My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 38: Chapter 28.1

When Lang Chen returned, it was already late.

Duo-en was half-leaning on the bed, playing a game, and greeted him playfully when he saw him coming back.

“So late? Were you with junior sister Xiaohan again?”

Lang Chen hummed and changed his jacket.

Seeing the bottle of spirit-gathering pills Lang Chen placed on the table from his pocket, Duo-en laughed out loud.

“Hey, those people from the Dan Department recently came up with a new flavor, saying that they wanted to make a Liuxin candy, a kind of spirit candy with fruit extract inside. I’m afraid that when they graduate, they’ll open up a food factory.”

(T/N: 流 [liu] means to flow or circulate, while 心 [xin] means heart. I used ‘Liuxin’ because isn’t it weird to say ‘flowing heart candy’ or ‘heart flowing candy’?)

Lang Chen didn’t know what to think so he replied with a smile.

Duo-en was a bit surprised. “You’re in a good mood today?”

He was smiling now.

Lang Chen sat down at the desk, thought of what had happened tonight, and said with some hesitation in his tone.

“Perhaps I like Qi Xiaohan a little bit.”

And, the little cat seemed to like him too.

Tonight, the little cat had kissed him on the cheek.

Duo-en looked over in surprise and saw the handsome man leaning on the back of the chair, unaware of the smile he carried, looking very happy.

Duo-en: ……

Why is it that you go out to study for half the night and then return with some progress?

The lone lion was disheartened.

Lang Chen used his phone, saw Qi Xiaohan’s message to him that she had arrived at the dormitory, and replied to her with an ‘en’.

(T/N: En = yes/okay/understand)

Duo-en was still chattering on. “In that case, are you two together? Is this finding a partner? S**t, you’re moving too fast!”

Lang Chen glanced at him and laughed lightly, “We’re not together yet.”

Duo-en: …………

Oh, merely in the ambiguous stage.

Duo-en felt like he was going to die of heart sickness. He had even been blacklisted by the beautiful junior sister lioness. And now, his cold roommate, who had seemed like he was going to be single all his life, was going to blossom the iron tree. Moreover, their development was too fast!

(T/N: To blossom the iron tree = a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence)

Duo-en suddenly didn’t want to play. He transformed himself into a lion, lay on the bed, and licked his fur. His whole being was exuding the words ‘a lost loner looking unloved’.

When would it be his turn to experience sweet love?

So envious, I want.

If the tiger could, the lion thought he could, too.


After another day, the assistant director finally sent a notice about the exam on Saturday.

There was only a brief mention that the test was a comprehensive paper, focusing on the spiritual root test on Saturday afternoon.

The spiritual root test for new students was quite important. It would be related to the subsequent development of a student. The school would also be adjusting the teaching methods according to the specific circumstances of the students.

The four big and small cats within the cat dormitory room 412 sat around the dormitory’s table, each one carefully flipping through the book in front of them, reading the words, and studying hard.

The little white cat lay on the table, cat eyes wide and staring at the mathematic notes in front of her.

“Meow ……”

It’s so difficult, why take a math test.

(T/N: I feel you Qi Xiaohan lol)

Qi Xiaohan placed her small paws above it as she studied the arithmetic that they had just learned.

The little white cat was quite bad at arithmetic because usually, there wasn’t much use for it.

Currently, what was in front of Qi Xiaohan was a high school textbook, and looking at the circle equation, ellipse equation and various trigonometric functions on it, the cat was about to split open.

Luckily, Lang Chen had previously taken her to review some of them, so she was at least able to understand what the topics were talking about.

Recently every night, Lang Chen would help her review. When Lang Chen watched over her studies, he would be very strict, and the review would be so intense that the cat would feel completely wasted after one night.

During the military training, she had experienced Lang Chen’s terror, and until now, she couldn’t adapt to it.

It was obvious that in the moments when she had been getting along with her senior brother, although cold in nature, he had still been quite a good tiger, but who knew that when it came to this matter, he would be such a tough character that said no.

Qi Xiaohan was devastated. Although she was determined to study well, she was afraid to go to Lang Chen.

It was because of this that her recent studies were considerably impressive. At least, she learned a lot about union politics and could do a lot of the topics.

With the spirit power running through her, the little white cat possessed an excellent memory that made her better than the average human.

It was noon. The four big and small cats seized the time to return to the dormitory to hold Buddha’s feet.

(T/N: To hold Buddha’s feet = to profess devotion only when in trouble / panic measures in place of timely preparation)

The little bobcat wailed, pounced on the mat on the side, and rolled on it constantly.

“Ahhhhhhhh, math is killing me!”

(T/N: Why so true lol)

The little bobcat was fluffy, her tail constantly flicking as she rolled. Qi Xiaohan looked at her for a moment, then pounced on her with a meow.

The little snow leopard’s eyes also lit up a little, following Qi Xiaohan and stacking up above the little bobcat. Lu Ling was suppressed and was about to swat them with her paws. In the end, their dormitory room became a mess.


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