My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 69: Chapter 36.1

Senior brother Zhu Cheng found Lang Chen’s plan feasible after studying it, thus, he added the Phoenix Fire Finale. They would let the remaining flames condense into a burning phoenix that would gradually disappear in raging flames.

After adding this design, director Zhu Cheng instructed the members to start training again and try out how it would work. This effect only required a single person’s control on the stage, and he would be doing it temporarily.

He wanted to see if the other members could also do it. If so, some parts could be changed slightly.

While the director was busy with how they could continue the modifications, Lang Chen was responsible for training the students again and arranging them around where the performance was lacking.

The students in the rehearsal hall involuntarily felt nervous as they gathered enough energy to meet Lang Chen’s requirements.

In the middle of them was the little white cat, her fluffy fur puffed up as she concentrated on the whole thing. She was raising up her paws attentively, carefully laying down the base color.

When Lang Chen saw the little cat, he let out an unnoticeable chuckle.

Hearing his barely audible chuckle, the little cat’s ears twitched but she couldn’t look at him at the moment as she continued controlling her flames.

Seeing the little cat like this, the joy in Lang Chen’s eyes deepened.

Director Zhu Cheng wanted to see the results of his modifications from the top, so he helped control the fire on the stage. From time to time, he would make a few changes to the members’ moves on stage.

After the rehearsal, the members were all a little tired. They looked at the silent director from the stage as he jotted down a few notes on a piece of paper. He then looked at the younger students on stage, smiled, and spoke.

“Everyone has worked hard. The results this time are excellent. We’ll follow this routine and practice a couple more times, then we’ll end this early if we can so that you can rest.”

The members immediately cried. He called this an early end? It was almost early morning, okay?

“Wu Hao, come up next time and help control this fire phoenix. I’ll see how it goes.”

Zhu Cheng couldn’t always help control the fire on stage, after all. He arranged for the rest of the students to carry out a few small modifications to make the entire fire show more gorgeous.

When Lang Chen saw the sleepy little white cat, he walked towards her, reached out, and picked her up, gently smoothing her fur.

The little white cat meowed. After looking up to see that it was Lang Chen, she lowered her head again and buried herself in his arms.


Lang Chen gave a hum, gently caressed the little cat’s ears, and whispered to her, “Go to sleep.”

The little white cat simply leaned onto Lang Chen’s uniform and slept peacefully.

When Qi Xiaohan woke up again, she found that she was in an unfamiliar room, and next to her was a huge white tiger.

She was lying on the big tiger’s fur which was neither particularly fine nor soft, but rather slightly rough in texture, though it was quite warm.

Qi Xiaohan couldn’t help but raise her paw and press it down on the ground. The big tiger heard the movement and turned his head in her direction.

“Why are you awake? Go back to sleep.”

When Lang Chen finished speaking, he lifted his thick tiger paw and encircled the little cat in his arms to let her sleep peacefully on the fur on his chest. (T/N: Why is this so sweet? Eek ? )

When the little white cat raised her head, she could see the big tiger’s chin.

Qi Xiaohan wasn’t very sleepy right now and struggled to poke her head out of the big tiger’s arms. She then stretched her furry cat paws up to touch the big tiger’s cheek, then touched the shiny gold earring on his ear.

When she first saw this big tiger, she wanted to see what this earring actually looked like, except that Lang Chen was in human form most of the time. Thus, she hadn’t had much of a chance to look at it carefully. After all, when he turned back into a human, the earring would reduce in size significantly.

Lang Chen was about to fall back asleep when he noticed the restless little cat, so he looked over at her.

“What’s wrong?”

The little white cat had completely crawled out of his arms. Her face was pressed against the fur on his neck, and she was stretching her arms to touch his ears. Knowing her intent, Lang Chen tilted his head slightly so that the cat could better see the stud on his right ear.

“Want to see this?”

Lang Chen moved closer again and felt a slight itch.

The little white cat moved up, took a look at the earring, and then tried to touch it with her paw. She then saw the big tiger’s ear twitch slightly.

A bit sleepy, the big tiger seemed lazier than the serious daytime instructor.

The little white cat propped her paws on the tiger’s head and climbed upward. She looked at the star that represented honor on the school’s emblem, her feline eyes lighting up.

The instructor was really amazing.

“Do you want me to take it down and show it to you?” Lang Chen asked, truly intending to take it off and give the little cat a closer look.

The little cat's ears pressed down. “No, I can see it quite clearly like this.”

The little cat lay next to him and continued to look at it. The warm body heat of the little cat leaned against Lang Chen’s ear. He felt some heat in his cheeks, and couldn’t help but lift his paws and pull the little cat down.

The little white cat immediately dropped down beside him on the bed, landing on the paws of the big tiger. The tiger looked below at her and suddenly gave a low laugh, once again gathering the little cat in his arms.

Sensing that the little cat wanted to move again, the tiger lowered his head and leaned his head next to the little cat’s head, saying in a faint voice, “If you don’t sleep again, do you want to fall asleep during military training?”

When the little cat heard the instructor's clear tone, she stopped her movements at once and obediently lay in Lang Chen’s arms to continue sleeping.

When Lang Chen woke up the next day, he found that the little cat had woken up long ago and was licking her fur, tidying herself up beside him. Even her little cat scarf was already on.

Lang Chen looked at her quietly, an indecipherable joy in his eyes, unnoticed by even him.

He didn’t know where this cat was getting her energy for her day-to-day activities. She had slept so late last night, previously trained for so long, and spent almost the whole day consuming energy, but this morning, she had still been able to get up so early.

Lang Chen usually woke up quite early, but this time the little cat was sleeping beside him, so he had unknowingly gotten up a bit late, making the little cat get up earlier.

Lang Chen watched the little white cat lick her own paws and smoothen the fur on her own body. The wicked big tiger stretched out his paw and placed it over where the little cat was about to lick.

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