My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 53: Chapter 31.1

Qi Xiaohan took the ice rose back to the dormitory. The flames on the rose had already been collected back by Qi Xiaohan.

Since senior brother Lang Chen had said that the flames wouldn’t harm her, seemingly like a command from him, a significant limitation had been momentarily lifted from her.

Qi Xiaohan could also take in the burning white flames as if she was taking back her own flames.

Lang Chen had said that this kind of fire was called the White Tiger Liuxin Fire, and it was their family’s companion spiritual flame.

(T/N: Recap: Liuxin = flowing heart/heart flowing)

The little white cat opened the door to the dormitory. Her other roommates hadn’t returned yet. She turned on the lights and placed the ice rose in a glass bottle on the table. She then laid down the table, tilted her head, and looked at the flower.

She didn’t know how her senior brother Lang Chen had been able to handle it, as it wasn’t changed yet and was currently still perfectly intact.

With Qi Xiaohan’s current abilities, she couldn’t use other power attributes besides her own spiritual root, but senior brother Lang Chen could easily make a flower of his own will, even with burning flames on a rose.

The little white cat raised her paw again and touched the rose, suddenly very happy as her ears twitched. After pulling out her phone and taking a picture of the flower, she thought for a while but didn’t send it out and instead, kept it on her phone.

Lang Chen returned to his dormitory after sending the little cat off. He thought of his time with the little cat earlier and, in the empty dormitory, suddenly let out a low laugh, unable to control the delight blooming on his face.


Qi Xiaohan waited in their dormitory room for a long time and was about to call her roommates when the door suddenly opened. Her three other roommates came in with a large bag of snacks behind them.

Seeing Qi Xiaohan in the dormitory, her roommates immediately yelled: “You’re back so early. If we knew you’d be back early we should’ve asked you to go out with us. We bought so many things today and we’re exhausted.”

The little cat looked at the many snacks and asked them confusedly: “Why did you buy so much food?”

Lu Ling; “60% discount at the front of the school mall. We’ll eat this while we watch the movie tonight.”

She was silent for a moment. We’ve eaten a lot of seafood tonight and they’re still not full?

Lu Ling and the little snow leopard put their things away and then jumped on Qi Xiaohan’s bed, dragging the big and small cushions and placing them on the floor.

The little cat had all sorts of cushions and it was quite comfortable to lay on them all day long. When laying down on her cushion, one simply wouldn’t want to get up.

The snow leopard slept with the little cat for several nights.

Xiao Mengmeng took out the tablet, propped it up on the bed, and then began picking a film.

“What should we watch?” Xiao Mengmeng turned around and asked.

The little cat looked through the shopping bags, thought about it, and said, “Let’s watch a comedy.”

The little snow leopard: “No, no, no, find a horror movie! There’s such a good atmosphere. Of course we should watch a horror film!”

The little bobcat was speechless for a moment as she looked at the little snow leopard: “You’re a snow leopard. What you see in horror movies have all been acted out by humans, could it be that you’re still afraid of that?”

The little snow leopard suddenly turned back in surprise: “You’re not afraid? It’s terrifying! Think about it, different kinds of humans appear there, like mutated humans and ugly humans, okay!”

The little white cat heard this sentence and immediately nodded in agreement; “It’s certainly scary. Human beings are still afraid of mutated cats, so why can’t we also be afraid of mutated humans?”

Lu Ling pondered on it and thought it made sense, so she jumped on Qi Xiaohan’s bed and began to choose a movie with Xiao Mengmeng.

“That’s not good, you should look at the ratings instead!”

“But this cover really is scarier than the one just now!”

“What’s the use of a horrible cover? Maybe it’s spending all its effort on cutting the previews and hiring for the artwork.”

Qi Xiaohan got into bed with a bag of snacks in her mouth and heard them discussing this.

Qi Xiaohan thought about the horror movies Qi Ning had talked about before and tried to pick one out from her mind.

Qi Ning was a curious child but she was afraid of these things, so she had always dragged the little cat with her.

Qi Xiaohan, of course, was also afraid. Her fur always stood up while her paws continuously swatted Qi Ning.

“How about ‘The Curse’?” Qi Xiaohan suggested.

(T/N: ‘The Curse’ is a Japanese V-cinema supernatural horror film released in 2000. It was written by Takashi Shimizu. You can read more information at

She hadn’t seen this yet.

Xiao Mengmeng listened and started searching.

“Ah, found it.”

The four cats, big and small, gathered together at once and lay on the bed, their gazes steady as they began to wait.

As the credits rolled, the little snow leopard got in between the three cats, blocking herself childishly and leaving only a pair of round eyes to observe through a slit.

“So nervous.” The little snow leopard whispered.

The little cat also stared at the screen with bated breath as she ate snacks from the bag.

The little mountain cat looked at her, “That’s too much of a hassle, I’ll go and find a fruit plate to use.”

The little mountain cat jumped down after saying that and brought a fruit plate not too long after.

Qi Xiaohan poured the snacks into the fruit plate and placed the plate in the middle. The four cats then started to eat using their paws.


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