My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 56: Chapter 31.4

When she was living at home, Qi Ning hadn’t allowed her to fight. After all, every time she would fight with the other neighborhood cats and dogs, she would unilaterally become the boss cat of the place.

Qi Ning always had to go to the owners of those cats and dogs to apologize, too, which wasn’t really good.

As the little white cat thought of Qi Ning, her ears twitched.

The weather would gradually turn cooler, and it was almost the end of August. When they went outside the school, she might have the opportunity to go back to her home and her family’s Ningning.

Growing up, it was the first time that Qi Xiaohan had left Qi Ning for such a long time.

Lang Chen walked behind the little cat and watched the little white cat tap her little cat paws, the corners of his lips turning up. It was just that tonight, he had to go to a meeting, so he didn’t have the time to eat dinner with Xiaohan.

Lang Chen looked at the kitten, and a trace of pity flashed in his eyes.

Qi Xiaohan didn’t know that a large tiger behind her was still watching her. The little cat figured out the direction and then ran in the direction of the Golden Spirit Academy.

She was having a small customized puppet made at Zhou Mingyu’s place.

This kind of housekeeper puppet was very popular in the school. It could do a lot of chores, and many students in the puppet major made these kinds of small things to sell.

Because Qi Xiaohan and Zhou Mingyu were in a good relationship, Zhou Mingyu had also given her a friendly price. He was truly dependable.

Qi Xiaohan was planning to go over to adjust things and let Zhou Mingyu immediately correct it if there was a problem.

Qi Xiaohan went to the Golden Spirit Academy’s mini-market to buy something but didn’t expect to see Ah Tan standing at the cashier’s desk, carefully organizing the things in it.

Hearing a customer come in, Ah Tan raised his head. He didn’t expect to see the little white cat and was momentarily stunned as he pursed his ears.

“Welcome.” Ah Tan said in a clear and cold voice.

The little white cat also hadn’t expected Ah Tan as she meowed, tilted her face, and greeted him. She then went around the supermarket, bought some snacks, and then carried them over to the counter with her spiritual power.

Ah Tan lowered his head and helped the little cat scan the code and fill the bag.

“Sixteen yuan and fifty cents in total.”

The little cat agreed and used the universe in her sleeve to find her phone. When she scanned the code to pay, she couldn’t help but ask, “Ah Tan, do you work here part-time?”

(T/N: Editor-sama, I don’t know what Qiankun means. The dictionary said it is ‘heaven and earth’ but why would Xiaohan use heaven and earth to find her phone in her sleeve? Thank you editor-sama!

Editor: Lmao, the author meant ‘the universe’. Xiaohan just Doraemons her every personal belonging.)

Ah Tan hmm-ed and, feeling as if his attitude was a little too cold, added, “I ran out of living expenses and found this job online.”

Until military training was over, they weren’t officially XHUU students, so scholarships and such did not exist.

(T/N: XHUU: XunHai Union University)

Ah Tan hadn’t had much money when he arrived and had already spent a lot at this time, so he took advantage of this to come out and work.

The little cat’s ears stood up as she looked up at Ah Tan: “Is this allowed? I also want to find a job but I still have military training. Right, what about your military training?”

Ah Tan said indifferently, “I don’t need military training.”

No military training?

This is still a good thing?

The little cat meowed, her entire body energized. Before she could say anything else, she saw Ah Tan take a box of fruit candy from another box and place it in the little cat’s paws.

“Here you go.”

Ah Tan retracted his paws.

Little cat: “Don’t you need money to open this?”

Ah Tan pursed his ears again. “No, this one is from the boss.”

It was simply because he didn’t like snacks anymore.

The little white cat shuffled her paws and thought about something. She flipped through her sleeves, found a portion of beef jerky inside it and gave it to Ah Tan.

“This was made by my human family, you should try it. I wanted to give it to you the day school started, but you left too soon.”

Ah Tan raised his paw, kept the beef jerky and whispered his thanks.

Qi Xiaohan meowed, not expecting Ah Tan to accept it.

Ah Tan raised his head, looked at the snow-white kitten, and stretched out his paw to gently touch the little cat’s head.

Qi Xiaohan received Ah Tan’s action with a little bit of confusion.

She remembered that Ah Tan had raised his paws to touch her when school started. Did this action mean something?

The little white cat looked at Ah Tan and also mirrored his actions, raising her paws to touch Ah Tan’s head. But the little cat was short and her paws were shorter, so she couldn’t touch Ah Tan.

Ah Tan had a rare smile in his eyes and took the initiative to lower his cat head.

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