Pampering You Even More

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Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Tong Jia confirmed that the text message had been sent by Song Yancheng. The four words and punctuation mark made her heart flutter. If she still didn’t get what Song Yancheng meant, then she was stupid. Tong Jia had been pursued by many people. She knew that a man like Song Yancheng wouldn't do this to a woman for no reason. Even if she was Song Chi's teacher, he wouldn't. As a result, there could only be one reason.

Tong Jia wouldn’t have panicked in such a situation; after all, dealing with such circumstances wasn’t difficult. However, since the other person was Song Yancheng, it made Tong Jia somewhat flustered.

The magnetic connection that existed between a man and a woman was quite strange. Tong Jia, like any other lady, despised the privileged. For a powerful and high-ranking man like Song Yancheng, his allure came from more than just his physical looks.

At least for the time being, as a woman, Tong Jia was attracted. But at the same time, she also realized that a woman could be attracted to several people. To put it bluntly, this sort of attraction was a form of admiration. Tong Jia would like to hold back for the first time when it came to people like Song Yancheng.

After the bath, Tong Jia went to bed, ready to rest. She could be a little more indulgent today because it was Friday and she didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Her tablet was unable to sync either TV shows or movies. Finally she simply lay down and pulled out her mobile phone from under her pillow.

She was preparing to read ‘Pacifying the Overbearing, Charming, and Cold President Wen’.

Song Yancheng was sitting in the study room. He had been staring at the black screen of his mobile phone. But it hadn’t been scratched by even a single text. He held his chin with boredom, wondering, "Perhaps Tong Jia won’t respond to my text?"

Even a single cold ‘Oh’ or ‘Ah’ would suffice.

However, nothing had happened yet.

Song Yancheng let out a helpless sigh. He picked up his phone and unlocked the screen. He figured she was taking a bath and didn't hear the notification or that she was watching TV and didn't hear it. He pondered for a moment before tapping his slim fingers on the screen and quickly sending the text.

Her phone vibrated when Tong Jia was reading the bed scene from the Overbearing President. She looked intently and it was from Song Yancheng. Her mood was not simply peaceful at that time.

【I got home safely.】

Actually, it was the same text. Tong Jia pretended not to see the same content and continued to read the novel.

The overbearing president of the novel was looking… his tears rolled down and he couldn’t refrain from kissing her neck. The overbearing president said, "Woman, how come you didn’t answer my call?”

Tong Jia's bold expression was filled with surprise. She didn't even pause to consider it before clicking on the message interface, replying to his text in a timely and accurate manner.

If… If Song Yancheng was like the overbearing president, she should reply immediately!

The black mobile phone screen on the desk lit up and vibrated for a moment. Song Yancheng who was closing his eyes to relax was startled into opening his eyes when he heard the subtle sound. He quickly picked up his mobile phone. He couldn't stop himself from smiling when he noticed Tong Jia's text message.

Hadn’t he just said that? Tong Jia must’ve been busy with other things, so she hadn’t read his text, and that's why he had sent the text again. If he hadn’t sent the text, she wouldn’t have replied.


Song Yancheng was relieved, despite the fact that it was only a single word with a punctuation mark. When he was preparing to respond to the text in the huge quiet study room, he became lost in words. He scribbled and deleted, then re-edited, but he couldn't think of anything to send. Song Yancheng's face was flushed with irritability at this point.

After pondering for a long time, he finally sent a dull reply.

It was the most commonly used greeting and opening remark of human beings and Song Yancheng believed that there was nothing wrong with it.

Tong Jia never had imagined that the President Wen of the novel she had read had such a large scale. But at the end of the day, she was also an adult and wasn’t affected by the 3D view of either the body or mind, so she continued to watch calmly. What made her flustered was not when the president sat up to move, but the text of Song Yancheng!

【Are you hungry?】

Seeing the text, Tong Jia nearly collapsed. It would be impolite to not reply, reply… what should she reply with!

After an internal struggle,Tong Jia replied to the text. Now she couldn't read the novel, so she could only put on headphones and listen to some soothing music to calm her mood.

Song Yancheng, on the other side, was very happy, because Tong Jia's reply’s text content was quite extensive.

