My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 54: Chapter 31.2

“Wow it’s scary!”

The four cats watching the movie were taken aback.

The little white cat watched the screen in front of her. Her little cat paws couldn’t help but twitch and shrink back a little.


At this time, the little cat’s cell phone rang.

The four cats suddenly screamed, suddenly making their dormitory extremely rowdy.

“Xiaohan your phone!”

The little snow leopard pushed Qi Xiaohan’s phone over with one paw. When Qi Xiaohan looked at her cell phone, her eyes widened as she stared at the message senior Yan Chong had sent her.

-Getting rich makes me happy: “Xiaohan, are you free tomorrow night? Make a trip over here.”

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “I’m free, what’s up?”

-Getting rich makes me happy: “The secretary has asked for leave at the opening ceremony. Can you come over and help if you have time? I need some students from the Fire Spirit Academy because of the special fire effects. Could you? I’ll ask other students if it doesn’t work with you.”

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “Yes, I’ll go there after dinner.”

-Getting rich makes me happy: “Hahahaha no need, no need. The students will cover dinner and snacks, just come.”

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “Cat nodding.jpg”


Qi Xiaohan closed her phone, and the little snow leopard asked curiously: “Who’s looking for you at this time?”

The little white cat meowed: “It’s brother Yan Chong. He said that an officer in their department has asked for a temporary leave. He asked me to go over and do some special fire effects during the opening ceremony.”

The little mountain cat; “No way, they still need special fire effects? And no one else in this school can do that?”

Xiao Mengmeng interjected; “It’s not that kind of fire control you were thinking about. The scale of the fire control in the opening ceremony is going to be very large and Xiaohan will probably only be one part of it. Every piece must be commanded accurately within that large scale fire control. I heard that every year, the Fire Spirit Academy would be the one responsible for special effects. The phoenix will soar in the sky for nine days, and even the feathers behind them would be woven with flames. There will be a variety of colors in a sky full of flames and clouds. Rare and exotic animals made from fire will be in the sky, instantly transforming. The beauty of an excellent special effect will make people reluctant to blink.”

Not only the Fire Spirit Academy, but also the Water Spirit Academy, would have such special effects, and the two would be secretly compared.

Hearing Xiao Mengmeng’s words, the little snow leopard followed with an agreeing nod.

She had also heard this information from her senior sister who had a busy schedule but still found time to train for that. She didn’t even have time to eat.

Qi Xiaohan couldn’t help but look forward to the school opening as she listened to her roommates talk about it.

The annual opening ceremony would be held just before the new students’ off-campus military training, which would only be a short time away.

The little white cat meowed, her ears twitching.

A terrifying scene was suddenly shown in the movie. The little snow leopard screamed and jumped up, which caused the little cat on her side to move under the cushion.

The little mountain cat laughed so hard that her entire body turned over, her hairy paws shaking. And then, laughter spread throughout their dormitory.

The little snow leopard protested and raised its claws to pat the little mountain cat.

The four cats watched the movie with the blankets covering their faces. After watching the movie, they huddled together on the bed until they fell asleep.

They were huddled into a big fluffy ball, Little Maomao crushed by the little snow leopard, while the little mountain cat slept comfortably with the golden cat’s belly as its pillow.

On the second day, a large portion of the situation from the central tower’s examination spread around.

The bell ringing at the central tower was heard throughout the school, and a lot of people discussed it.

In particular, with the Fire Spirit Academy, there had been a student who had made the bronze bell ring seven times. At that time, they couldn’t take pictures within the central tower, but the student who came out was described as a snow-white little cat, and many people knew that.

After all, the Cat Institution’s enrollment for this year only had one small white cat.

When Qi Xiaohan walked outside, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat weirded out to find that a lot of her fellow students were looking at her. She looked at herself but discovered nothing wrong with herself.

When she arrived at the training hall, the little lion spotted the little white cat and instantly ran towards her, clamoring.

“Xiaohan, you’re the top fire spirit root!”

The little cat listened and looked at him in confusion. Hadn’t this lion been present at that time? So why was he still surprised?

The little lion lifted his paw and patted the little cat’s head: “Yes, the officers were all present at that time, so I had no time to show my appreciation.”

At that time, the little lion and Qi Xiaohan were in the same group for spiritual root examination, but they were a bit far from each other, so they could not greet each other.

When the students heard the commotion, they also gathered in their direction and stared at the little white cat in amazement.

They have long known that Qi Xiaohan’s talent wasn’t ordinary, otherwise, her fireball wouldn’t have had that kind of movement in the first place. Only did they now realize that the little cat was unexpectedly powerful.

The little white cat originally felt indifferent, but as she was gradually flattered by her classmates, the little cat became entirely very proud as she raised her head; she was very happy.

Standing beside her was the little lion, his chest up and head held high, completing it with a proud look.


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