My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 52: Chapter 30.5

Lang Chen lowered his eyes and looked at the little cat. “Xiaohan, if someone else hugged you like this, would you allow them to?”

QI Xiaohan tilted her head. The man’s voice was cold like usual but she could sense some aggravation in it.

The little cat cocked her head. “I don’t want other people holding me so naturally; I won’t let them hug me.”

For the people who she didn't like hugging her, the little cat would knock their heads off.

Lang Chen gave a muffled sound as if he was still a bit unsatisfied.

“Other men hugging you is also allowed?”

Qi Xiaohan instantly thought of Zhou Mingyu this evening and looked up at Lang Chen, meowing.

Senior brother didn’t like Zhou Mingyu hugging her?

Was this the reason for his bad mood tonight?

The little cat hesitated for a moment, her rounded cat eyes looking at senior brother with confusion.


Lang Chen pursed his lips and suddenly turned his head.

“Forget it,” Lang Chen said in a light voice.

The little white cat raised her paw and placed it on Lang Chen’s arm, trying to ask, “Then should I not allow Zhou Mingyu to hug me in the future?”

Lang Chen immediately turned his head and gained an inch: “Other men won’t work either.”

(T/N: 得寸进尺 is a Chinese idiom that says ‘win an inch, want a foot’. It was a metaphor for someone who isn’t satisfied with small gains. It’s similar to give an inch, take a mile.)

Qi Xiaohan: ……?

When Lang Chen saw that the little cat didn’t say anything, he thought about his overly quick reaction. Chagrin flashed in his eyes and then disappeared, still with that cold and clear look.

Whatever it was she did, he and Xiaohan didn't have a relationship. He couldn’t ask her that.

It was him who had crossed the line.

Seeing that the little cat was still looking at him, Lang Chen whispered, “It’s okay.”

Qi Xiaohan’s cat ears twitched. She understood what Lang Chen meant, and asked, “Senior brother, do you want me to let only you hug me?”

Qi Xiaohan had used to have a feline friend with who his master was very strict, forbidding others from hugging him.

Qi Ning had said that this was called possessiveness.

But no one had said anything; after all, that cat had belonged to that human.

The little cat looked at Lang Chen, not expecting that this instructor, who was quite an upright and serious tiger, would want to monopolize a cat.

When Lang Chen heard the little cat’s question, his heart jumped slightly. He looked at the little white cat, feeling his lips dry a little.

He looked into the little cat’s eyes, surprisingly nodded, and hugged the little cat.

“Yes, only I can hug you. No other men can.”

Qi Xiaohan felt Lang Chen’s voice arrive at her ears. It was a deep voice with some magnetism. The light in his eyes made Qi Xiaohan a little nervous. She wanted to step back a little but was again held down by Lang Chen.


Lang Chen stared at her and asked.

The little white cat pressed her ears down, thought for a moment, then raised her head and nodded seriously: “Yes.”

“Then I’ll be the tiger to your little cat from now on.”

Then in the future, Lang Chen would have to brush her hair, play with her every day, and take her to the movies.

However, in terms of property rights, she still belonged to Ningning.

Only when at school would she only give cuddles to Lang Chen.

After the little cat voluntarily gave herself to the tiger, she assigned limits in her heart.

Many cats belonged to more than one person, it was only that their owners didn’t know of it.

She hadn’t expected that she herself would do something behind her human owners’ backs.

This was really too evil.

The little cat condemned herself fiercely in her heart.

Lang Chen listened, the corners of his lips bringing a smile, and his pair of eyes lighting up, as if he was hiding something. He turned his face and laughed lightly.

“Good. From now on, you are my cat.”

The little cat saw that this tiger had been coaxed in this way, and for some reason in her heart, she also mirrored his happiness. She tilted her little feline head to rub against Lang Chen.

Lang Chen’s heart softened incredibly. His slender hand set on the little cat’s back, gently smoothing her fur, his cold and hard eyebrows showing a few tender points.

Lang Chen raised his hand, and an ice rose coagulated. Strangely enough, the ice rose was burning with white flames, appearing magnificent and bright.

The little cat looked at the rose in amazement, then looked at Lang Chen again.

Qi Xiaohan still remembered this flame, it was this white fire that had almost made her suffer a big loss during the training at that time. Luckily at that time, Lang Chen had taken the flame back at the right moment, otherwise, when those two kinds of flames exploded together, she wouldn’t have known where that situation would’ve led to.

Right now, when she saw this flower, she still was very afraid.

Lang Chen held the little cat’s paw and let her lift it to touch.

Qi Xiaohan’s cat claws gently touched the rose, still trembling. However, the flame was as gentle as water when she touched it. As soon as her cat paw was placed on it, the white flame came up very intimately, enclosing her in it.

The flame carried a slightly warm temperature. It was comfortable and seemed like it was interspersed with the aura of senior brother Lang Chen.

The little cat turned her head, looked at Lang Chen with bright eyes, and meowed. She then saw him with the same warm smile in his eyes, just gazing at her.

“In the future, none of the fires that I light will hurt you.”

Lang Chen’s voice reassured the little cat very seriously.

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