My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 57: Chapter 32.1

The little white cat took her food and said goodbye to Ah Tan. She meowed and dragged her fluffy little cat tail outside.

Zhou Mingyu waited outside for a long time, but when the cat didn’t come, he couldn’t help but send her a message. The little white cat replied for him to not worry and ran towards the direction of the school.

From afar, Zhou Mingyu saw a small white cat running towards him. When he saw the fluffy, white, cute cat, his eyebrows raised, and he reached out to the little white cat. Unexpectedly, she pushed his hand away.

The little white cat tilted her little cat face and told him sternly, “You can’t hug me anymore, got it?”

Zhou Mingyu: ????

Zhou Mingyu looked at the snow-white cat with a question mark on his face. What happened? After such a short time, how come hugging her isn’t allowed anymore? Is the relationship between us fading that quickly?

Zhou Mingyu looked painfully at the little cat, and raised his hand to pat her head but was avoided again. The little cat solemnly took a few steps back and told him seriously:

“Okay, let’s get down to business and stop being touchy.”

Zhou Mingyu was baffled for a moment with an inexplicable loss of being unable to touch the little cat; it was very out of the blue.

What exactly had he done wrong to make the little cat reject him?

His life was difficult enough without fans, and now, he was unable to touch the little white cat. All that would be left in his life would be the painful military training.

Zhou Mingyu’s inner drama was very rich, and while sad, he took out the puppet he had made from the backpack behind him and handed it to the little white cat.

“I just finished this thing, and there might be details that I didn’t pay attention to. If you ever encounter a problem while using this, don’t hesitate to tell me so that corrections can be made.” Zhou Mingyu pointed at the puppet as he spoke to the little white cat.

The little white cat meowed to show that she understood and looked at the puppet with admiration, which was taller than her.

A little cat like her could never make something like this.

When Qi Xiaohan raised her paw to pet the puppet’s head, the puppet trembled and raised its hand, touching Qi Xiaohan’s head.

Qi Xiaohan: ……?

When Zhou Mingyu met Qi Xiaohan’s questioning gaze, he averted his eyes and said weakly: “I didn’t know that you wouldn’t let people touch you after just a day or two.”

Seeing Qi Xiaohan still staring at him, Zhou Mingyu couldn’t help but compromise: “Fine, fine. Can’t I still modify it?”

With that said, he noted it down in his small notebook and continued to ask the little cat for any problems: “What else do you want to change? I still have time.”

Qi Xiaohan then withdrew her gaze, reasonably suspecting that this person was using the puppet to pet her.

The little white cat thought about it, raised her paws again, and started to touch the puppet. She then saw the puppet walk in place, bow at her, and afterward, lead her towards the experiment building.

Zhou Mingyu also didn't stop the little puppet, but followed behind the puppet and walked with the little cat towards the laboratory. After all, some things still needed to be done in the laboratory.

The little white cat couldn’t help but be a bit excited. It was her first time in their lab. She didn’t know what the difference was between the labs of different faculties, but according to Qi Xiaohan’s major, she actually didn’t need the lab.

Many Golden Spirit Academy students were still busy there, and when the little white cat walked in, they only gave her a glance before going back to their own work. Zhou Mingyu took the little cat into one of the small rooms, and afterward, placed the little puppet down and gave it instructions. The little puppet then picked up the broom placed in the corner and began to work on sweeping the floor.

Zhou Mingyu: “This is the puppet’s most basic cleaning function. Though it’s only cleaning, the feeling of having a puppet will always be different.”

The small room they were in had many things including all kinds of things that could and could not be used, which was why it was messy. Zhou Mingyu and the others often used this room for every kind of activity, and Qi Xiaohan saw many things.

There were small wooden horses that could go up to the sky, there were invisible flying flies, and all kinds of swords like a double-edged sword*, brooms that move by themselves, etc.

(T/N: Editor-Sama, I don’t know if the author just used a reference pertaining to the double-edged sword. 还有各种可以□□的剑 I think the author may be pertaining to some ancient swords from Ancient China.

Editor: I don’t know first thought on □□ isn’t clean.)

Most of the piled scraps were things no one wanted.

Compared to this large stack of objects, Zhou Mingyu’s puppet looked pitiful.

The little white cat meowed, looked up at Zhou Mingyu, and asked, “Does it have any other functions? Is there a manual or something?”

Zhou Mingyu hurriedly said: “Of course there is, wait a minute.”

After saying that, he took out a booklet from his backpack and handed it to the little white cat. The little white cat flipped it open with her paws, took a look, and read the manual carefully. After a while, she closed the book, pointed at the puppet, and said: “Take me flying.“

Yes, students of the Golden Spirit Academy had a puzzling obsession when they made these things. They must have a flying function, such as a flying magic carpet, a flying broom, a flying textbook, etc.

Hearing the little white cat’s instructions, the puppet tilted its head, suddenly picked up the cat, and placed her on its back.

The little white cat meowed, her four paws hugging the puppet tightly while it flew around the room's ceiling several times.

Originally, Qi Xiaohan just wanted to feel what flying was like but instead, the puppet made her choke on a handful of dust, so she immediately jumped down the puppet to the ground, meowing.

After all, the place they were in was the utility room which hadn’t been cleaned for ages and had accumulated a lot of dust. She hadn’t expected this treatment the first time she wanted to fly in the sky by herself.

Senior brother Yan Chong was the one who had taken her to fly for the first time using a textbook. Her senior brother Yan Chong had exhibited many flying techniques, and the little cat thought she could do so too but didn’t expect that the puppet made by Zhou Mingyu would give her a punch of reality.

The little white cat jumped down from the air and landed on all four paws, then kept on sneezing; the back of her head had a lot of dust from when she scraped on the ceiling, and her entire form cut a sorry figure.

Zhou Mingyu hadn’t expected such a turn of events, too, and together with Qi Xiaohan, quickly helped brush off the dust from her body. He crouched on the floor, tidying up her fur and trying to hold back his laughter. He explained:

“Hey, this is really an accident, I didn’t expect you to immediately start flying indoors too. In fact, if you want to fly outdoors, my puppet is still very good and can fly for about 100 meters.”

Qi Xiaohan shook her fur from beside him, tilted up her little cat eyes, and looked at Zhou Mingyu.

Being able to fly 100 meters was considered a very good achievement? This human had such low requirements for himself; there was no persistence at all.

When she heard the laughter in his voice, the little cat became angrier, jumping up and swatting at Zhou Mingyu’s head.


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