temperature under the water was too high for him to bear.

Qi Xiaohan lay firmly on the tiger’s back. They reached the surface of the water within only a few blinks.

Qi Xiaohan poked her head out above the surface of the water, her paws still clutching onto the tiger’s head.

When Lang Chen raised his eyes, he saw the little white cat’s snow-white little furry belly. The little cat’s belly was warm and soft as it pressed against his head.

The tiger raised his paws and suddenly poked the cat, and the cat fell back into the water immediately.

Qi Xiaohan: ?

Lang Chen shifted his gaze and asked, “Why did you go under the water?”

Qi Xiaohan said honestly: “I fell into the water and found that I could breathe at the bottom so I sank down.”

Lang Chen looked at the little cat with helplessness in his eyes.

Seeing the little cat’s wet fur, the cat looked very thin, weak, and a bit pitiful. Lang Chen couldn’t help but smoothen her fur.

“The spiritual liquid pool has been brewed with Yuqiu spiritual water glue, and has water constantly flowing in to dilute it. The top layer has the lowest water spiritual influence while the bottom layer is nearly pure Yuqiu spiritual water glue. The aura can be absorbed directly with the body, and one will not feel that they can’t breathe.”

Lang Chen looked at the little cat again as he talked about this. Generally speaking, a normal newborn could basically only float on the water’s surface, and even if they wanted to dive down, their body wouldn’t be able to continue because of the aura’s fullness. Just a little cat going to the bottom of the water was rare and in this little cat’s, there obviously wasn’t much spiritual power. Pinching the cat’s paws, it could be felt that they were soft and too weak.

Perhaps the kitten had been born with a spirit fire to protect its master. Spiritual fire was a heaven-born spiritual object that could absorb spiritual energy on its own, which was why Qi Xiaohan could dive so deeply into the water.

Because the water was entirely made of aura, the spiritual liquid pool was also not much of a danger and could indulge the newborn in that side to recover their strength.

He had originally came in through the passage at the bottom of the pool so that he could only temporarily rest under the water, but hadn’t expected to meet this little cat.

Thinking of the situation when the kitten had fallen down, Lang Chen’s gaze stopped on the kitten. His thick tiger paw pressed the cat as he carefully probed within her body using his spiritual power in her body. He found that Xiaohan didn’t show any signs of turning into a human.

“Xiaohan, did something wrong happen with your body when you were in the water?”

The little white cat was shaking her fur and when she heard this, she looked over in confusion: “No, it’s just that when I got to the bottom of the water, I couldn’t sink.”

Qi Xiaohan herself didn’t know that she’d had a moment of transformation?

Or had he been hallucinating underwater?

Lang Chen lowered his eyes, slightly pondering.

Gradually, the students who’d had enough of the madness noticed that the instructor was here, thus they all quieted down and gathered in a group to look at the instructor.

Lang Chen looked at these students indifferently. “You soaked enough, climb ashore. What are you looking at me for?”

The students scattered and quickly climbed to the shore. They shook their furs and changed their clothes.

Qi Xiaohan also paddled her paws, preparing to go ashore, but was hooked back by Lang Chen, “You adjust here for a while more, the aura underwater is too strong. Stay on the water’s surface for a while.”

After saying that, Lang Chen went ashore.

Once on the shore, the handsome white tiger turned into the cold and ruthless uniform-wearing instructor.

The clothes on the instructor’s body weren’t wet at all, with the water on his clothes rolling off. When he came out, it wasn’t at all like those human freshmen.

Qi Xiaohan soaked in the pool for a while and felt that it was almost time. Only then did she slowly go to the shore.

Seriously, this had been the longest time she had spent in the water in her life.

Previously at home, whenever Qi Ning had tried to bathe her, she wished that she could be able to run and be chased for two miles. Even so, when bathing, she would wash her gently, mixing good, warm water with the shower.

After washing, Qi Ning would give her food and blow-dry her hair after eating.

She had truly been a happy little cat living in her comfort zone.


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