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Chapter 21: Chapter 21

Song Yancheng still took a long time to remember Qi Chen. He almost forgot that there had been such a person in the world. Looking at Tong Jia's clear eyes, he saw that they were craving for gossip. He was astonished and could only be silent.

This silence was practically equal to acknowledgement in Tong Jia's eyes. She sighed in her heart. It seemed that the entertainment blogger she was concerned about was right: the former supporter behind Qi Chen was Song Yancheng.

"No." Just before Tong Jia picked up chopsticks and prepared to eat Mao Xuewang, Song Yancheng suddenly reacted, his face eagerly showing refusal.

Tong Jia's hand that was holding the chopstick shook. She looked at Song Yancheng dumbfoundedly.

"It's not like that; I have nothing to do with her, sorry." Song Yancheng sorted out his expression and said seriously: "I didn't react at first, not because I was brewing lies in my head, but because I really didn't remember who Qi Chen was, sorry."

He had nothing to do with Qi Chen, which had been confirmed when he had been in the hospital.

Even before, Feng Hao had joked with him, saying that Qi Chen was spending a lot of time in order to capture the fortress.

Tong Jia looked surprised. “You don’t?"

The confirmed resource in Weibo also had some blurred images along with some clues from Qi Chen's Weibo. It was hard to believe that Qi Chen wasn’t in that kind of relationship with Song Yancheng.

Song Yancheng nodded firmly and replied, "Really. She did come to see me once when I was in hospital, but… she isn’t even my friend, and we haven’t met again since then."

His impression of Qi Chen wasn’t good. However, Song Yancheng still couldn’t badmouth Qi Chen in front of Tong Jia in order to clear his relationship with her.

Tong Jia looked at Song Yancheng with a genuine expression. In her heart, she also knew that the scandals and gossip were all rumors. At the same time, even if Song Yancheng was lying, she could understand. Once, when a senior had been chasing her, he had sincerely sworn that he’d been in love only once. Later on, she learned that he changed girlfriends once a month.

At the beginning, both men and women pretended.

Tong Jia also nodded sincerely. "En~, I understand."

No matter whether he was pretending or not, she couldn't tear down the stage. That way, they could have a pleasant conversation.

"It's true!"

       Although Tong Jia's expression was sincere, Song Yancheng didn't feel that she really believed him at all. He was also anxious at the moment and suddenly got up. The people at the two tables next to them all looked up, and didn't know what had happened here.

Song Yancheng supported the dining table with both hands and defended himself with righteous words. "I didn't lie to you. Believe me, I really didn’t have that kind of relationship with her."

He couldn't say for sure what the reason was. Before the dinner, it wasn’t that he hadn’t met people who teased him. Song Yancheng hadn’t cared at all and hadn’t bothered to explain, but now, he didn’t want Tong Jia to misunderstand. Facing her seemingly sincere but casual response, a part of his heart held doubts.

He really had nothing to do with Qi Chen; why didn't she believe him?

This kind of grievance, which was similar to those of children being misunderstood about stealing sugar, made Song Yancheng somewhat startled.

Tong Jia dumbfoundly looked at Song Yancheng. She couldn't understand why he was so heated up. She thought about it and lowered her voice. "Would you please sit down first?"

After coming back to his senses, Song Yancheng sat down. His face warmed up. What had he done just now?

"I really believe you." Tong Jia naturally and diligently soothed Song Yancheng. She said softly, "I’ve read all the gossip on Weibo. Now, I really know that you have no relationship with Qi Chen."

After hearing her, Song Yancheng was also swayed and his expression eased a lot. He still looked at Tong Jia intently and said, "I won't lie to you."

When Tong Jia heard that, she became stunned and immediately smiled. "Well, ok."

"Can I see the Weibo? The one that discussed mine and Qi Chen's relationship." Song Yancheng asked again.

He wanted to see what others said. He would also learn. If there were any details he hadn’t noticed before, he would pay attention to them from now on. Song Yancheng cared about Tong Jia's opinion very much. Her misunderstanding of his connection with Qi Chen this time had made him feel so uncomfortable. It was like… like what? Song Yancheng tried to find the word. Like his feelings were being questioned. It was very strange. Why did he feel this way?

