My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 71: Chapter 36.3

The Earth Office also felt a bit helpless. The Immortal Seal Sect was a sect that had existed for ten thousand years, with strict rules for every word and action. Even their clothes had special requirements. For so many years, their sect’s mission had been to kill and eliminate demons. They had entered a time of chaos and protected one side. For the human race, they were considered a respectable sect. Many of their ancestors currently had temples built around the world and were worshipped.

But to the demons and the devils, they weren’t a friendly sect. There had been a time when the demons had rebelled against them. The ancient devil dragon raised a flag and proclaimed himself emperor, leading the demon army to implicate the world’s qi and creating an impact on the human world. The turning point was when the Demon Race and the Great Witches betrayed the Demon Emperor but in the later stage, they responded to the call of the Demon Emperor.

The three tribes had been in an internal conflict due to each tribe's powerful men rebelling, while other tribesmen watched as they wavered secretly.

During that period of war, the Immortal Seal Sect and the human race had entered with the other sects, purifying demons and devils, protecting their race and protecting their fortunes, while also replenishing their enchantments.

The demon clan took the lead by quickly dealing with the part of the demon clan who had rebelled and responded to the Immortal Seal Sect. At the time that the Devil Dragon led the demon race to rebellion, the qi of the world had already been implicated, which was also in relation to the cause of the Great Catastrophe.

The demon race that favored the human race and peace to earn a turnaround for their own kind, had paid a terrible price in that catastrophe. Finally, together with the other races, they redeemed the situation.

Due to partly historical reasons, the rules of the Immortal Seal Sect now had a war on the world’s demons and the like, an article stating they existed in heaven and earth.

Only, this article had later been updated to explain that the demons would be interpreted as the evil in both heaven and earth, the hearts of the evil and filthy.

The Immortal Seal Sect, the demon clan, and the witches had had some conflicts between them since ancient times. This wasn’t a period where they reconciled, although they had already formed some sort of alliance, especially the younger generations who felt that their position wasn’t a problem at all and was the problems of their own clans.

The alliance had already been established for a hundred years already. In fact, all races had previously had some sort of friction with each other. Not only had Immortal Seal Sect and the university’s students had friction, but they also had their own reasons for it. That was why they had formed a competitive union with each other, where one would win and the other would lose every year.

The members of the demon clan that had come today weren’t young at all, and said helplessly to the younger generation: “If you don’t want to eat here, call the receptionist at the Xunhai Union University. Let them give you a different place.”

The little cat understood this and was about to explode. The people who came here looked down on them and didn’t want them to eat here at all. Wasn’t this a little too much?

The students of the university gradually began to gather around them. Originally, they had just been eating carelessly while making noise, as always, but now that they’d noticed the situation, their expressions became unpleasant.

“What are you doing? Do you even know what this place is?”

“You actually have the guts? Can’t you see that their senior brothers and sisters are standing here? Have you gone blind?”

When the Immortal Seal Sect heard these words, their faces turned blue, and one disciple’s voice suddenly rose. “You’re gonna let us eat with beasts? Don’t even think about it!”

The people behind him hurriedly pulled his sleeve but the words had already been said. A bad-tempered demon brother suddenly dropped his chopsticks and rolled up his sleeves.

At that moment, a giant black wolf led men into the cafeteria. He took a look at the scene in front of them, stomped on the ground with a paw, and countless icicles instantly appeared in the center of the conflict, separating them from the other students who had come over.


Lei Yuan walked over and said in a deep voice, “I am Xunhai Union University’s law enforcement, team Lei Yuan. I apologize for the poor hospitality of our working group. All off-campus visitors have been arranged to eat in a separate dining room today.”

The Immortal Seal Sect stood in front of that disciple and took a deep breath. They calmed down a bit and then said coldly, “Some of us received a flyer about your three meals so we went here to take a look. It was our fault for not going to your hospitality restaurant.”

Today was the wedding anniversary of the rotating hotpot restaurant’s owner and they were offering a 20% discount. They had seen the offer and thought it was good so they couldn’t help but come take a look.

But there was no need to eat here now.

The people of the Immortal Seal Sect turned around to leave. However, looking at the circle of sharp icicles that had no intention of dissipating, and had a coldness that made people’s hearts shake, the Immortal Seal Sect disciples couldn’t help but pause and turn their heads to look at the black wolf.

As if unaware, the black wolf stood there, reprimanding the new students.

“What’s wrong with you guys? What are you doing standing here? A lot of senior brothers and sisters are here. Are you out of food and each of you is grieving for it, huh?”

One of the wolves behind the black wolf also mirrored him. “Didn’t you hear your senior brother asking you?”

One of the freshmen said suddenly, “Senior brother, it’s not that we don’t want to eat, but that we were driven away. My classmate’s meal was almost overturned.”The giant black wolf’s voice was cold and deep. “Oh? Such a thing happened?”

The black wolf immediately looked at the Immortal Seal Sect disciples and asked without smiling, “You all also touched the rice bowls of our junior brothers. What happened? This isn’t very good.”

With the cold icicles circling the restaurant, the Immortal Seal Sect students paled. The disciple who stood in front took out his wallet and handed money to the new students.

Lei Yuan laughed and told them, “It’s not early anymore, why don’t you all come with us to a restaurant for dinner? If you’re late, there won’t be any good dishes.”

The icicles also followed by, gradually disappearing. The Earth Office saw the situation ease and smiled. “That’s… it’s better to hurry to eat. What time is it?”

Xian Yin Zong also raised the corners of his mouth and followed behind Lei Yuan.

Lei Yuan told the wolf who stayed behind and the several freshmen, “Don’t buy food and eat yet. The Qing Dynasty has already passed and you still can’t eat at a table, how funny.”

Upon hearing this sentence, Xian Yin Zong paused his steps, snorted, then walked away coldly.

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