My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 36: Chapter 27.3

Perhaps the small bottle wasn’t a random packaged bottle but a bottle that Lang Chen himself had found. That’s why after she finished eating, she would ask brother Lang Chen if she needed to return the bottle to him.

With this in mind, Maomao opened the porcelain bottle and poured out a handful of sugar beans, which scattered on the table.

Sugar beans had a variety of flavors. The red one was peach flavored, and there were others with apple flavor and grape flavor, sweet and delicious. Moreover, they tasted better than any other candy in the market.

And she didn’t know if it was an illusion, but this kind of candy seemed to be very filling.

The little cat ate slowly and gradually felt a bit full.

Qi Xiaohan’s movements from eating the candy slowed down. She whimpered, her ears twitching as she felt that her paws were somewhat swollen.


This feeling continued, gradually spreading throughout her body. It seemed like the candy she had eaten finally produced a reaction.

Her paws stomped onto the ground, her body burned all over, her eyes hazy, and her cries thin and weak.

The white kitten kept rolling on the ground, the flame pattern on her forehead gradually turning red, and then after a while, the little snow-white cat disappeared and was replaced by a girl of exquisite beauty.

Qi Xiaohan lifted her feline paw, but her furry cat paw had turned into white fingers. The girl let out a low cry and stared in disbelief.



Lang Chen went outside to perform some errands and bought some food for the little cat on the way. When he got back, he received a message from the little cat.

The little cat was frantically sending messages urging him to hurry back and bring her a set of girl’s clothes.

Lang Chen’s fingers tightened, his footsteps paused, and on his face an expression of shock gradually appeared.

How come she had transformed at this time?

Seeing that the little cat was still typing, Lang Chen didn’t hesitate to turn around and buy clothes for the little cat.

When Lang Chen returned, he pushed open the office door and after locking it, he stood by the door politely and did not enter inside: “Xiaohan, where are you?”

Inside the office, the kitten answered sullenly, “I’m here!”

Lang Chen brought the bag of clothes and walked towards the inner room.

“I’ll put the clothes at the door, come and get them.”

The little cat meowed and replied with a depressed voice: “Send it in, it’s okay.”

Lang Chen was stunned for a moment. Hearing what the little cat just said, and then thinking about the little cat’s current situation, heat burned from his neck all the way to the root of his ears.

Xiaohan wanted him to come in?

Lang Chen felt some tightness within his throat and coughed, “Nonsense, hurry over and take these clothes.”

Lang Chen placed the clothes down and was about to turn around in avoidance.

Maomao: “……I don’t want to move. It’s okay, come in, senior brother.”

Maomao’s voice came faintly through the door panel.

Lang Chen’s face remained calm and unruffled, but his heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably. He remembered that these days, all Duo-en had been telling him was that the little cat treated him better than others and probably liked him.

Now that Xiaohan found out she had transformed, the first thing she thought of was also him and wasn’t even afraid to let him in.

Did the little cat like him?

When Lang Chen thought of this possibility, his heart beat faster and faster.

His palms were slightly sweaty. He pursed his lips and thought of the vaguely delicate figure he had seen underwater earlier.

If Xiaohan liked him, in fact, he……

There was another rustle within the room, interlaced with the depressed slapping noises from the little cat.

The office’s break room was originally used for the people on duty to rest, but since this office was given to Lang Chen, basically, Lang Chen was the only one using it. The rest of the student council members only had the law enforcement department come and sit down at a fixed time every day, others came and went during the day, but not at all at night.

Lang Chen had a uniform in the break room and a bedsheet, thus, the little cat wasn’t uncovered inside.

If it was other students, he wouldn’t be so nervous, but it was Qi Xiaohan inside. He seemed to have a somewhat different feeling for this little cat.

The man standing at the doorway had his eyes downcast and his thin lips slightly pursed.

Lang Chen placed his hand on the door handle and pushed the door in after knocking as a reminder for the person inside.

He had already prepared himself mentally, but when he saw the scene in the room, he still wanted to sigh helplessly.

The bed in the room with its bedsheet was messed up. The only uniform jacket he placed there was sitting on the bed. A snow-white cat poked out her head and lay there dejectedly as if she didn’t want to struggle anymore.

The cat’s paws flopped down, and the cat’s ears were also half-erect and half-drooping.

When she heard Lang Chen enter, the little cat raised its head and gave a meow.

Lang Chen smiled, walked towards her, and sat down on the edge of the bed. He reached out to take the little cat out of the mess, rubbed her fur, and stroked the back of her neck.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you transformed?” Lang Chen asked in a warm voice.

When the kitten heard this, it was aggrieved, angry, and chagrined: “I did transform.”

“I transformed, but it only lasted for a while before I changed back. I just took your clothes out, I didn’t even have time to take a picture!”

The more the little cat thought about it, the more she regretted it, and her little feline paws patted on Lang Chen’s thigh, her tone bringing a bit of grievance to her feline high-pitched voice: “Master, if only you came back earlier, you would’ve still seen me turn into a human form, but now you couldn’t even see it.”

The fluffy little white cat lay in his arms, and its round little cat eyes were full of regret that she shouldn’t have transformed back to her original form. She looked so cute that Lang Chen couldn’t help but reach out and gently rub the little cat’s forehead, softly responding:

“Well, next time, brother will come back earlier.”

The little cat gave a muffled sound and rubbed against Lang Chen’s palm, burying its face in the crook of his arm.

This was an action that cats often did with humans when they were unhappy.

Lang Chen looked at the little cat being like this, his heart incredibly softened. Combing the furs on her back, he said in a slow voice.

“It’s okay, it will take shape again in the future, and next time, senior brother will definitely be able to see it.”

Next time, he wouldn’t let the kitten be very disappointed.

He was the one who came back too slowly.

The little white cat inhaled through her nose and replied with great difficulty: “I didn’t have time to show my family’s Ningning before I changed back. If you had arrived back earlier, you could’ve still taken a picture for me, senior brother.”

“Why couldn’t I hold on a little longer, I’m behaving too disappointingly.”

The little cat regretted so much that her entire being was upset.

Lang Chen’s hand, which was gently smoothing the cat’s fur, stopped. His originally soft expression transitioned to an expressionless one.

“You just wanted me to come back and take a picture of you?”

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