Tong Jia thought Song Yancheng was being a bit serious. However, on second thought, perhaps Song Yancheng was the person who loved earnesty. Most of the successful people liked earnesty. She quickly became relieved and understood. She took out her mobile from her bag and opened the Weibo she had followed, then handed it to Song Yancheng.

"The entertainment circle has both true and false stories. Perhaps I was being too busy with the gossip; my manners were really wrong. I hope you don't mind." Tong Jia was telling the truth this time.

Song Yancheng read the long Weibo. A reporter had photographed him and Qi Chen going in and out of a hotel one after another. He tried to recall it. Before that, he had attended the travel business arranged by his secretary. There was dinner one night and he was invited to this hotel. As for whether he had met Qi Chen or not, he couldn't remember at all.

He still had to keep an eye on it in the future. Song Yancheng expressed his feelings in his heart. He returned the mobile phone to Tong Jia and asked, "How do you open a Weibo?"

Tong Jia: "You just download Weibo, and then register. The wifi signal here isn’t very good; you can download it when you go back."

Song Yancheng bowed his head and opened his phone. After a while, he looked up. "I’ve already registered; can I follow you?"

…He must’ve downloaded it with data, what a rich person.

Tong Jia told him her Weibo username. She refreshed it, and sure enough, she had one more fan. It looked like a zombie.

She just wanted to ask him if he had WeChat or something, but suddenly thought that if he didn't have it, he would have to download it with data, so no asking him for the time being.

After eating for nearly an hour, there were still many people waiting in line outside. Tong Jia decided to leave and let the people outside eat early. Song Yancheng called the waiter to pay the bill. Tong Jia asked, "Can I use a Groupon coupon?"

The waiter handed the bill to Song Yancheng. "You can use it. However, only two Groupon coupons can be used for a table at a time. "

"What’s Groupon?" Song Yancheng was like a curious baby.

Tong Jia clicked on Groupon’s website, searched for the name of the store, and found that there were groupon vouchers to buy. When she bought them, she answered without lifting her eyes, "You can buy them for dinner and watching movies, which can save money. It's very cost-effective, just like this one. Now it's a one hundred yuan voucher. If I buy it online now, I only need eighty yuan, so I can save forty yuan if I buy two tickets."

"I already bought it, so let me pay the bill this time." Tong Jia had planned this, and Song Yancheng had already sent her such a big fruit basket today, so she should treat him to this meal.

Song Yancheng picked up the bill and looked at it. The total was 310. "No, I will."

In the end, Tong Jia couldn't talk him into it. She wrote the groupon number on the paper.

The waiter said that Song Yancheng needed to go to the checkout counter to verify the vouchers. Song Yancheng felt that this was very interesting, so he went to the checkout counter. When he was holding the card and waiting for the girl at the checkout counter to verify the number, a middle-aged man in formal dress greeted him. "President Song?"

Song Yancheng looked back. He didn't recognize the man in front of him, but only nodded with a smile.

"Hey, why didn't you inform me in advance when you came here to eat?" The middle-aged man laughed in a friendly manner.

"It’s okay. It was just a meal." Song Yancheng turned to the cashier who looked scared and said, "Can I swipe my card?"

When the middle-aged man heard this, he restrained his smile and frowned at the cashier. "Can you not see?!" Then he smiled at Song Yancheng again. "President Song. Come on, if you come to my restaurant to eat and have to pay, aren’t you slapping my face?"

Song Yancheng was cautious. However, he also felt that it wasn’t good to fuss over a small amount of money. He helplessly nodded his thanks and went back to his table. The middle-aged man rubbed his hands blissfully. He initially thought of following him, but on second thought, it was good enough that Song Yancheng had seen his face. One couldn’t push your luck.

"Boss…" The little lady at the cashier was timid. She had just verified the number in the computer, and she almost cried. When she saw the boss just like that, she knew that he was a big shot. She wouldn't be fired, would she?


"The guest just now… he used a Groupon coupon and it has been verified successfully." Was she really going to be fired? TAT

The middle-aged man almost couldn't believe his ears. "Groupon?!”

Song Yancheng had used a groupon of 150 per person in a restaurant?!


Translator’s Note:

Mao Xuewang: It is a spicy soup with duck blood, beef slices and stripes.

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