My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 55: Chapter 31.3

Her classmates were also quite happy. The little white cat from their class had rung the bronze bell seven times, more than the other seniors from other academies. It was very impressive, making them look good whenever they spoke of it.

Their academy had won again this year.

They, the Fire Spirit Academy, were great and powerful.

That’s right, there was competition among the academies. The deans of the different academies competed with each other in private, and the students also had a slight hint of this as they pinched their necks and pressed their heads to make other academies call their fathers.

(T/N: ‘pinching their necks and pressing their heads’ is the same as the phrase ‘butt heads’. It means that two parties are in a strong agreement or a strong conflict.

The second one, ‘call their father’, is a phrase used to mock people who lose an argument and therefore need some help/consolation from other people, in other words, their ‘fathers’.)

When Lang Chen came in, he happened to see this scene.

Hearing what these students were saying, Lang Chen knocked on the table. “Return to your respective places.”

“The Spiritual Root Examination is only a measure of talent, and ultimately, whether one can become an excellent talent depends on whether one can use this skill. There’s no shortage of ancestors in history who had worked hard and succeeded with average skills. Talent is wealth, but it is not the only wealth.”

Lang Chen’s voice was unhurried and calm as he spoke to the students.

Seeing the students all standing up, Lang Chen said, “The school’s training period is almost over, and there will be an assessment before it ends. Don’t relax just because the opening exam is over, and don’t feel that you have to set future limitations just because your spiritual root was determined. For everyone present, I don’t want to see that there’s someone who can’t pass the school’s training assessment. If they can’t pass.……”

Lang Chen’s eyes swept over the students below, his voice cold. “Don’t blame me for making you taste what it’s like to retake military training.”

Retake military training????

The students were shocked. What kind of operation is this!

They had never heard about retaking military training.

If they were to retake military training, how humiliating would it be?

And seeing that the retake would also fall into the hands of their instructor, it’s really too terrible, right?

The students met the instructor’s gaze and couldn’t help but stand up straighter, loudly saying that they would definitely pass the exam.

The instructor looked at them for a while and nodded slightly.

The day for training officially began.

They started group combat. After all, they had to fight the younger generation of the other sect students outside the school.

The little white cat, as the team’s strongest attacker, needed to produce more power output, which was a very difficult task.

But fortunately, Qi Xiaohan’s spirit fire was strong and was quite superior. As long as her team assisted her well, their team would be a sharp knife in the storm.

The little white cat stood in the forefront. Her teammates changed positions according to the formation they had learned while training and defended beside Qi Xiaohan from time to time.

Their team could’ve had a healing position, but their specializations in spiritual control were variations of the strong attack specialties. The students here were all from the Fire Spirit Academy; there were too few healing positions and only a small number of teams had that. Qi Xiaohan’s team didn’t have a person to stand in the healing position at all.

But it didn’t matter. After all, they were relatively strong in battle.

All the cats in the big group of cats were capable of fighting, and each one of them was very fierce, especially the flexible and tough little white cat at the front. The demonic spirit fire was used very skilfully and burned with impunity, often requiring Lang Chen to control the battlefield so as to not damage other equipment in the training hall.

During the training, they would sometimes invite students from other sects to come over and hold friendly battles, so that everyone could estimate the level of the new students from the different sects. Even if they wanted to form a battle team at the end of military training, they would still have a reference.

In just a few days, a lot of people knew how good the little white cat in the Fire Spirit Academy was with fighting. Even the way she meowed was fierce and her claws were very fast, which didn’t make her position as the strongest attacker a lie.

Many students had suffered losses from the little white cat, and it made the little white cat rank higher and higher in their combat power training.

They had never thought that such a small white, furry cat that looked easy to bully was very adept in fighting and was very fierce.

Sometimes, when Lang Chen looked at this little cat’s rising battle ranking among the students, he wanted to laugh helplessly.

At the time when he first saw the little cat, he thought that she was a soft little cat that the wolves from the Wolf Academy were bullying. That was why he wanted to take care of her more.

But this was also very good.

Little cats that could fight were also particularly cute. (T/N: rawr!)

Lang Chen looked below at the kitten who was training in a lively manner with her teammates, a slightly indecipherable soft light in his eyes.

After Qi Xiaohan finished her training, she stretched her body, shook her fur, and then dragged her furry cat tail outside.

The students ran towards the cafeteria, their paws in stride, and Qi Xiaohan was caught amidst them. A small cat was trapped in the middle of the fur.

Such training was more tiring than before, but it was satisfying.

These days, the little cat was having a very happy time.


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