My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 35: Chapter 27.2

The little white cat was especially devastated, meowing as she called her family’s Ningning and asked her to find some of her high school textbooks as a last-minute effort.

Xunhai Union University's school exam had four basic subjects: law decision, union politics, mathematics, and a comprehensive which tested some basic knowledge.

The little white cat’s paws constantly pressed on the phone as she began to collect study materials through various channels.

Zhou Mingyu had done a thousand sets that included questions from previous examinations, and directly sent the little cat a collection of complex questions that he had compiled digitally, as well as a lot of paper materials from before.

Lu Sha hadn’t expected this little cat to begin studying anxiously. She was a little surprised but didn’t forget to tell the little cat some advice and what the questions were about.

Duo-en himself had been in danger back then. He could barely give anything, so he calmed the little cat down and told her that even if she failed the exam, it wouldn’t matter.

Qi Xiaohan: ……

A few roommates also had some textbooks from home, so they gathered their materials together to review. The little white cat began to read under the light of the lamp that night.

After all, today was already Monday.

Zhou Mingming: “Xiaohan, you don’t actually need to be so anxious. I just asked a senior sister and she said the topic was very simple.”

The little mountain cat: “Yes, the assistant director has not yet announced the examination, so temporary notice is definitely not a problem.”

Qi Xiaohan looked up, her feline face full of sadness: “You guys don’t understand……”

The little cat was a cat that was very bad at studying.

Qi Xiaohan felt some shame, meowed, and continued to read seriously.


That night, Lang Chen was in the military department conference room.

This meeting was basically for all the military defense students in school. Most of them were already in their senior year and preparing for their internships, and the juniors were only him and another unicorn.

During a break in the middle of the meeting, Lang Chen took out his cell phone and looked at the time. It was already eleven o’clock.

Lang Chen rubbed his brows tiredly. He casually took his phone and swiped at it, and saw that the little cat had sent a chat to him under Duo-en’s Moments.

Duo-en had failed a subject last year and was about to take the make-up exam, so he should still be revising at this time.

Duo-en’s Moments had posts of several koi in a row as he both crazily and superstitiously sought to pass the exam.

(T/N: Koi fish is a symbol of good luck or fortune.)

The cat was also studying so she took advantage of it and also sent koi.

This little cat was still awake right now?

Recalling his and the little cat’s previous conversation that she hadn’t experienced the XUU exam before, his finger moved and opened the little cat’s avatar.

(T/N: XUU = Xunhai Union University)

- Lang Chen: “Still studying?”

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “Yes, I’m looking at math, it’s so difficult.”

- Lang Chen: “What have you learned before, I’ll help you.”

The little cat at the other end of the phone paused for a long time without replying, and only after a while did she embarrassedly send a photo.

Lang Chen looked at those extremely simple junior and senior high school topics on the photo, was silent for a while, and realized what was probably wrong with this little cat.

This cat had no foundation.

It was estimated that the test would be difficult.

- Lang Chen: “Sleep first, it’s enough for tonight. Tomorrow night I’ll help you review.”

Qi Xiaohan didn’t expect that her senior brother would be so kind as to take her to study, so she was pleasantly surprised and sent several emojis of kneeling down to thank her senior brother.

When Lang Chen saw it, the corners of his lips curved, and just when he wanted to reply, the leaders came back and the meeting proceeded to begin.

“…The current restoration progress of the Dan Department’s Floating Tower has been mostly completed. The reason for the previous explosion has been found. The group of evil demons that had been held in Floating Tower 30 years ago didn’t know how to get in touch with the outside world and desperately broke out of the Floating Tower. Leaving the tower, the Dan students went to intercept and kill them, igniting the fire floating below the tower.”

“All the evil demons who fled have been killed, but the Lilong chime that floated away from the top of the tower has also disappeared. I hadn’t noticed how they transported the chime, nor can I sense the position of the chime.”

(T/N: Lilong = neighborhood lanes. I still don’t know what the correlation of this lilong to the chimes is. Maybe the demons get the chimes from lilong houses(?))

“You are the military students of the Union University, the best of this generation. After the end of military training, the organization will integrate you into the outside army to carry out the searching and killing of evil demons.”

The military defense students sitting in the conference room looked solemn and received their orders with dignity.


After dinner the next day, the little cat ran to the office with her school bag clacking as she looked for Lang Chen.

When Lang Chen saw the little cat coming, he smoothly took her cat bag and placed it on the table.

Qi Xiaohan rummaged through her bag and found the study materials she brought.

Lang Chen took a glance at them and flipped through them. Most of them were about some very basic things.

“Did you bring a copy of the topic that you were asked to do before?”

The little white cat listened and found a paper from her bag, which had been sent to her from Lang Chen in the early morning. That time, she had slept almost all the way through, and only finished a part of it today.

The little cat spread out the paper and Lang Chen looked through it. The little cat had only written some topics that could be found in books like the history of the Union. As for the math problems, almost none of them had been answered, and not a single formula had been even applied to them.

Qi Xiaohan noticed Lang Chen’s gaze and looked at her own paper. When she looked at the empty topic, she took a step back.


