My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 37: Chapter 27.4

Lang Chen’s voice was flat as he asked.

The little cat raised her gaze, meeting Lang Chen’s downcast eyes, unable to see the joy and anger in them.

In fact, no…… she certainly wanted to show her senior brother her human form. More accurately, with the excitement of her becoming human, she simply wanted to send it to her Moments to widely announce it, so that everyone knew that, she, little Maomao, had transformed!

Although the tone of Lang Chen’s voice was the same as usual, the keen little cat still detected a hint of unhappiness in it.

Before Qi Xiaohan could figure out the reason, she lifted her paw and placed it on the palm of Lang Chen’s hand first: “No.”

Lang Chen lightly glanced at the little cat.

Heh, it was no, this cat still wanted him to bring the clothes over.

Lang Chen looked at the small furry cat paw resting on his palm, the sadness in his heart slightly smoothing out. Lang Chen’s fingers squeezed the cat paw, seeing that the little cat was still looking at him, he reached out and touched her head.

“No, really, I want to let senior brother quickly see my human form, ah. I sent you a lot of messages, and thought you weren’t coming back.”

The little cat whose paw was being held looked up to explain to Lang Chen seriously.

Lang Chen grunted faintly, accepting the little cat’s explanation slightly. Sullenly holding the cat after a while, as he smoothed her fur, he lowered his gaze to her.

“In the future, if you have a problem, it’s better to look for me directly. There’s no need to bother others.”

Just like today, it was good that the little cat would think of him first.

The little white cat nodded repeatedly and looked at Lang Chen with a bright gaze.

Master was so nice, how could there be such a good tiger!

The little cat tilted her face up to look at him and suddenly stood upright, her furry cat face on Lang Chen’s cheek, rubbing him.

This was the little cat’s favorite way to behave, and when she did this to Ning Ning, Ning Ning was so happy that she hugged and kissed her back.

When Lang Chen felt the little cat stand up, his body stiffened imperceptibly, and his ears reddened a bit uncontrollably.

He moved his gaze elsewhere but reached out to hold the little cat timidly, lest it fall. A pleasant smile was under his eyes.


Lang Chen called out in a low voice.

The little cat heard it and gave a puzzled hum.

Lang Chen pursed his lips and placed the little cat on the bed. “It’s okay…… First, I’ll teach you how to wear clothes directly when you take on human form.”

So as to avoid the next time he would be too late to appear around this cat, who knew what else she would do.

Lang Chen recited each word for the little cat to memorize the steps, Qi Xiaohan remembered it quickly and mastered the main points in no time.

When a bit of time passed, Lang Chen suddenly remembered and asked.

“How did you suddenly transform into a human today?”

He had checked before, and Xiaohan’s spiritual power was relatively low. Although she had a natural spiritual fire, it also wasn’t enough to support her transformation. That’s why when he had previously seen the little cat underwater in human form, he didn’t provide much advice. After all, it was the spiritual pool.

When the little cat thought of this, she immediately stood up and meowed.

“Senior brother, it was the sugar beans you gave me before! I was a little hungry tonight, so I ate a lot of them, and then this happened.”

Lang Chen understood it. That small bottle of spirit gathering pills was usually used for his after training, and because it tasted good, he carried it with him. That day, when he had seen that the little cat had been doing well, moreover with the lack of spiritual energy in her body and her being the size of a small cat, he had given it to her.

He didn’t expect that this cat would’ve eaten most of its contents!

Lang Chen cried and laughed a little.

Generally, new students only ate one. If they ate one more, their body wouldn’t be able to take it and so they would stop eating. But Qi Xiaohan, this cat was a bit special. Although her body didn’t have enough spiritual power, she possessed a natural spiritual fire, so what could she not refine? Last time, hadn’t she even sank at the spiritual pool?

If it wasn’t for the fact that this little cat’s body was still small and couldn’t bear too much spiritual energy, it could be assumed that she could’ve eaten the remaining half of the bottle.

Lang Chen explained to Qi Xiaohan. Seeing the little cat looking up at him, he reached out and rubbed the cat’s head, laughing lightly: “You! It was a close call without incident. You can’t eat the spirit gathering pills anymore, I’ll confiscate them.”

With that said, he took away the half bottle of spirit-gathering pills from the cat.

Qi Xiaohan looked at it with some regret.

She originally thought it had only been sugar beans. Because of its similar taste and various flavors, who would have thought that it was actually a potion. Now the creation of these pills was this hardcore?

Do you want to go public!

Lang Chen put away the spirit-gathering pills. These years, the Dan Department’s elixir refining direction had gotten stranger and stranger. Some time ago, they had made it into moon cakes but each spirit gathering pills had needed to be sliced to be eaten. This year, they had studied making it into the shape of sugar beans. That was why it was no surprise that this little cat had mistaken it as one.

He was thinking of giving the little cat a supplement that day, but who could anticipate that all of a sudden, the tonic would make her human?

Lang Chen let the cat out and cleaned up the room himself.

Qi Xiaohan trodded on the ground with her paws and walked out. When she saw the paper bag placed at the side, she lifted her paws and picked it up.

With a look, little Maomao fell into silence.

Inside was a set of skirts, along with girl’s underwear and trousers in different sizes. She was afraid that they wouldn’t fit her.

She didn’t know how to buy in the mall but he had prepared very well.

Tiger brother was really attentive.

He was also very good to her.


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