My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 49: Chapter 30.2

Qi Xiaohan looked at the big black wolf leading and was silenced for a moment.


She didn’t have any opinion about this senior big black wolf; it was just that…… this senior wolf’s character was somewhat dark and bad.

The big black wolf obviously also saw the little white cat. He was about to grab the two boys but his paws stopped. He walked towards the little white cat.

“It’s you.” The big black wolf looked over her from head to toe for a moment and gave a short laugh. “How come after so many days of military training, you’re still in such a small form.”

The little white cat bared her teeth at him.

The big black wolf snorted lightly and turned his head to look at the few humans who were screaming in panic.

They had been frozen since the moment they saw the little cat calling the police, only coming back to their senses when they saw the big black wolf, and one after another, screamed like chickens.

“Ahhhh, there's wolves ah!”

“Help, please, anyone!”

“Quick, hurry up and call your mother.”

“Holy s**t, a wolf, a talking wolf!!! Mom!”

In order to deal with these humans, the team also came with some human officers wearing police uniforms and upon seeing the situation, immediately supported their foreheads.

It was a headache whenever humans unintentionally intruded at the borders of the administrative region.

“Don’t scream, we're the police.”

The boy immediately yelled with a tearful voice: “Uncle Police, there are wolves here. I suspect that they smuggle endangered animals so arrest them quickly!”

“You guys have mistakenly intruded within the Xunhai borders. Come back with us for documentation so we can send you back to your places.” The police officer said seriously.

The boundary within the Xunhai range was divided into a total of five layers. The outermost layer of the boundary was relatively sparse, so there might be humans who would mistakenly walk into there. If they were caught, a team would come and immediately send them back. Comparatively, it was more common if a human sent in an application to legally live in the outermost layer.

Those who were sent back had their memories erased and even if they faintly remembered something, it would become something like an urban legend.

Both the girls and the boys were horrified and bewildered at the same time, unable to understand what the police were talking about. Have they broken into something they shouldn’t have broken into? Was this place dedicated to endangered animals?

The police took them away and ordered the big black wolf behind them, “Lei Ze, take someone for a patrol around the border to see if there's someone else like this.”

Lei Ze responded at once.

The little white cat looked up, looked at him somewhat strangely, and asked, “Senior, why did you join the off-campus law enforcement team again?”

The school's student union possessed an enforcement team, but that was made up of students, and still had differences with those violent agencies outside. The law enforcement team within Xunhai was under the security department of Xunhai Union and divided into different zones. Their management was very strict.

The big black wolf bowed his head and lightly laughed: “Do you know of the off-campus internship? It’s where someone goes outside school for an internship for a period of time to earn a credit.”

The little cat meowed and her eyes lit up: “Can you still go to the off-campus law enforcement team for an internship?”

The big black wolf glanced at her: “It’s hard to enter the law enforcement team. According to the current standards for you, we can assume that you're not needed even to run errands; you’re too slow.”

This was too much.

This wolf had sarcastically called her short!

The little white cat harrumphed and glared at him, dragging her furry cat tail from side to side and not talking to him.

Lei Ze had to go on patrol with his colleagues behind him and left after saying hello to the little cat and the others.

The big black wolf trodded away with his paws, his fur fluttering in the wind, looking very handsome.

He was a cool wolf but his personality was just very bad. He was very unfriendly with the felines in the cat dorm and looked down on them.

Zhou Mingyu was still looking through his phone, not knowing what he was seeing. The little white cat raised her paw and patted his calf, calling for him, “Let’s go get inside.”

Zhou Mingyu took another look at his phone before putting it away.

The little unicorn burrowed out from somewhere and stood with the little vermilion bird who immediately kicked him with his paws in disgust and told him to keep away.

Qi Xiaohan tilted her face, looked at the mirage in front of her, and meowed.

This place is really beautiful.

If only Qi Ning can come here too.

Mirage was only a name used mainly for constructing illusions. Some were really good at constructing palaces and beauties, while some were bad. Strange things appeared, and looked really interesting.


Lang Chen just finished his training and leaned to the side to rest.

Night had fallen and he was alone in the training room, so quiet that he could only hear his own breathing.

Lang Chen had long been accustomed to this kind of life.

After a while, Lang Chen remembered something and picked up his cell phone which was placed on the side table.

The little cat had gone out to play with her classmates tonight, and he didn’t know where she had gone.

Lang Chen rubbed his finger on the phone and subconsciously clicked on the little white cat’s Moments.

Lang Chen: ……

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