Lang Chen set the paper down, took out a pen, and began to give the little cat some key points.

“Start with Union Politics to make up for it, short-term recall. As for math, I’ll teach you how to apply formulas and write them down to score points.”

Maomao nodded indistinctly, then watched carefully as Lang Chen took the pen and wrote on her textbook.

“Look at some of them first, and I’ll go find you a more comprehensive textbook.”

Qi Xiaohan looked at the closely packed, marked out key points. She meowed and plopped down, her ears drooping as she looked at the information points seriously.

After a while, Yan Chong knocked on the door and saw the little cat, raising an eyebrow in surprise.

“How come Xiaohan came here?”

Little Maomao looked up: “I came to study.”

Yan Chong: “Came to the office to study?”

With that, he walked over to the kitten, looked at the focused little cat who was reciting, and was silent for a moment.

“This is in preparation for the opening examination? No need to pay so much attention to it, the topic was very simple.”

Qi Xiaohan: “……Hmm.”

The little cat nodded with a heavy face and sighed, “But, hasn’t it been said that if more than three failures, it may affect the school badge level?”

Yan Chong suddenly laughed out loud. “Hey, only a total of three exams, you just finished the school examination, how could you forget so quickly and fail three classes in a row?”

He laughed and laughed. Seeing the little cat’s serious expression, Yan Chong’s laughter stopped: “No way, you really forgot everything?”

Maomao shook her head and said each word hesitantly: “I didn’t forget. Rather, I didn’t learn it at all.”

Lang Chen took a few books from the back of the room, walked out, and placed them next to the little cat: “Qi Xiaohan was unique in her enrollment, no exam.”

Yan Chong: “Holy shit, so powerful!”

The annual special enrollment was a gift for unusual talents, which was very rare. After all, those were talents that could make the school ignore even grades! This showed how rare such talented students were.

Lang Chen glanced at him, his gaze asking what he wanted.

Yan Chong remembered and hurriedly said, “The minister asked me to come over to get the permission card for the Secret Forest Hall.”

Lang Chen nodded and opened the drawer. He retrieved it from inside and gave it to Yan Chong.

Yan Chong took the permission card, swiped it on the card machine, took out his own identity card, and swiped it again, before putting both cards away.

The little cat glanced towards that side, then saw Yan Chong waving his hand towards her, telling her to take care of herself.

Maomao lay in position, her feline paws flipping through the history of the Union, struggling to memorize. Lang Chen, on the other hand, sat next to her. He was holding a book and flipping through it, waiting for her to finish memorizing a small section, and then finding a few more typical topics for her to do.

Qi Xiaohan was so dizzy from memorizing the book that she felt her feline head was much heavier than before. She raised her head and wanted to change her posture but accidentally met Lang Chen’s line of sight who was sitting beside her.

Lang Chen had been watching her for a long time.

Under the light, Lang Chen’s long eyelashes created a shadow in his eyes. His eyes were dark and deep, but when he looked at her, he looked a little gentle.

The little white cat moved her paws on the pages of the book, not knowing why such a gaze from Lang Chen made her a little uncomfortable.

The little cat abruptly turned her head, withdrew her gaze, and continued to read the book seriously.

(T/N: I smell love, love, love haha)

After a while, Qi Xiaohan raised her head again and quietly glanced to the side.

Lang Chen was reading his book.

She didn’t know what the content was. She looked at the cover which seemed to be about races, written in ancient Wu tribe font. Qi Xiaohan had seen a little bit in his textbook before.

The man who solemnly read the book under the bright light was good-looking, like a painting. The slender fingers on the book slowly turned a page.

Suddenly, Lang Chen stopped. His eyes still rested on the book, but he couldn’t help but laugh lightly.

Lang Chen put down the book and turned his head to look at the little cat: “Are you addicted to watching me?”

The little cat was caught peeping and meowed. She balled her paws and lowered her head to read the book seriously.

Lang Chen looked at this furry little cat, reached out, and pinched her nape, reminding her.

“Concentrate more and study hard.”

The little cat meowed and gently shrank her neck.

She studied all night, that time was simply enriching.

When Qi Xiaohan raised her head again, she found that somehow, Master Lang Chen had already left the office.

The little cat looked around and meowed. Seeing that people were gone, she was relieved and moved her paws.

Studying with senior brother Lang Chen was too tiring. If she didn’t have to take the exam soon, and this grade of hers wasn’t in danger, she wouldn’t have come over to study.

Taking advantage of the fact that her senior brother wasn’t there, the little cat jumped off the table and stretched out extensively, feeling a bit hungry.

Qi Xiaohan looked at the snacks placed on a small table not far away and hesitated for a moment about eating them.

She waited for a while for her senior brother to arrive before asking him if she could eat it.

Suddenly, Qi Xiaohan remembered that her school bag still contained the sugar beans previously given to her by Lang Chen. Her little cat eyes lit up as she found the small porcelain bottle from her cat bag.

The porcelain bottle was exquisite, like a work of art. It was very beautiful, and the fruit-flavored sugar beans inside were also super delicious.

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