【I am very full today, not hungry at all. It is really late now, so I am going to bed. ^_^】

First of all, she had answered his question. Second, she had told him it was time to go to bed. Finally, she had sent such a cute emoji. Anyway, Song Yancheng was very happy. No matter whether his affection for Tong Jia grew too fast or whether his mood was too strange, Song Yancheng wouldn’t be able to escape from this feeling.

Song Yancheng had read the text for the tenth time when a knock on the door was heard, followed by Song Chi's voice. Song Yancheng put the phone back in the drawer, opened the computer and pretended to be at work. He cleared his throat and told Song Chi to come in.

Song Chi saw that his elder brother was still working at this time, too. He felt guilty for the first time. In the past, he had felt that his elder brother hadn’t cared about him, but actually he hadn’t had time to care about him. It was very hard for his elder brother to support the Song Corporation alone, and he’d had to deal with such exemplary relatives. He not only could not help, but even had not understood his elder brother. He was really too guilty.

"Do you want to say something?" Song Yancheng's face also showed a smile, so the voice that had always been cold had softened at the moment.

Song Chi had been very excited tonight, because this birthday party had been held by himself, and even though the housekeeper had prepared the guest room, he was going to sleep in the same bed with some good friends and was prepared to talk all night, which was an experience that Song Chi had never had. He was ready to go to the kitchen to find something to eat and get some drinks. As a result, when he passed by his elder brother's study, he saw light coming out of the gap and guessed that his elder brother would still be working, so he knocked on the door when he came in.

"Brother, I love the gift you sent." Song Chi actually did not love to see those foreign famous books, but he knew that those books must’ve been selected by his elder brother himself, so even if he didn’t love to read, he would read them.

This shy teenager had felt a touch of warmth from his loved one. He was both flustered but also full of joy.

Song Yancheng was also surprised for a second about Song Chi. After giving the gift, Song Yancheng had realized that he hadn’t chosen this gift properly. At least Song Chi shouldn't have liked it, so he was going to buy him a pair of shoes or buy some electronic products as a gift.

However, Song Yancheng soon smiled slightly. Song Chi showed that he was very sensible. After he praised with one sentence, he pretended to ask casually, "By the way, what did your teacher Tong send?”

Hearing Song Yancheng's question, Song Chi's face also lightened up. "It really is a coincidence. Teacher also gave me foreign books. I’m going to read them in my free time during winter vacation.”

Song Yancheng raised his eyebrows. He was very surprised. However, he felt a little pleasure and he always felt that he’d had the same vision as Tong Jia in choosing gifts.

Since Tong Jia was mentioned, Song Yancheng did not intend to terminate this topic and he continued to ask, “Your teacher Tong looks very young. She must have just graduated.”

Song Chi did not doubt him, thought, and said, "Well, I heard that she’s twenty-three years old, just came back from studying abroad."

”Is that so……" Song Yancheng nodded thoughtfully.

"The teacher didn't say anything, did she?" He asked nervously. Song Chi only remembered that his elder brother had had a short time with Teacher Tong.

Finally the difficult elder brother was taking time to care about him, but he did not want to let his brother down. He had already made up his mind to listen carefully in the future.

Song Yan City was amused by Song Chi's look. He stood up, holding the desk with one hand, and smiling. "She said that you’re very smart, and you can take pointers quickly.”

After adapting for a period of time, Song Yancheng really cared about this younger brother, from the bottom of his heart. After all, he was the only one who Song Chi could rely upon. No matter how he had gotten along with Song Chi before, he intended to take more time to care about him in the future.

Song Chi let out a sigh of relief after hearing this. Then Song Yancheng asked, "I'm curious if your school has a parent-teacher meeting or something. Do you need to invite any parents?”

"Wasn't it always the housekeeper uncle who attended before?" Song Chi was startled.

Song Yancheng said, "I’ll go from now on. Oh yes, are there any coming soon?”

“......No." Song Chi said thoughtfully.

When Song Chi came out of the study, on the way back to his bedroom, he thought and thought. Suddenly his eyes lit up. He stopped, and patted his brow. He had reacted too slowly! Does brother have a crush on the teacher? But he couldn’t find an opportunity, so he asked for the parents’ meeting!

Song Chi, who thought he had figured it out, pretended to touch his chin deeply.

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